Chapter 2: Recalled the Past Life

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“…….lady…….you…….lady! …………young lady!”

My maid Martha is likely panicking…..
In my fuzzy consciousness, I push myself to wake up as to not let Martha worry.
Right that moment, my head hurts like a tub crashing down on it…… Hm?

What is this image? Why is a tub crashing down?


Aah, is this a driff? It’s a driff, isn’t it?

Hm? What’s a driff? Well? Driff is a driff? It’s when old memories got sorted out.

(T/N: Driff originates from dorifu or dorifuneta which is a slang that means ‘to recall or to remember something if you close your eyes’.
I’m sorry I can’t find a better translation of it so I just left it as it is.)

What’s this? Inside of my head keeps jumbling.

What’s wrong? I…… feel like my head is all messed up?

Watashi? Watashi? Watashi? huh, watashi?!

(T/N: She uses impolite speech and slangs when speaking, but here she suddenly realizes that she refers to herself with ‘watashi’, which is a polite way of saying ‘I’ or ‘me’.)

What? ……is this?

“Young lady-? You have awake-? Young lady?”

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Martha calls me while she hugs my sleeping body.

What happened? Martha? That’s right, Martha knows.
That I always been inside the house.

Then, what I don’t get is?

“Young lady? Emma-sama?”

Emma….? Emma?

Yes, right.
I am…..? Emma?

I start to feel dizzy.

It’s the tub’s fault that my head feels like it hurts.

Huh? Tub?

So driff……. driff?

What? What is it? My head starts spinning faster and faster.

I can’t… hold my consciousness anymore.

The sudden amount of information keeps rushing into my head.
People I have never seen… Unrealistic vehicles… feel familiar.
Me that is not me?

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“So…rry… Martha, just let me… sleep one more… time…”


Like shutting down a computer to reset it, let’s rest to ease my headache.

“Young ladyy……….!”

When you are confused, the first thing to do is sleep.
When I wake up again, I will feel refreshed… probably…

After that, I lose consciousness.

I slept for ten days.

Tanaka Minato or now Emma Stuart, a daughter of a count, who finally came to terms with her situation, is listening to Martha about what happened ten days ago.

“Please never do that again! To think you put mushrooms from the garden to the dining table! It would have been horrible if the whole family has died of food poisoning! It’s a relief that everyone is safe.”

“So, sorry….?”

Martha gets angry that the mushroom I accidentally found in the garden was the cause.

By the way, why do you say that I was the one who grilled it on charcoal and mixed it into our dinner? There should be no evidence.
Habitual behavior?

But… about that… I think Martha doesn’t know about that.
It’s a matsutake mushroom you know? MATSUTAKE!!

I can’t say that I remember the shocking taste of a natural-grown matsutake from my previous life… At least I can’t say it now.
More than that, I don’t intend to explain.

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Eh? Just now Martha says that the whole family got food poisoning?

“I’m not the only one who fell?!”

I don’t understand clearly but, I wonder if it has also affected my family?

“Master, Madam, George-sama, even William-sama who ate the mushroom, yelled some weird words all at once, then fainted.”

What does it mean?

Because matsutake is not eaten in this world, it shocked everyone?

Even though matsutake….
is really, really delicious.

I’m drooling by just remembering it.

That mellow scent the moment you ate it! That crisp texture!

The sinful matsutake that makes me remember the taste and aroma of Japanese…

Right… As soon as I ate it, the first thing I ironically remembered was the scene right before I died.

The final moments of Tanaka Minato in the previous life.

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After the rushing noise, a shaking tremor came, I couldn’t even stand up properly to escape.
Severe pain came immediately after seeing the wall crashing, or the ceiling above, making a loud noise and collapsing…

“Young lady…?”

Martha looks at me worriedly when she notice the crease in my eyebrows.

No wonder.
Because I just barely recover.

I don’t hear Martha’s question because I was still stuck in my own memories.

What a painful death!

“Aah… at least I wanted to drink a can of beer!”

As I subconsciously mutter something in Japanese, Martha makes a surprised face.

“That’s right.
Everyone was yelling similar things! What kind of spell is that?”

When I hear that, my consciousness that wanders off to my past life returns.

“Martha, it’s not a spell, it’s Japanese… What? Eh! Everyone?!”



Author’s words: That’s right… The Tanaka family likes alcohol.

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