With four cameramen following them and Mu Si still cheering her on, Luan Qing Xiao couldn’t lose face no matter what.
She secretly tried to wiggle her feet, but her rain boots remained motionless.

    Nie Zhen'er raised her head to glance at her and immediately noticed her dilemma.
She resisted smiling, “Why are you just standing there? Are you planning to get the lotus roots and fish with only your mind?”


    As the shallow dimples blossomed on her beautiful face, Nie Zhen'er also knew Luan Qing Xiao liked to keep up appearances.
Therefore, she walked to her side before her expression changed and bent down to help her pull out her rain boots with her hands.

    “There is a lot of silt in the pond, so it’s difficult to get your feet out with your own strength if you sink.
When I come here to fish, I often get stuck in it, and make my entire body muddy before I can get out.” She used two or three sentences to piece back Luan Qing Xiao's shaky pride together.

    “Thank you.” Luan Qing Xiao's expression appeared better and she didn’t act as cold as before to Nie Zhen'er.

    When Wen Mu finally mentally braced himself, he looked up and saw Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er standing together.
One slender and tall, an exquisite face with a trace of recklessness, and another petite figure with shallow dimples when smiling.
The two lean closely together, making the atmosphere around them inexplicably harmonious.

    Wen Mu furrowed his brows and felt that the development in front of him wasn’t right.

    Obviously, the person Luan Qing Xiao, the vicious female supporting character, liked should be him.
Why is she now interacting in harmony with her future love rival, Nie Zhen'er?

    Maybe it's because she’s still young and hasn't realized her feelings yet.

    Wen Mu remembered himself of his character’s personality in his mind before stepping into the pond with a gentle smile on his face.
Right afterwards, he encountered the same problem as Luan Qing Xiao— — he couldn't pull his feet out.

    After Luan Qing Xiao struggled to pull out a lotus root from the bottom of the pond, she held it up to Nie Zhen'er.
“How about it, aren’t I great?”

    Nie Zhen'er glanced at the short and thin lotus root, “…
…” She didn't know what to say, “I'm afraid you’ll get too full of yourself, so I’m not praising you.”

    With those simple words, Luan Qing Xiao was coaxed by her into beaming.
She forgot to act aloof and direct her gentleness at Nie Zhen'er, “At least you can see that.”

    Nie Zhen'er's face felt slightly hot, she really didn't praise her.

    Raising her head and glancing at the shore, Nie Zhen'er saw Wen Mu had also come down.
However, his expression was awkward and he stood motionless like Luan Qing Xiao did.
There’s no need to even think to know what kind of situation he was in.

    “Wen Mu's feet are stuck in the mud, I'll go help him.” Nie Zhen'er stepped in Wen Mu's side.

    The alarm bell in Luan Qing Xiao's mind rang and she subconsciously stopped Nie Zhen'er, “Don't go, I'll go instead.”

    Wen Mu is the male lead.
What if the young and ignorant Nie Zhen'er gets hooked by him? Although Luan Qing Xiao intends to treat Wen Mu better, she doesn't want to lose her future wife to him.

    “It just happened that I need to place this lotus root there.” Luan Qing Xiao took a step back and explained to Nie Zhen'er.

    Nie Zhen'er could only watch Luan Qing Xiao first put the lotus root in the fish basket and then turn around like she did previously to reach out and pull out Wen Mu’s feet for him.

    Wen Mu and Luan Qing Xiao, the pair of handsome boy and beautiful girl, who came from similar family backgrounds.
This scene before her deeply stabbed Nie Zhen'er's heart.

    If the sparrow wanted to fly up to the branch, there were too many obstacles in front of it.

    Nie Zhen'er lowered her gaze.
No, Wen Mu absolutely can’t gain a good impression of Luan Qing Xiao and Luan Qing Xiao can only like her.

    Once Luan Qing Xiao helped Wen Mu pull out his foot, she waved her hand indifferently, “You don't need to thank me.
I, Master Xiao, just like to be a chivalrous person.
This is nothing but a trivial matter.”

    The smile on Wen Mu's face froze, but he quickly adjusted himself, “Since you have dug up a lotus root, it seems that Zhen'er taught you well.
I’ll go look for her.” She's just a vicious female supporting character, the only people he should pay attention to is the female lead.

    “Wait!” Luan Qing Xiao reached out and grabbed Wen Mu's hem, causing Wen Mu to glance back at her in confusion.

    Luan Qing Xiao whispered, “Let me teach you.
Zhen'er has already told me the trick just now.
Don't delay her fishing, we’re relying on her for lunch.”

    Wen Mu turned around in surprise and also lowered his voice, “Didn't you just say fishing was easy? You were going to get a fish for Mu Si.”

    A trace of embarrassment flashed across Luan Qing Xiao's face, “It's not that I can't fish, but my speed isn’t as fast as Nie Zhen'er.
If it isn’t for the fear of delaying everyone's lunch, I will definitely personally fish two!”

    Wen Mu reluctantly believed her explanation.

