OK Joshua [Part 2]

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“We can’t tell unless we try, right? Let’s do it once?”


George, who was the real gamer among the three brothers, suggested while fidgeting.


The three of them were grown adults over 30 years old on the inside, so they felt a little embarrassed doing it, but this was the most used method in isekai manga and novels regarding [Status].
They had no choice but to try it.


The three exchanged looks, readied themselves, and shouted,

” ” “Open [Status]!!” ” “






Yeah, they got it now.

There’s no way such a convenient thing would exist.

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All three of them turned slightly red and averted their gazes.
How embarrassing.
What were they doing when they were already over 30…?


“……what are Young Masters and Young Lady doing?”


The voice in their heart suddenly resounded in their ears.
Their [Status] didn’t open, but Emma’s room door did, and Emma’s handmaid Martha was standing there, looking at them with cold eyes.


“M-Martha!! Don’t just suddenly enter my room!”


Emma unintentionally blurted out something a girl in puberty would say.


Eh? But I am a girl in puberty, so it isn’t wrong, I guess?


They were already embarrassed with just the three of them here.
Now that Marta was watching, they were completely mortified.


“I did knock, though? His Majesty the King is here, so please keep it down even when you’re playing, okay?”

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They shouted with vigor, so it seemed like they could be heard even outside the room.

Ugh, embarrassing…


And when they thought so, Joshua suddenly popped out from behind Martha.


“Emma-sama! I was so worried when I heard you collapsed at the banquet last night.
It’s good that you look energetic now!”


Joshua, who came to visit after knowing Emma was ill, was holding a large bouquet of flowers with a huge smile on his face.


He purposefully didn’t ask about their earlier yell.
He is exactly a merchant because he can read the room… Thank you, we appreciate that, Joshua.


“Emma-sama said before that she would be happy if there were seasonal sweets on the cafe menu, so I came here with the trial products.”


The sweets were hidden behind the bouquet, so the siblings didn’t see it when Joshua first came.
Joshua then handed the sweets along with the box to Martha.


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“There are tea leaves and a memo on how to brew them inside the box.
I will trouble you to prepare the tea with the sweets.”


The three siblings were grateful to Joshua that they could quickly be freed from Martha’s cold eyes.


Emma’s room, which was three times larger than her room in their Palace house, was furnished with a table and chairs for eating snacks.
That table was currently full of books, and they went to clean it up first.


“What an amazing amount of books.
Are you researching something?”


Joshua asked while helping them tidy the books together.


At that time, George and William realized.

That even though they didn’t have a smartphone in this world, they had Joshua.

Because Joshua was a merchant, he had traveled all over the country and knew a lot of information.


“Hm? What’s wrong? Please don’t stare at me like that? Ah, but if it’s Emma-sama, please stare at me at all times!”


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After Joshua finished tidying the books, he threw the brothers an annoying glance and sat next to Emma shrewdly.


It’s Joshua they’re talking about here, so he must have used his rich connections to find out what happened at the banquet last night.
He didn’t come to the Stuarts first thing in the morning in order to collect more detailed information.
Joshua was the one who would literally do anything if it was for Emma.


In worst-case scenarios, maybe it’s more convenient than Goo*le.


George and William opened their mouths without thinking,

” “OK Joshua.
Tell me about Imperial Japan?” “



Author’s words: A setting that really didn’t matter.

The Tanaka family is like a cellphone store.

Kazushi and Yoriko are probably flip phones.

Wataru is Samsung Galaxy.

Minato is Sony XPERIA.

Peita is an old iPhone (with cracked screen).

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