fu,’ Emma laughs unknowingly.

“Emma, you brought it, right?”

George abruptly says to the laughing Emma.

“Eh? Did I get caught? I will especially lend it to older brother.”

Saying so, Emma roll up her puffy skirt.

A large, transparent violet spider is clinging firmly to Emma’s slender thigh.

“Uwah, you… in that sort of place…”

George is left speechless.

“Violet, will you lend your power to George nii-sama?”

Emma lifts up the spider to meet its eyes.
It’s a really pretty purple.

Like sensing Emma’s intention, Violet spews out a thread that lands instantly on George’s head.

The moment the slime stop flowing from the local barrier hazard, a water-gun-like attack comes at the nearest George.


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George easily dodges it with Violet’s boost, but the lawn in the place he just escaped is melting.

Slime is not a monster with a good head on its shoulders (where is the head even?).
Until it engulfed its determined target, it won’t attack another prey.
At any rate, George becomes the lure to buy time.
For Emma’s sake.

The slime, who has determined George as its prey, send out water guns and body blows one after another at high speed.
But George, with Violet on his head, endures it skillfully.

During this time, Emma is observing the slime carefully.


When I was making the monster karuta1 for my older brother, there’s something I was curious about.

Emma’s knowledge about monsters is not as detailed as the brothers, but she received a general education*.
However, when I reviewed it again, all monster-related information is only based on the accumulated rule of thumb.
And why is so has not been verified.

*T/N: This sentence is Minato’s POV towards the ‘previous’ Emma.

If we were able to verify monsters’ special characteristics one by one, wouldn’t we be able to hunt more effectively, is what I thought.

It is Emma’s traits to thoroughly investigate when she is curious.

The hunters until now have had their hands full with memorizing and defeating, but when Emma learns about monsters through making karuta, there’s another point of view and concept added.

A mere one month, further excluding the time taken for taking care of insects and making Rose’s dresses, with that little time between the intervals, the three siblings had been working hard on monsters’ verification.

It was intended for only the three siblings to toy with in the beginning.
Emma made a hypothesis after hearing William’s investigation and explanation, and George tested it on the hunting ground.

After obtaining positive proof to a certain extent, we reported the successful verification results to our father and uncle.
We got scolded for not telling them beforehand, but then they started to cooperate with us.

The three siblings’ verification has been spread to Palace’s hunters and in the process of completing new weapons.

Regarding slimes, I also talked about it with William when making the karuta.

The method to deal with it that Emma could think of was ‘How about adjusting its pH?’

If slime’s body fluids is a strong alkaline, I thought that if we put in acidic to the slime to neutralize it, the slime whose substance has changed significantly wouldn’t be able to retain its shape as a slime.

This is only my hypothesis without any actual proof.
There’s no way a rare monster like slime would immediately appear.
Just as much it won’t appear, the information is limited.

Even so, if William remembers that time’s hypothesis, he will return and bring us some acidic.

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It’s good that we have called the hunters, but I guess Valerie territory’s hunters won’t be able to take up the slime to George’s extent.

I feel uneasy to only rely on a hypothesis that has never been once tested.

I carefully observe the real thing.
Is there something, some kind of weakness? Is there something that at least can earn enough time for father and uncle in Palace to make it here?

Something, there supposed to be something.
I observe the slime intently.

At that, a second slime flowed out from the local barrier hazard.

There’s only Emma to become the second’s target.

“Emma!!! Run!!”

George shouts, but that slime is much smaller than the first one and quickly finishes flowing.
It directly shoots a water gun at Emma.

Emma, who has been observing the first slime intently, reacts late.





1T/N (Sorry I forgot to add a note on karuta in the previous chapters): Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game.
There are two stacks of cards: reading cards and playing cards.
Someone will read out a poem or proverb written on a reading card, and the players will try to snatch the playing card (laid out on the floor) as fast as they can.




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