Robert’s Counterattack [Part 1]

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Robert happily carries a box with both hands carefully.

He put the thing he hurriedly made after class was over and managed to return to the academy.

He ended up wasting most of his two-hour lunch break, but he didn’t regret it.

He has forced a professional on that street to make this thing, and it turned out splendid.

He enters the cafeteria where most students spend their lunch break and searches for Emma, but he doesn’t see her figure.

“Uwah, isn’t lunch break going to be over soon!?”

Bryan rushed to sit at a table.

“Bryan! What are you doing? We are giving this to Emma Stuart, aren’t we?”

Robert grumbles at his childhood friend, who has been going at his own pace for too much.
But Bryan is currently eating every single dish that has been served.

“Robert-sama, our lunch break ends in just 20 minutes, you know? You’ll end up having no time to eat… Today’s lunch… is super duper delicious!”

After that, Bryan doesn’t respond to whatever Robert says and absorbs himself into eating.

‘It can’t be helped…’ and so, Robert heads to the courtyard in search of Emma.

…that’s right.
If she hadn’t been feeling well from the lesson about slime, she wouldn’t have been in the cafeteria in the first place.

When he sees Emma inside the courtyard, his correct thoughts make him feel confident in his victory.

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“…ugh…I can’t eat anymore-“

Finishing all the sweets from the noble sons, Emma groans at her full stomach.

“Of course, you can’t! Emma! Why did you feel the need to eat all of them?”

George is exasperated.

“Ugh… because… it’s… there?”

Emma says a similar line to a mountaineer from somewhere.

(T/N: “Because it’s there” is a famous line of George Mallory, an English mountaineer who took part in the earliest British expeditions to Mt.

The twins also ate some cookies, but maybe because they just had lunch, they soon stopped.

Arthur seemed to don’t like sweets very much, so he didn’t have any.

George and William were sending out their thoughts to the pitiful sons, and during that time, Emma ate all the snacks.

Francesca and Marion ate one.
But then, they got absorbed in the conversation and didn’t eat any more than that.

“Is it about time we head for our next class?”

Joshua suggests after hearing the bell indicating the break will be over in 15 minutes.

The bell has rung seven times, so the next one means the start of the class.

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After the break, the three siblings and Joshua have Economy class, and the rest are separated, so they all will head to different classrooms.

At that, Robert appears holding a big box.

“You look awful, don’t you, Emma Stuart!!”

He looks delighted seeing Emma groaning for being too full.

With an expression as if he already wins, he puts the box on the table in front of Emma.

“Robert… Are you here to quibble again?”

Arthur sighs at this troublesome fellow.

“How rude to say a quibble-! I came because I’m worried about Emma Stuart!”

Purposely making a worried face, Robert looks at Emma.

“It was painful during Monster Science class, wasn’t it?”

*gulp* Emma swallows back her words.

To be honest, it wasn’t that painful.
It’s just I didn’t expect I would be that hungry.

Francesca and Marion, who sees Emma’s expression, think, ‘So the lesson about slimes was painful for her…’ and become a little worried.

“You also couldn’t eat your lunch well, could you?”

Robert gives a wrong guess with an evil smile he couldn’t hide on his face.


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Not only Emma asked for another serving of stew, but she also ate two pieces of bread, then still finished all the cookies and chocolates from the noble sons as dessert.
Who is saying she couldn’t eat her lunch well? By the way, she also drank 4 cups of tea.

“This is a present from me!”

While saying that, Robert opens the box he brought.




Arthur, Marion, and Francesca unconsciously shriek, and their faces turn unpleasant.

“What a bad taste he has, Caitlyn!”

“What a bad taste it is, Catherine!”

Even the twins, who are usually carefree and joyful, also glare at Robert hatefully.

“…Y-you, can’t you even tell what’s good or bad to do!?”

Holding down his boiling rage from the original shock, Arthur raises his voice.

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A slime is there, in front of Emma.

The figure Mr.
Wolfgang drew on the blackboard in today’s Monster Science class reappears in reality.

It’s about the size of the slime who shot Emma with a water gun.

Answering the twins who asked further about the wounds, Emma told them in detail while eating the cookies.

About how her skin melted, how she bled heavily, and it even reached her bones even though she only got hit by the splash of the water gun.

About how her skin crumbled when they poured water on her wounds for medical treatment.

About how she had nightmares from high fever for three days, then got unconscious for more than a month.

About how many large scars are left on her face, arm, and the upper right part of her body.

Why did God give such a trial to such a young girl?

It couldn’t be helped that everyone stopped eating their cookies.

The cause of it, slime, Robert thrust an imitation of that thing right in front of Emma’s eyes. I can never forgive this kind of, worst, immoral thing.

Arthur stands up, thinking of applying for a duel.

Born into a family lineage of knights, manners have been drilled into him even before he learned how to speak.
Same as that, he also knows that he must never duel rashly.

Even so, he absolutely can’t forgive this act.

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