The Stuart Family’s Drawing Room [Part 2]

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“Well, because it’s hard to do any secret talks in the royal castle.
How is Emma-chan‘s condition right now?”


Even though he felt bad seeing the King’s guilty expression, he mustn’t say that Emma had been super energetic.
Leonard answered,


Emma regained her consciousness in the morning, which made us relieved.
She ate some ful—! …fruits(?) j-just a few bites, and now is resting in her room.”


Leonard, who was bad at lying, made desperate efforts.


He almost said that Emma finished a full-course meal worth of breakfast when Melsa next to him stepped on his foot and warned him.


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“It’s because I had thoughtlessly gripped her arms despite already receiving the report on Emma-chan‘s wounds.
I’m really sorry about this…”


“Your Majesty, the royal family should not apologize easily.
Instead of talking about that, please move on to the main topic.”


Oliver, standing behind the sofa, warned the King before he could bow his head.


“Oliver? What are you saying? I came here today to apologize to Emma-chan.
Even if we are the royal family, we still need to apologize when we make a mistake.
I came here to the Stuarts because the royal castle has many people who say the same thing as you did.


‘I shouldn’t have brought you along after all,’ the King sighed.


“Your Majesty, Emma has a shy and quiet personality, so she must have been nervous at the banquet with so many high-ranking nobles.
Emma just received a little shock, so please pay it no mind.”


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Leonard hurriedly came forward to say that an apology was unnecessary because he felt awkward to see the King bow his head.


“Ah, perhaps she felt timid when placed on the same table as Edward, Imperial Prince Tasuku, and the Four Great Duke Houses.
It’s because Emma-chan was treated as Duchess Sullivan’s companion, you see.”


“……Your Majesty, rather than that, the main subject…”


“My, is that so? I haven’t heard much of the details.
Did Emma make a blunder in such a prestigious seat?”


Melsa asked the King as if to drown Oliver’s words.
It was probably not a coincidence, but intentional.


“There’s no such blunder.
Emma-chan‘s conduct was perfect.
Her elegant dress and beautiful gesture were favorably talked about at the banquet.”


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As if recalling the banquet, The King smiled while praising Emma.


Seeing the King’s look, Melsa was convinced that her daughter’s “Old Man Hoi Hoi” tendency was still going strong even in this world. While she is my daughter, what a frightening child.


“—Your Majesty! Why! Emma Stuart can speak Imperial Japanese is the real issue! This is an important matter regarding the future of our Kingdom! Please talk about such a trivial story later!”


The impatient Oliver finally raised his voice.


Even though they finally had an amicable atmosphere, it seemed like he couldn’t read the air.


Melsa made an exact same sigh as the Manner Demon that everyone feared, then fixed her gaze on Oliver and asked,

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“On the contrary, please do tell me.
Why? can’t you speak Imperial Japanese even though you are a diplomat? Language is the key to diplomacy.
Isn’t this a dereliction of duty on your part?”


The diplomats acted all great and self-important, but in actuality, they had come to the Stuarts because nobody could speak the language.
The fact that they still wanted to form diplomatic relations even though they didn’t know how to communicate with the other party must mean that Imperial Japan was a very significant country to the Kingdom.


However, Melsa wasn’t willing to say that she didn’t know anything no matter what, so she provoked Oliver in an attempt to extract some information from him.


“It is a well-known fact that people of most countries, not just the Kingdom’s, can’t understand Imperial Japanese! Wholly different pronunciation, grammar… Its writing is even more indecipherable than ancient letters.
It’s absolutely not a dereliction of duty!”


Oliver’s explanation was pretty interesting.


Japanese was indeed a language used in a different world from this one.
They didn’t know why it was deemed that difficult, but perhaps there was such a thing here.

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