After shooting one scene, the next scene up is where Yin Chong’s lips were bitten by a poisonous insect and Tao Tao helped him suck out the venom with her mouth.

    Nie Zhen'er originally didn’t think much of it.
When she accepted the role, she was already ready to lose her first kiss.
However while she was practicing her lines with Luan Qing Xiao, she suddenly felt flustered.

    The shape of Luan Qing Xiao's lips was extremely pretty with a natural carmine color.

    As Nie Zhen'er spoke her lines to Luan Qing Xiao, she involuntarily stared at her lips.
Nie Zhen'er's heart pounded faster and her ears became hot with each open and close of those beautiful lips.

    Luan Qing Xiao had long noticed Nie Zhen'er's absent-mindedness.
Once she spoke her line, she deliberately leaned closer to her abruptly.
The two’s breaths intertwined together and their eyes only contained each other, “Tao Tao, my lips are poisoned.
Won’t you help me suck out the poison?” “

    Luan Qing Xiao’s voice was low and seductive, causing Nie Zhen’er to look at her in a daze, and involuntarily approached Luan Qing Xiao slowly.
Just as the two’s lips were about to touch, Fu Xing Hua’s smiling voice suddenly came from the side, “Is Zhen’er and Teacher Luan practicing how to kiss?”

    Hearing Fu Xing Hua's voice, Nie Zhen'er instantly recovered her senses.
She blushed while stepping back, lost for words.

    Seeing Nie Zhen'er's peach petal-like face getting further and further away from her, she couldn't help looking at Fu Xing Hua, displeased, “Xing Hua, Zhen'er finally managed to immerse herself in her role.
You should have waited for us to finish the scene before talking.”

    With Luan Qing Xiao’s higher position, Fu Xing Hua immediately apologized with a guilty expression on his face, “I’m sorry, Teacher Luan.
I just thought the kiss between you and Zhen'er was a little wrong.
Isn't this next scene sucking out the poison? I think kissing and sucking out the poison are still quite different.
It’s my fault for talking too much.”

    Fu Xing Hua secretly implied that Luan Qing Xiao took advantage of Nie Zhen'er.

    It's a pity that after Nie Zhen'er retreated, her mind was in such chaos that she didn't hear a single word of Fu Xing Hua's sentence.

    She didn't know why she would act like that just now, as if bewitched, approaching Luan Qing Xiao in an infatuated manner.
If Fu Xing Hua hadn't appeared suddenly, she would have definitely kissed Luan Qing Xiao on the lips.

    What to do, would Luan Qing Xiao think she deliberately did that? Just now her actions weren't reserved at all, Luan Qing Xiao would definitely misunderstand her.

    When she thought of how kind Luan Qing Xiao had been to her and she almost assaulted her, Nie Zhen'er clutched the corner of her clothes in shame, with tears in her eyes, and almost cried.

    Luan Qing Xiao said displeased, “As long as you know.” Initially she wanted to treat him normally based on his popularity, but now she didn't even want to pretend to act gentle towards Fu Xing Hua.

    “Zhao Yi is still waiting for you to practice her lines.
You minding your own business is better for anything you can do.” Luan Qing Xiao's poisonous tongue successfully changed Fu Xing Hua's face.

    However, Luan Qing Xiao entered the industry early and was his predecessor.
If he refuted her, Luan Qing Xiao would have something against him.
It wouldn’t be impossible for him to publish this, which would label him as arrogant and overbearing.

    Therefore, Fu Xing Hua's face changed a few times before finally smiling reluctantly, “Teacher Luan is right, I’ll go find Zhao Yi to practice our lines now.” After speaking, Fu Xing Hua looked at Nie Zhen'er with deep humiliation visible in his eyes.
But because Nie Zhen'er lowered her head because of shame, she didn't see the gaze Fu Xing Hua wanted her to see.

    Because Fu Xing Hua's mission was met with another setback, he left with a stiff face.

    The place where Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er practiced was in a corner.
As long as others don't especially look for them, they won't notice them at all.

    Luan Qing Xiao withdrew her gaze once she watched Fu Xing Hua walk out of her sight.
She took Nie Zhen'er's hand with her left hand, caressing Nie Zhen'er's blushing cheek with her right thumb, “What's wrong? Your cheeks look like it’s on fire.”

