Two Brothers Fainting in Agony [Part 3]


Joanna’s POV

“George Stuart.
William Stuart.
Tell me what Emma Stuart is doing now.”


What I was casting wasn’t the crude charm spell I used on other students, but the most powerful charm magic that would activate by calling the targets’ full names while looking straight into their eyes.

My magic was usually repelled by tenacious mental strength, but even that wouldn’t be an obstacle this time.
Anyone who was put under this enchantment wouldn’t be able to put up any resistance, no matter how strong their willpower was.

If even this charm magic got repelled, I would have Emma Stuart and these brothers of hers… no, House of Count Stuart and its entire clan meet their end by my hand.

End of Joanna’s POV






After receiving Joanna’s enchantment head-on, George and William averted their eyes from her reflexively.


“George-sama, William-sama?! What’s wrong?”


Francesca noticed the two’s abnormalities and spoke to them worriedly.


“N-No, I-I’m alright…”


“D-D-Don’d wowwy aboud me…”


Both of their faces blushed up to the tips of their ears.


“Emma is… staying docilely at home…”


“Nee-sama… is shleepin’!”


The way they answered Joanna’s query was just like how an adolescent boy behave when meeting an idol he adored. 

Red face and faltering words.

Not daring to make eye contact.


“Both of your faces are red, you know? Are you really alright?”


“Their faces are as red as an apple.
Right, Caitlyn?”


“Yeah! They’re as red as a strawberry, Catherine!”


“ “We have never seen the two of them like this!!!” ”


Marion also noticed the strange condition of George and William while the twins voiced their worries in unison.


“……I apologize.
It seems I have disturbed your valuable lunch break.”


Joanna looked at George and William’s state and bid her farewell with a look that clearly expressed her loss of interest.

‘Hrmm… My charm magic is working.
Seems like I was just overthinking.

Also, it appeared that Emma Stuart was really sick.
They couldn’t lie when they were under my charm magic.


I was being a little too nervous, wasn’t I… Well, I have wasted my effort, but now I know the Kingdom can still be put under my control in one way or another.’

Leaving the blushing brothers behind, Joanna began to lay down her plan to enchant the people at the academy for a second time with stronger charm magic using the magic stone’s power.



“George-sama, William-sama, are you really alright?”


“Do you need me to call an attendant?”


“Maybe they ate something strange, Caitlyn?”


“I’m sure they ate something strange, Catherine.”


After Joanna left, the brothers became eerily quiet and crouched on the spot slowly.
Feeling flustered, Francesca, Marion, and the twins looked at their weird behavior worriedly.


“I-I’m okay.”


“N-No need to worry.”


“ “Ughhhh.” ” The brothers groaned in a barely audible voice.
They covered their red faces with their hands and writhed.

They had somehow made a mental preparation for when this time came, but seeing a lady in her late 30s wearing a school uniform from such a point-blank range gave them much more damage than expected.

Furthermore, that lady was their own younger (older) sister.
They felt like they could die from second hand embarrassment.

Unlike in their previous life, where their vision had deteriorated because of smartphones and presbyopia, their eyesight now was even better than 20/20 vision due to monster hunting training.


‘Ugh, that’s so embarrassing.

We’re cringing so hard that our whole body winces.


The sight of our sister in a school uniform is too intenseee.
She’s forcing it too much in that lookkkk.’


George and William weren’t able to stand up for a while.



Author’s corner:

George & William’s huge crisis.


Crisis: “Eh? The crisis I concocted by sacrificing my eating and sleep time is only this?!”

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