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“Please eat before it gets cold.
You can think about this later.”

Responding to George, the man took the milk oatmeal porridge.
He couldn’t possibly refuse his first meal in a week.

“So good!”

After eating a spoonful, he absorbed himself in gobbling down the milk porridge.

“Please eat slowly.
You will shock your body.”

Emma called out to the man while giving out second helpings to the children, but he didn’t seem to hear it.

When the large pot of milk oatmeal porridge had been emptied, William finally explained the things that happened today.

“So, Hue, you did pickpocket someone after all, huh.”

The man smacked the boy with his fist, then looked at the three siblings.

“Sorry, he is my sworn younger brother, but before he met me, he made a living from pickpocketing.
Even though he had once got into trouble because of it, his stealing habits returned if he ever ran into difficulties.”

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The three siblings smiled and said, “No need to worry about it,” in reply to the unexpected apology they got from a man living in the slums.

“Also, how could I thank you for treating my injuries and even providing me food… Honestly, I feel so grateful.
I’m called Harold.
From some courses of events, I’m taking care of the children in this area.”

“No, we just happened to be there and can help.
I’m George, these are my younger brothers, Emma and William.”

Emma was dressed as a boy, so George introduced her as his younger brother.

“Ah, I’m Huey.
Just call me Hue.”

The boy grinned towards the siblings while rubbing his own head that just got smacked.

It seemed he could smile now that Harold had awoken.

“Nevertheless, I feel like there are so many small children here…”

George, who had gone back and forth between the slums and the commoner town several times today, had been wondering about it.
At a glance, the slums were filled with children smaller than himself and Emma.
Even as he got further into the slums, he didn’t see any adults.
There’s one, but that one adult was the thin man in front of him.

“It’s because recently, people here have no problem finding employment.
More places have been willing to hire people from the slums.
So once they become an adult or reached working age, they can graduate from the slums.”

Manual labor had been in great demand this past year for the demolition and repair work of buildings that got destroyed during the coup d’état.
Harold looked proud explaining it for some reason, but this man who is not working even though he already reached working age, just why…

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