Therefore when Wen Qi and Shui Yan Xin returned home at five o'clock, they found that Wen Mu was standing outside the door waiting for them with longing.
He hugged them and called them Dad and Mom with reddened eyes, moving their hearts.

    “It’s good that you came back.” This was one of those rare times that Wen Qi didn’t look at Wen Mu with disgust.

    “By the way, Mu Mu, there is something Mom hasn't told you yet… …” Shui Yan Xin smiled  and picked up the little boy she was holding, “Cheng Cheng, this is your elder brother.
Come on, call him Elder Brother.”

    “Mu Mu, this is your younger brother, Cheng Cheng.” When Shui Yan Xin looked at Wen Cheng, her eyes were filled with pure affection.
Even Wen Qi was smiling when he looked at Wen Cheng.

    “What big brother, I don't know him!” Wen Cheng’s brawniness and straightforwardness was completely different from Wen Mu's exquisiteness.
He was more like Wen Qi, whereas Wen Mu was more like Shui Yan Xin.

    Shui Yan Xin kissed him and softly explained, “Didn't Mommy show you a picture of your elder brother before? This is your Elder Brother.”

    “I don't want a big brother, wa wa wa!” Wen Cheng suddenly started to throw a tantrum, making Shui Yan Xin unable to hold him properly.
Wen Qi hurriedly took Wen Cheng over and walked aside to coax him, “OK OK OK, Cheng Cheng doesn't have to recognize or call him if you don’t want to.”

    Shui Yan Xin smiled awkwardly at Wen Mu, “Don't be angry with your brother, he's still young and ignorant.”

    Wen Mu lowered his eyes to cover the gloom of his eyes as his lips curled up, “I am the elder brother, how can I fuss over this with Cheng Cheng?”

    As long as Wen Qi and Shui Yan Xin had cared about him and mentioned him a little in front of Wen Cheng, it was impossible for Wen Cheng to resist him this much now.

    He is now standing in front of his parents as their failed product.

    Shui Yan Xin said with appreciation,  “You’re both Mommy’s good sons.
After you brothers get used to each other, the brotherly relationship between you two will definitely become good.”

    Nonetheless, Wen Mu thought in his heart: No, it won’t.
How can their brotherly relationship improve? Regardless of whether he likes Wen Cheng or not, children are the most sensitive.
As long as he realizes that Wen Qi and Shui Yan Xin don’t care about him, he won’t treat him, this brother, better.

    By this time, Wen Qi finally coaxed Wen Cheng with the promise of buying him more toys.
The four opened the door and entered the house.

    Wen Cheng twisted his body and wanted to get out of Wen Qi's arms.
Wen Qi squatted down gently and let Wen Cheng on the ground.
Wen Cheng instantly cheered and ran to the coffee table to play with his dinosaur toys.

    Auntie Peng heard the movement coming out of the kitchen and said with a smile, “Sir and Madam are back.
The food is already cooked, I’ll immediately bring it to the table.”

    During the mealtime, Shui Yan Xin took care of Wen Cheng, while Wen Qi would turn to check on Wen Cheng every few bites.
Whenever he saw that he had eaten a big mouthful, he broke into a huge smile with his eyes turning into crescents.
He didn’t seem like the president of Wen's Real Estate at all, he obviously looked like a foolish dad. 

    Watching them, Wen Mu felt his heart turn cold and couldn’t eat more than a few bites of food.

    “Dad, since I have nothing to do, why don't you arrange a position for me in the company? Son will definitely do it well.” Wen Mu emphasized the word “son”.

    Wen Qi pondered for a moment before answering, “I can arrange a position for you, but because you’ve just graduated and have no work experience, you can only start working from the bottom.”

    “No problem, I know Dad is doing this to toughen me.
I won't let you down.” Wen Mu smiled on the surface, but was gritting his teeth internally.

    A week later, Wen Mu became a real estate salesperson in Shu Ye Court, the new building under the Direct Sales Office at Wen's Real Estate.

    Coincidentally, the new residence that Nie Zhen'er moved to happened to be Shui Ye Court.

    Shui Ye Ju Ting was a joint project developed by Wen's Real Estate and Hong Ye Group, which focuses on high-end apartments.
These apartments are located in the center of the city and have convenient transportation.
It’s close to Luan Qing Xiao's company and even closer to the branch company of Nie Zhen'er's agency in B City.