    Luan Qing Xiao slowly led Wen Mu to the other side, separated from Nie Zhen'er.

    “You first bend down and put your hands in the water.
Yes, start digging once you reach the mud.
Pay attention to whether your hands touch any hard objects.
After touching it, dig them out carefully to not break them.”

    Who knows if it was due to Luan Qing Xiao’s great teaching or Wen Mu’s talent, the first time he pulled a lotus root, Wen Mu dug out an arm-sized lotus root.
When done washing it in the water, the white and fat lotus root was revealed.
Don’t even mention how likable it seemed.

    Luan Qing Xiao: “…
…” My mood is complicated.
The male lead's luck is really incomparable, he just casually overtakes herself.

    Nie Zhen'er didn't want to watch Luan Qing Xiao and Wen Mu interact under the camera anymore, so she quickly caught four fish and put them into the fish baskets of each person.
Then, she went to the shore, “Let's go, we can head back.”

    Luan Qing Xiao waved her hand, “You three go first, I’ll go back after I catch a fish myself.”

    This way Luan Qing Xiao and Wen Mu would be separated, so Nie Zhen'er didn’t disagree.
“Pay attention to safety.” Nie Zhen'er showed her care before leaving.

    “What danger can there be in such a shallow pond? You all should go home and cook.” In front of the camera, Luan Qing Xiao's tone to Nie Zhen'er was always so aggressive.

    After a while, only Luan Qing Xiao and the cameraman Xiao Jia were left by the pond.

    Just now, Nie Zhen'er fished with her bare hands.
With each grab, she obtained a fish, not to mention how skillful her motions were.

    When Luan Qing Xiao watched them go far enough to not notice what was happening here, she said to Xiao Jia, “You’re not allowed to tell this to anyone.”

    Xiao Jia was puzzled: What can he say? ? ?

    However, the next moment Xiao Jia understood what Luan Qing Xiao meant seeing her take out a fishing net from the basket.

    The fishing net was originally in the basket.
It was impossible for Nie Zhen'er not to know about it or not see it, but she didn’t point it out.
What did this mean? She wanted to! Save it for her to show off!

    Although Xiao Jia’s camera can’t be avoided, at least Wen Mu and Mu Si would think she caught the fish on her own before the show was broadcast, which was enough to make her complacent.

    After Luan Qing Xiao finished catching the fish with ease, she threw the revealing fishing net aside and returned to Nie's house with the basket on her back.

    In the yard, only Mu Si was watching Nie Zhen'er grill fishes in a big pot.
Because the smell of grilled fish was too fragrant, the cameraman couldn't help repeatedly taking shots of Nie Zhen'er grilling the fish.

    “Where’s Wen Mu?” Why is the male lead not here? I want to flaunt the fishes I caught to him.

    Luan Qing Xiao walked to Nie Zhen'er and asked.

    Nie Zhen'er set the fish grilled golden on both sides on the plate and used chopsticks to pick a piece of meat without bones from the belly.
Next, she stood up and brought it to Luan Qing Xiao's mouth, “Blow it first, then eat it.
Help me try the taste.” As well as quickly forget about Wen Mu.

    “Eating it without stewing? How can it be delicious?” Luan Qing Xiao muttered as she blew on the golden fish twice before opening her mouth and eating the fish.

    Instantly, the dense fragrance invaded Luan Qing Xiao's senses, causing the doubtful expression on Luan Qing Xiao's face to immediately retract, “How delicious!”

    Seeing Luan Qing Xiao’s reaction, Mu Si also felt a craving for it.
“Sister Zhen'er, I want to eat too!”

    Nie Zhen'er took a small bowl and picked the fish meat without bones into the bowl.
Then, she handed it to Mu Si along with the chopsticks, “Careful, it’s hot.”

    “Thank you, Zhen'er jie.” Mu Si accepted it over in a hurry and sat aside to eat it.

    The Behind the Scene three days later:
          Luan Qing Xiao looked at the fish on Nie Zhen'er's chopsticks suspiciously, “Eating it without stewing?
                                                                                                                                              How can it be delicious?”
    When the fish entered her mouth.
          Luan Qing Xiao: “How delicious!”
    @Gibson: Hahahaha, xswl, Master Xiao is simply a treasure girl!
    @DingHao’sFish: It's the hypocrisy law in play again! Master Xiao never let us down _(:з」∠)_
    @FeiFei: Am I the only one that noticed the fish Master Xiao ate was fed by Zhen'er herself? (/ω\)
    @Hehe: What kind of godly CP is this? I want to ship them!


the hypocrisy law (真香定律): An 2014 incident on Hunan TV reality show X-change, in which urban and rural contestants briefly swapped lives.
One of the spoiled urban kids, Wang Jing Ze, refused to eat meals served to him in the village, vowing, “I, Wang Jing Ze, would rather die than touch your food!” In the next scene, Wang Jing Ze was filmed heartily digging into the meal, exclaiming, “So delicious!” Now, netizens made this into a meme to roast those who fail to keep their word. 
CP: stands for couple and refers to any two people fans stans

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