Ever since Wen Mu suffered the incident of Nie Zhen'er transferring two hundred yuan, he fell into confusion about how to pursue Nie Zhen'er.

    As the saying goes, if you experience obstacles in love, you’ll have smooth sailing in the workplace.

    On the same day, Wen Mu sold two villas and continued to sell high-rises and villas one after another the following week.
Wen Mu’s boss, Manager Xu, felt Wen Mu was a rare talent and feared he would be poached by other companies, so he wrote a report praising Wen Mu and handed it directly to the general manager.

    When the general manager saw it, he immediately thought of how President Wen Qi cherished talents and passed the report to him.

    Wen Qi actually didn't expect much of Wen Mu since his personality isn’t suitable for sales and was even more unsuitable for being a leader.
He was sensitive to emotions, gentle and affectionate, making him only suitable to be an artist, enjoying life.
Wen Qi has just been waiting for Wen Mu to give up.

    His younger son Wen Cheng's personality was completely different from Wen Mu.
He is aggressive and doesn't know how to give up.
If he wants something, he has to obtain it.
Wen Qi admired Wen Cheng's character very much.
He has been thinking about this for a long time.
Since his health is still good enough for another 20 years, he’ll just pass on the company to Wen Cheng when he grows up.
As for Wen Mu, he can just get some shares of company stocks and earn the dividends.

    After Wen Qi arrived at the company, the first thing he did was to check the reports from various departments of the company.

    Wen Qi was well-known for his preferred treatment for talents.
As long as Wen Qi considers  that person to be extremely talented, not only will the recommender get a bonus of 10,000 yuan, the person recommended will naturally rise steadily in position.

    As soon as he walked to the desk and sat down, his secretary placed a report in front of him, “This is the talent introduced by Branch Manager Xu.
This new recruit only joined recently and has achieved a sales record of one billion in a week, breaking that branch’s highest sales record of the week.”

    “Oh? Then I’ll have to take a good look.” Wen Qi was overjoyed.

    Wen Qi picked up the report and scanned down from the top.

    When he saw the first line, some bewilderment appeared on Wen Qi’s face.
However as he continued, the smile on his face grew bigger and bigger.
After he finished reading it, he patted the table, “Good good, as expected of my Wen Qi's son! I just knew a tiger father can’t have dogs as sons.”

    “Secretary Zhang, call the Personnel Branch to transfer Wen Qi to the main office with the position as the president’s assistant.”

    Secretary Zhang was secretly surprised when he heard Wen Qi's words.
She didn’t expect President Wen's son, the heir of Wen's Real Estate, would be a real estate agent at the branch office and recommended by his higher ups because of his outstanding performance.

    This incident is simply too illusory.
If Wen Qi hadn't said the words “as expected of my Wen Qi's son,” Secretary Zhang wouldn't have believed this no matter what.

    “Yes, President Wen, I'll go right away.” Secretary Zhang hurried over to the Personnel Department.

    If Wen Qi transferred Wen Mu to his side, then he didn't intend to conceal his identity anymore.
Therefore Secretary Zhang directly told the personnel the information and reminded them to be polite when they went to the branch office to find him.
After all, Wen Mu was the future heir of the company!

    Thus, Wen Mu triumphantly entered the company and became Wen Qi's assistant.

    As long as he performs well by Wen Qi's side, the company’s heir will be him.

    Wen Mu put in 110% energy while working next to Wen Qi before finally turning Wen Qi’s gaze toward him from disgruntlement to admiration.
Even that excess brother in the family started to kiss up to Wen Mu because of the change in their parents' attitude.

    Wen Mu's life has never been easier.

    Just when he was about to forget Nie Zhen'er and felt it would have been worth it if he experienced the life of a rich second generation in the virtual world, he ran into Nie Zhen'er in the supermarket.

    He hasn't paid attention to Nie Zhen'er for over two months.
Even if the Internet was full of news about Nie Zhen'er, Wen Mu only glanced at it.

    The higher Nie Zhen'er's status, the more impossible it was for him and Nie Zhen'er.

    Nie Zhen'er, who is now a double film queen, is even more out of reach for him.

    Recently, Wen Qi and Shui Yan Xin started pushing him to blind dates, which he couldn't refuse.
When he gets engaged or even married, it would be equal to him directly abandoning the mission.

    He could be a handsome and rich man in the virtual world, but outside the VR world, he was still a pauper with nothing.

    Right as Wen Mu was about to give up the 100 million reward, Nie Zhen'er suddenly appeared in front of him.

    Wen Mu believed this was fate.

    He didn't pay any attention to Nie Zhen'er's movements and only came to the supermarket to buy something, yet he managed to meet Nie Zhen'er in the end.

    How fated they must be to have met her in this vast crowd.

    At that moment, the nearly extinguished flame in Wen Mu's heart rekindled.

    Following behind Nie Zhen'er, he adjusted his expression before reaching out and patting Nie Zhen'er on the shoulder with surprise in his gentle voice, “Zhen'er, what a coincidence.”

    On him was a high-definition suit that perfectly fitted his figure.
The sapphire cufflinks were luxurious yet discreet.
On his wrist was a watch that Wen Qi gave him on his birthday with Hearts and Arrows diamonds, worth up to millions in RMB.
Everything was perfect, for Nie Zhen'er to glance back and be amazed.

    But Nie Zhen'er didn't turn around, it was the woman standing next to her who turned around.

    When Luan Qing Xiao saw Wen Mu, a hint of surprise flashed across her face, “Yo, Wen Mu, what a coincidence, you’re here to visit the supermarket too?”

    After speaking, she looked behind him and asked, “Here alone?”

    The smile on Wen Mu's face stiffened, “Who are you, I'm talking to Zhen'er.”

    Luan Qing Xiao put her arm around Nie Zhen'er's shoulders and raised her eyebrows, “A man of your eminence is apt to be forgetful.
It’s only been five years since the last time we met and you even forgot me.
Let me introduce myself; my name is Luan Qing Xiao and Zhen'er is my woman.
Us spouses are connected by heart, so my answer is the same as her answer, nothing wrong with that.”

    “Luan Qing Xiao? What do you mean by what you just said?” What Zhen’er was her woman, what spouses are connected by heart, what is all this crap?

    “What I mean? Exactly what you heard.
If you don't want to be regarded as a homewrecker breaking apart a happy marriage, I advise you not to pester Zhen'er again.” Once Luan Qing Xiao finished speaking, the elevator happened to reach the first floor.
With her arm around Nie Zhen'er, the two left without hesitation, ditching behind only Wen Mu in place, trembling in anger.

    While the two continued shopping for groceries on the first floor.
Luan Qing Xiao warned Nie Zhen'er, “In the future when you see Wen Mu, just ignore him.
Him saying he likes you is definitely a lie.”

    Nie Zhen'er nodded, “En, I know.” During that time with the umbrella incident, Nie Zhen'er already knew what Wen Mu wanted from her.
Instead of being filled with love, his eyes were full of desire.


a tiger father can’t have dogs as sons (虎父无犬子): idiom which is meant to indirectly compliment a father for being esteemed/venerable while praising his son for taking after his father
Hearts and Arrows diamonds (八心八钻): basically a perfectly symmetrical diamond with an 8 arrow pattern when viewed from the top and 8 hearts when viewed from the bottom.

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