r>I’m all the more shocked as I have known him since he was little. Carlos saw Joshua in a new light.

“…How about the Church? Do you know the material of the nuns’ underwear?”

“O-O-Oh? N-No way! Such a thing…! No matter how much I love women, even I won’t make a move on nuns… Err… Okay, maybe I did.
Yeah, about three of them.
All three wore Palacian silk underwear and, surprisingly, had many in flashy colo—”

“I don’t care about the colors.”

“Ah? Ah, yes, right.
I’m sorry.”

I have mingled with several perverts before, but I have never met someone this perverted.
Seems like I still have a long way to go. Carlos admired the “real deal” sitting before him.


Joshua’s POV

I had vaguely noticed that the Church had spread the doctrine that underwear must be made of cotton for the Empire’s benefit.
However, according to Carlos’ report, there was also a shortage of cotton in the Empire… I thought they only brought the coarse cotton fabric on purpose to inconvenience the Kingdom… Were they so running out of magic stones that they even had to skimp on the ones used for cultivating cotton?

A ship carrying the Imperial army and weapons was likely to appear at the Kingdom’s port much sooner than expected.

I only hope no danger befalls Emma-sama…

A war might break out for the very first time in this world… All these ominous signs made me let out a deep sigh.


Author’s Corner:

Serious: I came running upon your call…… UNDERWEAR?! Stop it already with the underweaaarrrr……

Crisis: What are you doing, Serious? Help me out if you’re free, will ya.

Comedy: For now, I will bring the underwear out first.

Reader’s Corner:

Reader A’s comment

>”No matter how much I love women, even I won’t make a move on nuns

… Err… Okay, maybe I did.”


Author’s reply

Carlos: I can’t help it when women are so charming.

Carlos: Love is unstoppable.

Carlos: Even a nun who serves God is but a woman before me.

Carlos: Age is just a number when it comes to love.

William: Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I also love little girls…

Carlos: Ugh, a creep…

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