Chapter 1: Stop Calling People Ugly.
Everyone Has a Reason

Part 1

An elegant melodic music resonated under the blue sapphire chandelier.

Soft instrumental sounds filled the hall, accompanied by a guttural gurgling sound like a whirlwind, which rose and fell with a woman’s movement.

She was making her way through the hustle and bustle of paired men and women.
Or rather, it would seem like people are avoiding her.
A mauve-haired woman, dressed in an out-of-season furry purple silk bustle dress, gently waved a matching furry fan and stomped over to a table of food.

The young lady who had almost collided with the woman right before her hurriedly lowered her head and covered her mouth in surprise.


“Are you okay, my lady? Your face is pale.
Let me take you to the lounge room.”

“Thank you so much, ugh.”

The lady covered her mouth again and gagged.

“Lady Angela!”

Startled, the man wrapped his arms around the lady’s angled shoulders and held her staggering body firmly.

Feeling the man’s warm touch, the lady spoke in a delicate, birdlike voice.

“Lord Ento is really kind.
I’m so shocked you’d look at ‘something ugly’…”

Oh my.

‘If they want to flirt with each other, then flirt.
Why are they tripping over me like this?’

Roughly touching her mauve frizzy hair, Lila, the woman in question, whimpered to herself.

But her thoughts were interrupted by a feast of desserts she normally couldn’t eat.

‘Mmm, I suppose we should start with the mildest flavors.
Like this crepe cake.’

Lila endured this commotion to eat a dessert not often eaten at the baron’s house.

No, she wanted the fuss.

She cut into the crepe cake, popped it into her mouth, and Lila squealed with delight.

‘Mmm! It’s so soft! Yummy!’

As she sat down near the table where the food was displayed, people bowed their heads and watched as she happily ate her dessert.

“Really… How is she allowed to attend the imperial ball dressed like that, shouldn’t she be stopped?”

A beautiful young lady in a form-fitting evening gown of black lace and cream silk whispered as she gently waved her fan.
The other young lady beside her nodded in affirmation.

“Perhaps I should speak to her cousin, Baron Este.”


The other young lady hesitated at her words.

“Well, Baron Este is also a bit…”

The lady left the rest unsaid.
Lila glanced over at another figure, who had taken a seat across from her and was shoveling food into her mouth.

“Ugh, who’s going to pass the word? I definitely can’t.”

“Me neither… a bit.”

“I’d be so grateful if the brave lord would speak for me…”

You’d think they were talking in hushed tones, but Lila could hear everything.

They were whispering right next to her, so if she can’t hear it, her ears are weird.

By any means, this is a high society thing…


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