nd desperate for a long time.

The Stuart family has little sense of being privileged because they are noble.
That and their memory as Japanese in their previous life on top, they couldn’t relate to Robert’s pride at all.

“Ah… so it’s like that.
I see, so you speak rudely to His Highness because you are close as a relative, right?”

“Are you stupid?”

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Somewhat grasping the situation, Emma makes her remarks, but once again being told off by Robert.

“His Highness’ mother is a Marchioness, you know? Plus, my Lance House is a house where royal princesses marry for generations.
Bloodline alone, I am more closely related to the King.”

The Prince frowns.
His look seems to say that Robert’s words have poked his painful spot.

Francesca is trembling again.
Arthur and Marion only look down as they can’t say anything about this topic.
The twins are looking at the situation amusedly.

“Eh? But you are not part of the royal family, aren’t you? Even though you didn’t do any royal family duties, to assert yourself just because of bloodline… That’s kinda lame…”


“Emma!! It’s about time to shut up, isn’t it!?”

“Nee-sama, your wounds hurt, don’t they? They do, I see.
Let’s sit down for a while.
They hurt to the point you don’t even know what you are saying, don’t they!!?”

George and William hastily step in.

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Robert’s face turns bright red from anger, but when he wants to open his mouth to retaliate, the school bell rings.

The teacher suddenly appears as if he just passed through the door.

Their father, Leonard, also has a good physique, and Arthur next to them is also tall, but this teacher is uncomparably big.
He glances in their direction and said,

“Get yourself seated.”

The lack of girls in Monster Science is also influenced by this teacher, Wolfgang Galliano’s appearance.

He’s just, big and scary.
He has a huge body over 2 meters with a slick skinhead.
His bulging muscle people can tell even from above his clothes and his scarred face Emma’s face loses to are too stimulating for a noble daughter to look directly at.


With an amazingly mild reply, Robert returns to his seat.

Woah, sure enough, he’s so lame…

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