    Nie Zhen'er slowly raised her head, the tears gathering in her eyes, “Teacher Luan… …I, I didn't mean to kiss you just now.
That wasn’t my intent.
I just suddenly couldn't control myself, so that's why I acted like that.”

    After speaking, the tears in Nie Zhen'er's eyes finally fell, instantly wetting her cheeks.

    Feeling distressed for her, Luan Qing Xiao couldn't pretend to be indifferent anymore.
She gently embraced the person into her arms to comfort him, “I know Zhen'er didn't mean it.
Don't cry, alright?”

    Nie Zhen'er hiccupped, causing her thick curly eyelashes to stain with teardrops.
With each blink of her eyes, the teardrops on her lashes slid down as if unable to bear the weight.

    Luan Qing Xiao stretched out the tip of her tongue to catch the tear, making Nie Zhen'er forget to cry out of shock and stare at Luan Qing Xiao in a daze.

    Reaching out her hand to wipe the tears from Nie Zhen'er's face, Luan Qing Xiao said, “Zhen'er must have eaten candy before this.”

    Nie Zhen'er's almond eyes widened slightly, “I didn’t.”

    “Then why are your tears sweet?” Luan Qing Xiao smiled gently.

    The heat on Nie Zhen'er's face that had just dropped a little, immediately rose again, “Teacher Luan, do you really not blame me?”

    Luan Qing Xiao's right index finger lightly stopped in front of Nie Zhen'er's lips, “Forgot what we discussed last night? What should you call me when we’re alone?”

    As Nie Zhen'er watched Luan Qing Xiao's gentle eyes, the panic in her heart slowly faded and bashfulness filled her almond eyes, her voice soft and sweet, “Qing Xiao.”


    “Qing Xiao.”

    “Zhen'er, you must remember that you and I are a couple when acting, when practicing lines you and I are a couple.
Even when it’s outside the filming, you and I are still a couple.” Luan Qing Xiao gently bopped the tip of Nie Zhen'er's nose, “So anything a couple can do, you and I can do.
Even if you really kissed me just now, I won't take it the wrong way.”


    “A!” The staff clicked the clapperboard.

    Because Yin Chong's lips were bitten by a poisonous insect, the wound quickly turned black.
After examining it, the imperial physician said he could only have someone suck out the poison with their mouth.

    Due to his childhood experiences, Yin Chong hated the touch of other people.
Therefore as soon as the words of the imperial physician fell, Yin Chong's face immediately became gloomy, “Change the method.”

    The imperial physician knelt down, “Your Majesty, this is really the only one method.
The poison of the proxy insect will spread all over the entire body in a quarter of an hour. You must have someone to suck it out immediately.”

    Everyone who followed Yin Chong knew his habits.
An eunuch knelt down and cried to persuade him, “Your Majesty, for your citizens, you must bear it.”

    “Your Majesty–” The surrounding eunuchs and maids knelt down together and begged Yin Chong to allow someone to suck out the poison for him.

    Yin Chong's face became even uglier.

    Tao Tao, who was also kneeling among the palace maids, was extremely worried, for the fear that Yin Chong would be in life-threatening danger because of the proxy insect’s poison.

    She raised her head furtively.
Seeing Yin Chong had no intention of agreeing, her heart tightened.

    Since she was in the first row, she was extremely close to Yin Chong and only had to take a step forward to touch Yin Chong.

    “No! I will not allow anyone to commit such an offense!” Yin Chong would rather die than let anyone touch him.

    Tao Tao couldn't help it.
She promptly stood up from the ground and kept an eye on Yin Chong's spot before stepping over to him.
Then she held Yin Chong's face, who couldn’t react in time with both hands.
After aligning the position, her mouth covered Yin Chong's lips and sucked hard.

    Yin Chong changed from his initial shock, to disbelief, to annoyance, and then returned to shock, allowing Tao Tao to suck out the poison little by little.

    Yin Chong's biological mother was just a palace maid who was lucky enough to be blessed by the drunken late Emperor.

    The late Emperor didn’t like Yin Chong's biological mother at all and that hatred passed onto anything related to her.
Naturally, he didn’t hold a good impression of Yin Chong, who was born by the palace maid, so the life of the mother and son pair in the palace was extremely difficult.

