ree siblings feel sorry for increasing their work.

“We live at the dorm, so I guess we part here, Caitlyn.”

“We live at the dorm, so we part here, Catherine.”

The twins stop in front of an intersection.

The siblings and Joshua will keep walking straight to the main street.

” “Then, everyone.
Until next time, Rockle.” “

The twins lift the hem of their skirts and lower their heads slightly.
Gets that that “Rockle” means “goodbye,” Emma reply to them the same way.

“Catherine-sama, Caitlyn-sama.
Until next time, Rockle.”

“Be careful on your way home, Rockle!”

“See you tomorrow, Rockle!”


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Each of them says “Rockle” and part there.

When they used the word, it didn’t feel out of place, so it’s fun.

While watching out for carriages, they walk through the main street and enter the shopping district where many fashionable shops lined up.
Seeing that Palace’s noble sons and Robert bought the present for Emma from this shopping district, academy students must often visit here.

The store Joshua’s in charge of is in the prime location on the main street, so they can clearly see the big three-story store.

“Joshua’s store is almost completed, huh.”

George mutters a little apologetically while looking at Joshua’s store.

It’s still under renovation now, but the first and second floors will be used as the store, and the third floor is set up for Joshua’s living space.

The store used to sell Palace silk, one-horned rabbit fur, and the like, but after it was entrusted to Joshua, the products got completely changed.

At first, it was supposed to be completed when the academy started, but Emma…

“If there’s a cafe with delicious sweets on the way home from school, I will probably stop by every day.”

With just one sentence from her, Joshua hurriedly increased the cafe space on the second floor, and because of that, the renovation couldn’t make it in time.
The store is scheduled to reopen next week.

Joshua, who supposes to be as busy as a spinning top, says, “How about going for a cup of tea?” and invites them to come.
But, after this is Joshua’s time for work, and his employees are waiting for his instructions.
So the siblings will pass today as they don’t want to disturb his work.

“That’s a shame.
Well, come by anytime.
I will wait for you with lots of tea and snacks prepared.”

Smiling, Joshua waves his hand and says, “See you tomorrow, Rockle!”

Emma was looking forward to buying and eating snacks on the way home, but her stomach still feels very full even after they part with Joshua, so she just goes straight home obediently.

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They keep going on the main street, leaving the shopping district and entering the nobles district where many big mansions stood out.

Residences for nobles without territory who work at the royal castle and nobles whose territory is near the royal capital are built here with a far distance between each house.

The three siblings walk a little into a small road from the main street and arrive at the gate of the largest mansion in this nobles district.
They stop for a while in front of it and sigh.

“…it’s huge.”


“So huge…”

The mansion arranged for their living in the royal capital matches the income of the Stuart family, and it is really luxurious.

Their house in Palace has a big garden, but the building itself is small and cozy.
Moreover, they sold everything they could sell, and it looked like a ruined mansion, so they find it hard to get used to the gap.

They recovered thanks to the Rothschild family’s ability, but their living style hasn’t changed much until now.

They were poor for too long to live lavishly.
In the end, they didn’t even buy back any of the things they’ve sold for the reason of “We don’t really use it, right…”

Despite that…

The three siblings once again sigh at the large gate standing in front of them.

“It’s huge no matter how many times I see it.”

“Will we get used to this someday?”

“I wonder…”

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