Gigolo [Part 2]


“Why does the Empire have to invade another country in the first place?! The Empire is the biggest country in the world and never lacks a magician!”


The Empire had been the only country to consistently have a magician present since the dawn of history.


As soon as magicians appeared in island countries and small countries, an Imperial scout would come to recruit them.

Monsters didn’t appear in island countries surrounded by the sea.

Many small countries believed that as long as their barriers were strengthened, receiving support from the Empire was more profitable than having a magician in their country.


With the power of magicians gathered from all around the world, the Empire grew powerful and developed faster than any other country.


“They’re probably running out of magic stones…”


Joshua gave the answer to the flustered Carlos.

Magic stones were needed to create a barrier to prevent monsters’ intrusion.
Without using magic stones that could store magic, magicians would always have to cast barrier magic continuously in the borderland.
But even though they had become magicians, they were still [humans].
They wouldn’t be able to last three days without an ounce of sleep and food.


“…Magic stones? Will a country really invade another country for such a thing?”


Compared to the apparent importance of magicians, the existence value of magic stones was obscure to everyone.

Magicians appeared irregularly, and their magic brought about a great influence on the people.
But magic stones were nothing more than mere stones without magicians.
Without magic inside it, It was just a dull stone and not something like shiny gemstone.


“It will.
A country will perish without that.
Too many people don’t know the importance of magic stones.
That is especially so in the Kingdom because we haven’t had a magician for a long time.
From the Empire’s perspective, they must have thought the prolonged absence of magicians meant the Kingdom still has abundant magic stones in store.”


“HUH?! The country the Empire is planning to invade… is this country? Eh? It’s the Kingdom?” Carlos was shocked.
He thought the invasion they were talking about was just somebody else’s problem.
Turned out his own country was the very target of that upcoming attack.


“Rather than planning to invade… I suppose saying ‘in the middle of invading’ is more correct.”


Joshua replied calmly till the end.
He was sure Joanna went to the Royal Castle’s treasure house to grasp the location of magic stones.
So that after the Empire invaded, she and her cronies would be able to get their hands on them smoothly.


“But you know, the problem is the Kingdom almost has no magic stones left.”


The nobles squandered them all when the last magician appeared.
They wasted such precious magic stones to satiate their vanity, with no other substantial reason.


“WHATTT?! Then… aren’t we going to be attacked for nothing?! I’m leaving for the Empire now! I will tell them the Kingdom has no magic stones, so not to invade us!”


I don’t think they will believe you, though? Also, you’ll be flamed if you go ahead and mention the word ‘invasion’ before them saying it first, so you’d better stop.”


Joshua calmed Carlos down by saying that the Empire people were great at picking faults to the point of being ridiculous.


“But what should we do then… We don’t stand a chance against the Empire, you know?”


Carlos fell in despair.
As a spy stationed in the Empire, he knew well the disparity in power between the two countries.

A country with many magicians and a country with zero magicians… You didn’t need to think hard to tell there would be a 100-200 years gap in technology. 



Readers’ Corner:

Reader A’s comment

Although everything will turn out fine somehow as long as the cats are around, the new member Over-kun seems like he will do a great job this time.

The Empire, the landing land of Over’s flying barrage of bullets.

A war movie, maybe?


Author’s reply

Over: Fufufu, you’re greatly mistaken if you think Over’s arc is over.

The cats and tailless whip scorpions attacking the Imperial army…

A monster movie, maybe?

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