    Some of the eunuch took advantage of this and bullied the master instead.
Seeing Yin Chong was cute, they wanted to take off Yin Chong's clothes to see his little bird.
At the time, Yin Chong was both frightened and angry.
In the end, he finally escaped with much difficulty.
Since then, he has been resistant to other people's touch.

    When Tao Tao touched him, he thought he would faint.
However when Tao Tao's lips actually touched his lips, Yin Chong didn't feel any negative feelings and even thought Tao Tao's lips were quite soft. 

    As the dark fog in Yin Chong's eyes gradually dissipated,  Tao Tao finally finished sucking the poison from his lips.

    Seeing the blood of the wound on Yin Chong’s lips had recovered to his usual red color, Tao Tao let out a sigh of relief.

    She retreated and knelt down again to request the imperial physician behind her, “Beseeching Imperial Physician Zhang to prepare the medicine for Your Majesty.”

    When Tao Tao got up, the maids, eunuchs and the Imperial Physician in the hall were all stunned and thought that Tao Tao would definitely be killed.

    In the end, Tao Tao not only returned safely, but Yin Chong also didn’t have an angry expression on his face.

    When Imperial Physician Zhang heard Tao Tao's words, he quickly pulled the medicine boy behind him to stand up to check Yin Chong’s lip wound.

     After Imperial Physician Zhang carefully examined Yin Chong's lips, he reported, “The toxin in Your Majesty's lips have been completely sucked out.
I will now prepare and apply the medicine for Your Majesty.”

    Inside the main hall, there was only the sound of Imperial Physician Zhang blending the medicine.
Once the medicine was done, Imperial Physician Zhang knelt down and announced, “Please allow this minister the offense of applying the ointment on Your Majesty.”

    When Yin Chong's gaze fell on the Imperial Physician Zhang's hands, he immediately became physiologically nauseated as his face became unpleasant, “No.”

    Imperial Physician Zhang explained, “Your Majesty, after applying this medicine, you still need to massage it with your fingers so that the medicine can completely enter the skin and wound.”

    Because Yin Chong's wound was on his lips, he couldn't see it nor could he see it clearly in the bronze mirror, therefore he couldn’t let him go without applying it.

    Yin Chong's stony gaze slowly fell on Tao Tao, who was kneeling on the ground, and said in an unclear tone, “Let the maid just now come over.”

    Tao Tao immediately stood up from the ground and walked to Yin Chong’s side with her head lowered, “Your Majesty.”

    Yin Chong stared at the top of her head, “Lift your head up.”

    Tao Tao slowly raised her head, revealing her fair skin, black hair, defined eyebrows, almond eyes and dainty mouth like peach blossoms in March.

    Yin Chong narrowed his eyes, “What's your name?” There was this palace maid in the hall? Why didn’t he remember seeing this face?

    “Answering Your Majesty, this servant is Tao Tao.”

    “How long have you been serving here?”

    “Three months.”

    “Where did you serve three months ago?” Yin Chong was extremely suspicious and never trusted a person easily.

    “This servant was in the Rouge Hall before, specializing in lip balm.
Eunuch Liu saw Your Majesty enjoying this servant’s lip balms, so he transferred this servant to the Cheng An Hall to wait on Your Majesty.”

    “Liu Quan?”

    Eunuch Liu quickly knelt and scurried on his knees to Yin Chong, “Answering Your Majesty, it is indeed as Tao Tao said.”

    Yin Chong stared at Tao Tao for a while before finally looking away, “You come and apply the medicine for me.”

    Tao Tao let out a sigh of relief and took the ointment from Imperial Physician Zhang, “Your Majesty, allow this servant to overstep her limits.”

    With an index finger, Tao Tao scooped a little ointment and massaged it repeatedly until it was completely absorbed.

    “Okay, cut!” Bian Tan You stood up from behind the camera with a smile on his face, “Everyone has worked hard, let's take a rest.”

    The next scene was Fu Xing Hua’s and Zhao Yi’s, so Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er could rest for a while.

    “Let’s rest in my dressing room.” Luan Qing Xiao said to Nie Zhen'er.

    When Nie Zhen'er heard her words, she raised her head and saw the marks on Luan Qing Xiao’s lips, causing her face to redden, “Teacher Luan, did I sucked too hard just now? Does your lips hurt?”

    After touching Luan Qing Xiao's lips, she seemed to have gotten a little too excited.

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