    Recently, Luan Qing Xiao hasn’t been able to contact 520 and didn’t know Wen Mu was working at Shui Ye Ju Ting.
If she knew, she would definitely immediately move away with Nie Zhen'er.

    Wen Mu was very uncomfortable on his first day at work.
No one here knew his identity and because he is a newcomer, everyone made him do everything.

    One moment he was copying documents, and the next he was bringing clients water.
However, he had to restrain himself due to Wen Qi and couldn’t lose his temper.
He could only solve it with one word “tolerance”.

    After getting off work that night, Wen Mu checked Nie Zhen'er's activity on the panel as usual.
When he saw Nie Zhen'er had stayed at Shui Ye Ju Ting for a day and night, Wen Mu's chaotic brain promptly cleared up.

    He sprang up from the bed, what is this called? It takes no time and effort to inadvertently plant a successful willow just as how the male lead and the female lead are destined to meet no matter what.

    Wen Mu only felt the exhaustion disappear from his body and filled with energy.

    After all, Nie Zhen'er was a walking one hundred million.
If he got the one hundred million…

    The muscles on Wen Mu's face twitched in excitement.

    Right now, he had to think about how he could have a romantic encounter with Nie Zhen'er in Shui Ye Ju Ting.

    Under this enthusiasm, Wen Mu paced back and forth in his room.
His movement was inevitably a bit too big.
Wen Cheng, who was across in the master bedroom watching cartoons, wasn’t happy to be disturbed by Wen Mu's “dong dong dong” footsteps.
He vented to Wen Qi, “Daddy, you go tell him to stop moving!”

    “Okay, Daddy will go right now.
You just stay here and obediently watch the cartoon.”

    Wen Qi walked outside and knocked on Wen Mu's door.
Wen Mu opened the door and revealed a smiling face.
No matter how he looked at Wen Qi now, he seemed incredibly  pleasing to his eyes, “Dad, you’re looking for me?”

…” Faced with Wen Mu's brilliant smile, Wen Qi forgot what to say for a split second.
It's been a long time since he had seen Wen Mu smile like this.

    “Cough, you must be tired from working all day.
Go take a bath and rest early.”

    “Okay, Dad, I'll take a bath right away.
You should rest earlier, good night.” Wen Mu smiled in a good mood.

    Wen Mu didn't care about how in that moment Wen Qi felt a warmth flowing between father and son.

    At Shui Ye Court, Luan Qing Xiao cuddled Nie Zhen'er while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

    On the TV screen, the male protagonist wants to pursue the female protagonist, so he designed a series of strategies for pursuing his wife.

    In the drizzle, the male protagonist held an umbrella and rescued the female protagonist who didn’t bring one and gently escorted her back to her house.
The female protagonist thanked the male protagonist with two hundred yuan, “Thank you for sending me home, this is your payment.”

    “Hahaha Qing Xiao, look at the dumbfounded expression on the male lead haha.” Nie Zhen'er couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous plot.

    “If a man chases me like this, I’ll definitely try to give him 200 yuan.”

    Luan Qing Xiao lightly flicked her forehead, “You can’t.
It's raining tomorrow, I have already put the umbrella in your bag for you.
You can only choose to open the umbrella by yourself or call me and let me pick you up.

    Nie Zhen'er fell on Luan Qing Xiao and embraced her, “I know la.
I won't even acknowledge them since I’m a married woman now.”

    Luan Qing Xiao smiled and kissed the tip of her nose, “As long as you know it.”

    The next day, Luan Qing Xiao left for work in the company early in the morning while Nie Zhen'er went to the branch company in the afternoon to take her acting and posture class.

    It was still raining when Nie Zhen’er went out.
Looking at the drizzle outside, Nie Zhen'er suddenly thought of the silly TV series she watched yesterday.
She thought that if a handsome guy appeared to hold an umbrella for her now, it would be pretty interesting.

     As Nie Zhen'er was thinking that, she bowed her head and prepared to take out the umbrella Luan Qing Xiao had prepared for her from her bag.

     Just when her hand touched the zipper, a male voice with a little melancholy tone sounded in front of her, “I noticed you’ve been standing here for a long time.
Did you not bring an umbrella? I can escort you to wherever you want to go.”

     Seeing Nie Zhen'er slowly raising her head, Wen Mu showed a very gentle smile.

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