uring it all alone so no one would notice?

.  .  .

A little while later, Leonard arrived at the royal castle to pick Emma up.

“Leonard, I’m sorry.
While she is with me, Emma has…”

Hilda explained the situation to Leonard and apologized.

“Emma is fine, Mother-in-Law.
My cat wasn’t making any noise, too.
Anyway, I will take her home now.”

“…………cat? Eh? Cat?”

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“Emma…” Leonard called, but Emma didn’t show any response.

Leonard could tell just by looking that she was sleeping like a log very comfortably.
He could wake her up, but because he didn’t bear to, he just carried her up directly and wrapped her in the blanket he brought in advance.

“I’m truly sorry for making Your Highness and Mother-in-Law take care of Emma.
Well then, if you’ll excuse me…”

The Prince hurriedly followed after Leonard, who was leaving the room, but when the door opened, his footsteps stopped.

More than ten men were standing in the way and obstructed Leonard’s path.


“Count Stuart, I have something I want to talk to you concerning Emma Stuart.”

A fussy-looking man standing in the forefront talked to Leonard while glancing sideways to Emma in Leonard’s embrace.

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“Now? I’m currently in the middle of something…”

Leonard replied as if he was troubled, but the man didn’t back down.

“This is a very important matter to our kingdom.
We have to understand the circumstances as fast as we can.”

*thud* The men stepped forward and brought pressure upon Leonard.

“I want to take my daughter home quickly to let her rest.
Can we talk about this tomorrow?”

Not being affected by the pressure at all, Leonard smilingly said.

In the first place, Leonard, whose body was tempered from hunting monsters and was one head taller than those men, was physically stronger.

To the point that would make you think the result would still be the same even if the number of people doubled.

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