“Madam, What brings you all the way here?”

As soon as they heard Grace had come, the knights lined up and showed their respect.

“I heard that you all suffered because of me.
It’s not much, but I prepared something to show my gratitude.”

The knights looked at Grace with puzzled eyes.

Sally handed the basket she was carrying to Grace.
Grace took out some small cookies and bookmarks from the basket but stopped in embarrassment.


She looked at them awkwardly.

“Who are the ones who went to catch Rehton?”

The knights noticed from Grace’s expression and actions that she had come to give them a separate gift.

After hours of complaining and groaning about how hard it was, the knights stood up straight and appealed to Grace, saying that they were the ones who went to catch Rehton.

Grace found their behavior cute for some reason.

“Thank you!”

‘It’s nothing special, but they really seem to like it.’

Everyone loved the cookies and bookmarks that Grace gave out.

‘In the novel, there were so many derogatory comments about the Duchess so I thought the knights wouldn’t like me.’

Grace, who had no idea about the evaluation of herself outside the mansion, found it fascinating to see the knights receiving her gift with embarrassment.

“…My Lady.”


Still, smiling at the knights’ friendly reactions, Grace heard a secret and affectionate voice behind her.

When Grace turned around in surprise and screamed, Benjamin appeared.

Benjamin, who seemed to have no intention of surprising her, grabbed Grace, who was about to lose her balance.


However, Benjamin let go of her body after a moment of holding her, with a slight frown.

Grace rubbed her arm where he had touched her and looked at him.

“Oh, when did His Highness come?”

“Just now.
But more importantly…”

Benjamin looked at the knights who had just received gifts from Grace.

“What did My Lady give them?”

“Oh, I heard they went to catch a monster named Rehtan because of me.”

It was actually Rehton, but no one pointed out that she had gotten the name wrong.


However, Benjamin’s expression changed to something unsatisfactory at Grace’s answer.

He murmured softly, 

“…I went to catch it too.”


Benjamin looked down at Grace with a troubled expression.

“I joined in the end and found Rehton’s lair to catch it.
I was more helpful than them.”

Grace looked at Benjamin with a feeling of “So what?”


Since Sally had bought cookies to match the number of knights, they were evenly distributed.
After some hesitation, Grace took out a bookmark that was still in the basket and handed it to him.

“Would you like this…?”


Benjamin’s grim expression softened, but it was a subtle smile that was far from pleased.

“Thank… you for this…”

The pressed flower on the bookmark that Grace handed him was blue morning glory.

‘Thinking about it wasn’t I being too much.’

The cookies and bookmarks were gifts for Knights to apologize for getting caught up in Benjamin’s incomprehensible orders.
But now, Grace realized that she also needed to give him a thank-you gift.

‘But what should I give him?’

Even if she bought something, it would ultimately be Benjamin’s money.

Even if she think about making something, Grace couldn’t cook.
And if the Duchess suddenly went to the kitchen, she didn’t think the kitchen staff would appreciate her suddenly baking cookies or something.

If she wants to do it, it would have to be in the middle of the night when no one was around.

And Grace didn’t trust herself not to cause an accident.
The thought of “Oh, it’ll be fine~ What could go wrong~?” was usually an introductory flag.

‘Usually when people reincarnate and go to the kitchen and cook then… ‘

Even if it’s their first time making that dish.
They win everyone’s favor and go from being bullied to being loved.

Grace’s thoughts turned to the people in the annex.

‘Though, I feel like they treat me really well.’

Whether it was sympathy or whatever, they treated her well.
So, wasn’t that enough? She didn’t prefer sympathy, but since she would leave later anyway, she could make use of the sympathetic kindness.

Grace nodded her head, unfazed by the thought that the annex staff might be hurt and wail if they were to hear her.

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