Yesterday, there was an autumn rain, causing the weather to suddenly turn cold.

    Luan Qing Xiao thought she would be able to go back after she found Nie Zhen'er to say a few words, so she only wore a thin coat and the chilly air drilled into her neckline with every gust of wind.

    After 520 issued the mandatory mission, Luan Qing Xiao walked out from behind the wall to Nie Zhen'er with a frozen face, “Fly to a branch to become a Phoenix? Zhen'er, you want to become a Phoenix?” Her mellow voice contained a trembling caused by the cold breeze that seemed like a question asked under unbearable sadness.

    Nie Zhen'er raised her head in surprise, “Qing Xiao? Why are you… … here?”

    Facing Luan Qing Xiao's stiff face, Nie Zhen'er suddenly became voiceless.

    A gust of wind blew and Luan Qing Xiao's body shook, “Don’t you have anything to tell me?”

    Nie Zhen'er smiled abruptly, breaking the calm on the surface, “Didn’t you hear everything already, what else can I say?”

    “You’re admitting it?” Luan Qing Xiao reached out and clenched her thin shoulder.

    Facing Luan Qing Xiao's face, Nie Zhen'er felt like something was stuck in her throat, making it impossible to make a sound at all.
In the end, she took a deep look at Luan Qing Xiao before turning around and whispering, “I admit I’m just a sparrow that wants to fly up on a branch and become a Phoenix and I want to find a branch for me to dwell on.”

    “Zhen’er, you are only fourteen years old.
This is wrong… …”

    Luan Qing Xiao: 520, I'm done with condemnation.

    【Ding! Congratulations to Host for completing the first mandatory plot.

… But it's still not too late to correct it.”

    Nie Zhen'er: “???” She was already prepared to be ridiculed by Luan Qing Xiao, yet Luan Qing Xiao said she could still correct this? ? ?

… How do I correct this?” Nie Zhen'er pursed her lips and decided to listen to Luan Qing Xiao's advice.

    “You have to be single-minded.
Since you’ve chosen me to be the branch, you can't find someone else,” Luan Qing Xiao paused and added, “Especially Wen Mu, you can’t let your grandma go find him.”

    Nie Zhen'er only felt her heart wrapped in the cold wind quickly warmed up again.
The smile at the corners of her brows and eyes couldn’t be suppressed at all.

    “Okay, I’ll only look for you.”

    【Ding! The female lead's trust value has risen to 30%! Host dada is getting better and better (/ω\)~】

    With another gust of wind, Luan Qing Xiao finally couldn't help but embrace Nie Zhen'er, “It's so cold that my face is frozen stiff.
Let me hug you for a bit.”

    Nie Zhen'er: “…

    It turned out that her face was frozen stiff…
… Just now, she really thought Luan Qing Xiao’s expression was because of her anger.

    Nie Zhen'er hugged Luan Qing Xiao back, “Be careful of catching a cold, we should head back inside soon.”

    “Come on, let’s run back.” Luan Qing Xiao let go, her eyes reflecting the full moon in the sky.

    Nie Zhen'er placed her hand into Luan Qing Xiao's unfolded palm and held it firmly, smiling, “En, we’ll run back.”

    Back at the Nie's house, Luan Qing Xiao went to the bedroom to change clothes while Nie Zhen'er went to the kitchen to cook her some ginger sugar water.

    When Luan Qing Xiao went into the kitchen after changing into a thick coat, she didn’t see Nie Zhen'er in the kitchen.

    Mu Si came in with empty bowls and placed them in the basin to wash.

    Luan Qing Xiao asked, “Mu Si, have you seen your Zhen’er jie?”

    “Nie Fan phoned them, so Zhen'er jie is in her grandparents' room.” Miao Si said.

    Just as Luan Qing Xiao was about to leave, Mu Si quickly added, “Qing Xiao jie, wait for me, I want to come too.”

    Then, Mu Si rinsed the bowl clean and put it in the cabinet.
Afterwards, she dried her hands, “Qing Xiao jie, let's go.”

    Qing Xiao opened the blind to head out.
Suddenly, Mu Si pulled her sleeve and whispered, “I heard Nie Fan’s life in the city isn’t going well.”

    Luan Qing Xiao looked back at her, “Where did you get this information from?”

    “I called home and my aunt told me.
If Zhen'er jie is sad later, please don't say anything mean, Qing Xiao jie.”

