Shang Chen Qing said, “We also placed a tracking tool on Xiao Quan, but a quarter of an hour ago, I suddenly realized that Xiao Quan’s location had not moved for a long time.
Being cautious, I went to the location displayed by the tool and found Xiao Quan’s jade gourd and this jade piece there along with…
… a trace of devilish energy.”

    “Members of the Demonic path snuck in.” While Luan Qing Xiao was flustered internally, her outward appearance was calm.
“Xiao Quan, Zhen'er and the rest are most likely to be caught by those Demonic cultivators.”

    Wen Huai Wen said with an ugly expression, “I have already ordered people to investigate the entire San Wen Mountain to see if there are any suspicious-looking people.”

    Luan Qing Xiao: 520, is Zhen'er currently in danger?

    【Ding! The female lead is currently unconscious and not in any danger for the time being.
Host dada doesn't need to worry too much.

    When Luan Qing Xiao heard 520 say that Nie Zhen'er was unconscious, Luan Qing Xiao's heart clenched intensely.

    Luan Qing Xiao: Where is Zhen'er? I'm going to save her.

    【Ding! The fourth mandatory plot is about to arrive, requesting Host to remain in this hall for one night.
The male lead has also discovered traces of the Demonic cultivators and is attempting to save the female lead right now.

    Luan Qing Xiao: How did these Demonic cultivators manage to sneak in?

    【Originally, Host was supposed to collaborate with these outside Demonic cultivators.
However, since Host didn’t act as the spy, the Demonic Path seduced some other cultivators.

    Luan Qing Xiao: Seduced? People from Lian Hua Pavilion?

    There are two major sects in the Demonic Path.
The He Huan Sect disciples like to keep it within themselves, while the Lian Hua Pavilion prefers to tempt cultivators from the Righteous Path to nourish their yin through collecting their yang.
Since 520 used the word “seduced,” Luan Qing Xiao is almost certain that the Demonic cultivators who had entered San Wen Mountain were members of Lian Hua Pavilion.

    【Host dada is so smart! 】

    Luan Qing Xiao: What’s the use of being smart? I still have to stay here and not move.
Having the person you love in danger but can’t rescue her, so when will these useless compulsory plots be revoked?

    【There is only one more compulsory plot left in this world.
The next world has only three compulsory plots, while the following world won’t have any.
My Supervisor is also regretting this.
He really didn’t expect Host dada and the female lead to fall in love with each other.
Unfortunately, the compulsory plot that has been preset can’t be undone.
Just bear with me, Hosta dada~】


    After Nie Zhen'er and Shang Jin Quan left the courtyard holding Little Cutie, Shang Jin Quan said, “Elder Sister, let me bring you to play in the underground maze.”

    “Underground maze? I have a terrible sense of direction, what if I can’t find my way out?” Nie Zhen'er was a little hesitant.

    “Don't worry, I’ve walked this thing since I was young.
I have never lost my way, we’ll definitely be able to find our way out.” Shang Jin Quan promised confidently.

    Held in Nie Zhen'er’s arms, Little Cutie squirmed his chubby body around.
“Master, I want to walk by myself.”

    Nie Zhen'er squatted down and put him down.
Little Cutie turned into his beast form and followed the two of them.

    When they came to the underground maze Shang Jin Quan described, the entrance of the maze was pitch dark.
Shang Jin Quan took out a luminous pearl and the faint halo dispelled the darkness.

    Once they entered the maze and made some distance, they came across a three-way fork.

    Shang Jin Quan pointed to the path in the middle and vowed, “This is definitely the way, I swear I’m not wrong.”

    In the end, after walking for a long time, the two and a beast group found that it was a dead end.

    Nie Zhen'er: “…

    “Xiao Quan, didn’t you say you’ve been here before?”

    Shang Jin Quan blushed, “I really have walked this a dozen times, but those dozens of times I came with my father…”

    “It seems your father isn’t bad with direction.” Nie Zhen'er nodded.

    Seeing Shang Jin Quan was a little dejected, Nie Zhen'er squeezed his chubby cheeks.
“We’re here to play.
Would it be boring if we found the right way immediately? Since this is the wrong path, let's just go back and start again?”

    “Master is right!” A cute little milky voice sounded.

    Shang Jin Quan blinked away from the guilty sheen of tears from his eyes.
He clenched his fists and replied, “Okay, let's try this ourselves.
I don't believe we won’t be able to figure our way out.”

    Shang Jin Quan regained his confidence as the three of them retreated to their initial position and selected the road on the left.
This time they didn’t encounter a dead end, but a four-way fork for them to choose from.

    Nie Zhen'er and Shang Jin Quan glanced at each other, both were speechless.

    Only Little Cutie kept bouncing around and urged, “Come on, quickly choose!”

    Shang Jin Quan closed his eyes and recalled the memories of him walking through the maze, but his mind was blank.

    “I got it!” Shang Jin Quan's round almond eyes popped wide open.

    “You know which way to go?”

    Shang Jin Quan answered, “No, I just remembered how to choose the right path.”

    “The underground maze was built to train a cultivators’ divine sense.
My father said that before each choice, divide your divine sense into the same number of paths and release them out to scout.
Whichever divine sense thread hits a wall, it represents which way doesn't work.
Elder Sister, let's give it a try!” After figuring out a way, Shang Jin Quan became extremely excited.

    “This is the first time I’ve tried separating my divine sense… …Let’s try this: I’ll test the two roads on the left, and you can test the two roads on the right.
This way, we can save some energy.”


    Nie Zhen'er closed her eyes and released her divine sense before splitting it into two strands and entering the two paths.

    Feeling the strands on both sides were unimpeded and went straight to the depths, Nie Zhen'er couldn't help smiling.
“Xiao Quan, I seem to have gotten the grasp of this.”

    Shang Jin Quan didn’t speak.

    “Xiao Quan?” Nie Zhen'er quickly opened her eyes and found that Shang Jin Quan's face was ashen.
His forehead was sweaty and his brows were tightly furrowed while his lips were painfully bitten by his teeth.
Therefore she hurried forward and shook his body.
“Xiao Quan, Xiao Quan, what happened to you?”

    Little Cutie's nose crinkled, “Master, not good.
I smelled the Demonic Path’s aura.
Xiao Quan's divine sense must be entangled by some Demonic cultivator.”

    “Divine sense entangled by some Demonic cultivator? Xiao Quan will be fine, right?” Nie Zhen'er hugged Shang Jin Quan anxiously.

    Just as Little Cutie was about to speak, the aura of the Demonic Path in this nose suddenly became much stronger.

    He couldn't help backing up a few steps, only to hear the soft laughs of the woman not far away.
“I originally thought it was a man, but I didn't expect it to be a little boy.
So young, how can this Elder Sister set her hands on him ah~”

    Nie Zhen'er stood up vigilantly and shouted towards the dark intersection, “Who are you?”

    “Woah, there’s a little girl~” Another slightly hoarse voice said.

    Nie Zhen'er felt a little dizzy.
She only saw the two figures approaching when her vision suddenly blurred and she fainted directly onto the ground.


He Huan (合欢): literal translation is dual cultivation

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