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Koumei-san, Kan-chan, and Ryuu-chan with a ribbon around their neck are waiting behind Emma.
“Koumei-san and the cats will send us to the backdoor, they said.”
‘Huff!’ With a shout that doesn’t sound like a 13-year-old’s, Emma climbs onto Koumei’s back and grabs the ribbon around the cat’s neck.
All the cats other than Chou-chan have short fur, so they put a ribbon around their neck to make it easier to hold on when riding them.
I asked Chou-chan to keep a lookout on Mother and Father, so nothing should go amiss… I suppose.
“Of course it’s not okay!”
William opposes it.
The commoner town has poor public safety compared to the neighborhood here, so it’s dangerous.

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“Why? Nobody said that we can’t go to the commoner town?”
Emma replies nonchalantly.
Nobody ever warned them because it’s such an obvious fact, and Emma used it against them.
George and William are so dumbfounded.
“Besides, we’ve always been in Joshua’s care.”
‘I want to repay his kindness once in a while…’ When she said it like that, it’s hard for the brothers to stop her.
Even if they say no here, Emma will act alone without permission later, so the brothers can only bend.
The brothers reluctantly climb onto the cats’ back and put on the goggles they always wear when riding the cats.
They bid goodbye to the servants saying they’re going to play with the cats in the garden.
After that, the cats directly run towards the backdoor.

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Without the cats, it would take them almost an hour to get to the edge of the garden.
Because the garden is so big, the servants won’t worry even when they can’t see the siblings’ figures anymore.
It’s the first time they feel grateful towards this too big of a mansion they haven’t gotten used to living in yet.
The servants see off the cat riders, who can only be seen in this mansion, with a smile without any speck of doubt.


Author’s note: By putting a ribbon around the cats’ neck, now they can ride the cats even with short fur.
The ribbons also double the cats’ cuteness.
The ribbon is, of course, made of Emma silk.

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