Dessert [Part 2]

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Several noble sons Emma recognizes are coming their way.

“Emma-san, how are you feeling?”

Everyone looks at Emma worriedly.

They are the noble sons from territories around Palace who defended and stood up for Emma after Monster Science class.

“My, Chris-sama, Glen-sama… How do you do? I’m feeling fine.”

My stomach has calmed down too… While thinking so, Emma replies, but she doesn’t understand the meaning behind the noble sons’ question.

“We’re sorry for not helping when you’re entangled with Robert-sama,”

They’d thought they should help her, but they remembered the awe feeling when seeing the Prince’s black hair for the first time.
Above that, they are also scared of Robert, whose hair color is close to black, and couldn’t defend Emma right away.

It was said that they can talk informally inside the academy, no need to mind about status, but they couldn’t really oppose a Duke family…

The classroom for Monster Science is large, and they got entangled with Robert as soon as they entered, so the siblings didn’t notice that they were in the same class as these noble sons.

“No way, it’s Emma nee-sama‘s fault for picking a fight, you know?”

“I think it’s wise not to get involved with Robert-sama as much as possible.”

William and George insist that there’s nothing to apologize for.

If they had defended Emma and caught Robert’s eyes, they would have been totally dragged into this trouble.
The siblings would definitely feel sorry.

“Other than that, we accidentally said about your scars to Robert-sama.”

The noble sons confess like they’re on the verge of tears.

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‘Robert-sama will definitely do something terrible to Emma, and we gave him the chance to do it.’

“They’re talking about that scar from the recklessness of youth, huh, Caitlyn?”

“It’s about that scar from the recklessness of youth, Catherine.”

The only ones in school who unreservedly asked about Emma’s scars, the twins, beg Emma for the detailed story.

“Um, I’ve heard from a rumor that when you were together with His Highness, a monster attacked, and that’s how you received that scar?”

Francesca nervously said.

“Eh? But I also heard a rumor that you got injured when you protected His Highness?”

Marion also talks about the rumor she once heard.

“…..that’s…..not because I protected His Highness…..”

In places she didn’t know, rumors about herself just spread on their own.

Emma tells them the truth a little embarrassedly.

“When we played with Jadwi-… the Princess, His Highness, and Rose-sama, we suddenly found a local barrier hazard… After we evacuated His Highness and the others, um… I was blankly looking at the monster that came out and got hit.”

‘Teeheehee,’ Emma said it cutely while laughing embarrassedly and sticking out her tongue, but the content isn’t cute at all.

Attack by monsters is an unimaginable thing in the royal capital, so she tells them the size of the wound and that time’s casualties.

*silence* The scene becomes quiet in an instant.
‘I’m alright, you know,’ Emma wants to show her scars to soothe everyone who feels ill at ease.
But when she reaches her hand to her collar, William stops her.

“Nee-sama… Don’t take off your clothes!”

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“Ehh? Why?”

“If you think about it for a little, you will know, won’t you?”

“Um… Ah, that’s right, isn’t it.
You shouldn’t take off your clothes in the open, right?”

…that’s totally not it!

Everyone retorts in vain, and Emma is just smiling happy-go-luckily.

“About my scars, I’ve never really intended to make it a secret, so I don’t mind at all.”

Emma says to the noble sons who are looking very guilty.

What are they worrying about so much?

“I said it to him that the monster who attacked Emma-san is slime.”

The slime they just learned in today’s class, that fiendish monster that can cause terrible damage.
It’s like a class that dug out Emma’s trauma.

Just based on what they see now, Emma seems calm and has a good complexion.
But Emma, when she just left the classroom, looked to be very much in pain.

I’m sure she didn’t feel like eating anything and was just resting in a courtyard with a sofa.

“It’s alright.
There’s nothing you should be worried about.”

Receiving such kind words from Emma, the noble sons are once again convinced that she is an angel.

“How… how kind…”

“No matter how painful she is, to keep smiling and care for others…”


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“A real angel…”

Towards the moving and touching feeling she doesn’t understand, Emma tilts her head as usual.

Arthur, Marion, and Francesca, who also heard the story, are shocked.
Because Emma, who got injured by that brutal and terrifying slime, was gulping her lunch blissfully after that bloody class.

“Um… Emma-san, if you would like, please have this.”

The noble sons hand a cute bag to Emma one after another.

Inside are cakes, chocolates, and all kinds of sweets from popular stores in the royal capital.

Knowing that Emma loves sweets, they ran at full speed to the stores after Robert left and bought them.

It was the result of their discussion.
That even though Emma couldn’t eat lunch, she could at least eat her favorite sweets.

No one is thinking that Emma had finished a proper lunch set.

“It looks so delicious!”

She picks one chocolate and puts it in her mouth.

It has a luxurious taste different from what she usually eats at the Stuart House.

It’s a snack she only got to eat from Joshua’s visiting gifts.

“So good!! It’s super delicious!”

Her gesture of holding her cheeks while munching looks destructively cute.

‘I thought I’m the only one who gets to see this face…’ Joshua receives a shock.

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The noble sons pat their chest in relief after seeing Emma deliciously eating the sweets they gave her.

“That’s right! Everyone, please accept the cufflinks I have made during embroidery class today as my gratitude!”

*clink clink clink* Emma takes out as many cufflinks as the number of people from her bag and hands them out one by one.

Receiving a gift from an angel, the noble sons left the place while dancing boisterously.

Emma waits for the attentive waiter to finish refilling the black tea and reaches her hand to the cake with a face beaming with joy.

“To think I will also have dessert today, what an incredibly wonderful day! Everyone, let’s eat together.”

‘Eating… again, huh,’ Francesca and Marion can’t understand if there’s a hole for dessert inside Emma’s slender body.

“Let’s eat, Caitlyn.”

“Let’s eat, Catherine.”

The twins are choosing between the cakes happily.

George and William are staring in the direction where the noble sons just left as if looking at something pitiful.

Joshua has determined to find sweets more delicious than these.

“By the way, Lady Emma…”

Arthur asks for the two times today.

“Just how many cufflinks did you make?”

Author’s note: Sweets go to a separate belly, after all.

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