… I understand.” Luan Qing Xiao patted Mu Si's head.
This younger sister didn't have the sharpest pair of eyes.

    When the two knocked on the door and then entered the Nie elders’ room, Nie Zhen'er was still talking to Nie Fan.
Her eyes were red, as if she had cried.
Even so, she kept saying to Nie Fan, “You’ll come home tomorrow, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

    At the TV crew’s request, Nie Zhen'er had the call on speaker.
Nie Fan's voice was full of unconfidence and hesitation, “Sister, I don't want to stay here even for a single minute or second longer.
I wanted to go home a long time ago, but-but I know I can’t, wu wu wu.”

    “Sister will pick you up at the station tomorrow.” Nie Zhen'er's voice was a little hoarse, “Right now, don't think about anything else, just get a good night's sleep, guai.”

    “Sister, you definitely have to come pick me up.” Nie Fan sobbed.

    “I promise.” Nie Zhen'er hung up tiredly, her gaze a little dazed.

    She wondered if the person who went to the family in the big city was her, would her younger sister still be this afraid and unconfident?

    Unfortunately, there were no what ifs.
Even if there was, their family wouldn’t allow them sisters to decide without their permission.

    Which was why she must escape from here; escape from this destitute scheming family that doesn’t treat them with respect just because they weren’t a male.

    Mu Si was about to go to comfort Nie Zhen'er when Luan Qing Xiao had already reached Nie Zhen'er one step ahead of her.
She rubbed the top of her head lightly, “All this will eventually pass.”

    Nie Zhen'er stared at her blankly, “Will this really pass?”

    “Definitely, trust me.”

    Under every camera of all the cameramen, Nie Zhen'er abruptly hugged Luan Qing Xiao and buried her face in her chest.
Luan Qing Xiao felt Nie Zhen'er’s hot tears soak through the cloth and wet the skin beneath it.
Her usual arrogant brows softened and her gentle voice comforted Nie Zhen'er as Luan Qing Xiao’s heart ached for her, “It’s okay, I’ll always be with you.”

    The current scene not only dumbfounded Mu Si, but also all the cameramen in the room.

    It was the first time Luan Qing Xiao treated Nie Zhen'er so well this openly, which made several cameramen very uncomfortable.
On the other hand, Mu Si was really surprised.
She always thought that Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er had an average relationship.
After all, every time Luan Qing Xiao talked to Nie Zhen'er, her words were filled with barbs.
Who would have thought the relationship between the two of them would be this friendly!

    After Luan Qing Xiao hugged Nie Zhen'er and coaxed her for half an hour to calm her down, only then did Wen Mu make his overdue arrival.

    He had a horrible stomach ache due to yesterday’s food and has been in the bathroom up until now.

    After coming out of the toilet, he heard about something happened to Nie Zhen'er from the crew and hurried over to comfort her.

    When Wen Mu opened the door and walked in, the people in the room covered their noses as he approached.

    The bathroom in the mountain village was different from that in the city.
Because Wen Mu squatted in it for half an hour, now every strand of hair stank.
However since he was used to the smell in the bathroom, he couldn’t smell the stench on himself.

    “Wen Mu ge, did you go to the restroom just now?” Just as Wen Mu was about to comfort the red-eyed Nie Zhen'er, Mu Si suddenly stopped him.

    Wen Mu furrowed his brows slightly, “My stomach was feeling a little uncomfortable.”

    Mu Si exclaimed, “No wonder you smell so bad.” After speaking, she exaggeratedly covered her mouth and nose with both hands.

    Wen Mu: “!”

    Wen Mu’s white refined face quickly flushed red.
He opened his mouth without saying anything and then stiffly turned around to run away, almost fleeing the scene.

    Luan Qing Xiao: “…

    Nie Zhen'er: “…

    The surrounding cameramen: “…

    “Mu Si, your words were simply too hurtful.
Remember to apologize to Wen Mu later on.” Luan Qing Xiao reprimanded.
Their parents usually kept in contact with each other, there was no need for a conflict to arise between them due to this matter with Mu Si and Wen Mu.

    Mu Si stuck out her tongue and said obediently, “I know Qing Xiao jie.
I'll go and apologize to Wen Mu ge right this instant.”

    After Mu Si left, Nie Zhen'er finally couldn't help but burst out laughing.
Thinking back to the event just now, Luan Qing Xiao also felt it was funny and the two of them laughed facing each other for a while.


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