uld we look into it?”

‘Uh-huh,’ William mutters and promptly goes to search for a clue about the ink.

The royal capital’s shopping district has a great variety of products.
It is said that there’s nothing you can’t find here.

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“But how are we going to search for it? There are a lot of shops that sell ink.”

As the sweets tasting party becomes an ink-searching event, Emma parts reluctantly with Joshua and asks a question to Child Detective William.

“Buying that amount of ink at once was hard in the first place.
I think that no matter if the culprit gathered that amount by buying it from shop to shop, or ordering and buying it in one batch, it can still be tracked.”

Before the siblings arrived at Joshua’s store, Joshua and his employees had tried many ways to remove the ink, but it was still bright red.
Setting aside its amount that could cover the entire front wall of the store, William guesses that the ink that couldn’t be removed even after so many tries must have some particular specifications.

‘It mustn’t be hard to pinpoint it.’ And so they just casually enter any shop but come to a dead-end immediately.

Every place only sells black ink.”

“Everyone said they don’t sell red ink in the first place…”

George and William sigh weakly one after another.
They just thought that the shops would sell red ink because of their previous life’s memory, but the product itself doesn’t even exist here.

“The dyes in this world don’t produce such strong color, so I thought it’s from an ink.
Did I guess wrong?”

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The color should’ve faded when washed if it was from paint, so what came to Emma’s mind was pen ink. Is there any other dyeing material? “Ummm,” Emma thinks hard with her arm crossed.

When she was trying out the dyes for Palace silk, none could produce such bright color.
It’s hard because she needs to dye the silk over and over again.

It brought great damage to Joshua’s store precisely because the color is so bright, and the people who saw it all had a startled expression and walked past the store.

“If the ink is not here, it’s already over our reach.”

“As expected, the Child NEET Detective gives up early.”

Emma grins at William, who is hanging his head.

“Nee-sama, do you even have a… good… suggestion? …I can tell that you don’t have any decent ideas just by looking at your face, though?”

William glances up at Emma and gets convinced by her face that she must be planning something.

“Well, for now, let’s eat lunch and change our clothes first.”

‘I’m hungry after walking so much…’ Emma starts walking back to the Stuart family’s mansion.

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