The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 157, The Dao Path of Demons

“That’s just my personal feeling.
It may be different from Teacher Luan’s.” Nie Zhen'er said shyly.

    Luan Qing Xiao shook her head, “You were spot on.”

    The unconvinced actor asked Luan Qing Xiao, “Teacher Luan, if I act like a bandit leader, then just say bandit leader.
Why do you say I’m the second in command?”

    Luan Qing Xiao's eyes fell on Nie Zhen'er, “Zhen'er, come tell him why he’s not the bandit leader but the second in command.”

    Everyone in the room turned their gaze to Nie Zhen'er.

    Nie Zhen'er pursed her lips and shared with everyone why she said that.

    “First of all, he had a disposition of a bandit, which certainly didn’t fix a general who grew up in the army.
Secondly, although he expressed the madness of the bandit leader, he had an extra  quality the bandit leader doesn’t.
For instance, when he speaks, there’s a suppressed ambition in his  eyes and the sneer on his lips as well as the smugness in his eyes.”

    “These all show that he’s a cautious person, suppressing his ambition.
Why? Because he’s not the leader.
He can be arrogant, but he can't release his ambition in front of the leader.
Rather than, the sneer and the complacency in his eyes showed to the enemies.
In my opinion, it’s more likely to be shown to the bandit leader.
He’s waiting for the bandit leader to die and then become the leader himself.”

    “The above are only my thoughts.”

    After Nie Zhen'er finished speaking, she bowed and sat down.

    “Clap clap clap!” Luan Qing Xiao applauded first.

    The others’ applause soon followed.

    The young girl next to Nie Zhen'er pulled on Nie Zhen'er's sleeves.
Once Nie Zhen'er glanced over, she whispered in amazement, “You're so amazing, Zhen'er.
The analysis was so thorough!”

    Nie Zhen'er didn't expect that she would receive such sincere compliments and applause from everyone.
For a while, she felt she was really suitable for this acting profession.

    【Ding! The female lead's self-confidence value has risen to 40%! Host dada is awesome! 】

    Luan Qing Xiao, 520, draw a card.

    【Ding! Congratulations to Host for drawing a consumable item: 
        The Simulation Pill
        Quantity: 2 】

    The male actor returned to his seat with a blushing face.

    Xu Jia Shu declared, “Zhen’er's analysis was pretty accurate.
In the second script, you can play the bandit den’s second in command.”

    “Thank you, Director Xu.”

    The actor stood up and gratefully thanked him.

    He thought his performance just now was too bad and the director would give him the worst role to play.

    Soon, the male actors were selected for the next three scripts.

    In the end, there are only three female characters in the first, third, and fourth scripts along with the beautiful male character in the second script left.

    “Will the four actresses all step forward?” Xu Jia Shu said.

    “The four roles won’t be determined like the male actors’ just now.
I think you four’s appearances are very suitable for any of the scripts.
We’ll just directly determine the roles through PKing.”

    “Let’s go in order; four people will PK for Script One, two or three people will PK for Script Two and Three, and the remaining one will just play the fourth script.”

    In all the preparation rooms, there were cameras.
Although none of them wanted to play the male character in Script Two, they didn’t dare not to PK to their full strength under the cameras’ eyes.

    The audience’s eyes were sharp.
If you deceive them, they may not say anything at the time.
But later on, you might find that your name has been removed from the list of their favorite actors.

    “First up is Script One.
You guys will perform this segment, the female lead has two lines.” Xu Jia Shu divided the script for the four people.

    When the four actresses were sure they were ready to recite their lines, Xu Jia Shu proclaimed, “One person stays, while the other three leave the room.
When she finishes, someone will ask you to come in one by one.
The order will be determined by rock, paper, and scissors.”

    In Rock-Paper-Scissors, Nie Zhen'er didn’t win a single time, so she would be the last one auditioning.

    Nie Zhen'er stood outside the preparation room and waited.
The other two people reviewed the script nervously, only Nie Zhen'er had a calm expression and didn’t skim the script or continue practicing.

    The young girl sitting next to her said enviously, “Zhen’er, you’re really amazing.
You’re not even nervous.”

    Nie Zhen'er explained, “I think every role is pretty decent.
Just relax and act, no need to be nervous.”

    The young girl quickly shook her head, “I definitely don't want to cross-dress as a man!”

    They want to win the female lead of Script One, not only because the plot of Script One is the most exciting, but also because they don't want to participate in the battling of Script Two.
What if they acted exceptionally well and won the male role of Script Two? That would be terrible.

    “I can’t, my heart’s beating too fast.
I must eat a lollipop to ease myself.” The young girl took out the lollipop that Nie Zhen'er gave her from her pocket and peeled off the wrapper to pop it in her mouth.

    Soon, the first person finished her performance.
Someone came out and asked another person to enter.

    The young girl came third, while Nie Zhen'er came fourth.
After the second person entered the preparation room, the two stood against the wall and waited for someone to let them in.

    At this moment, the door of the Group Two’s preparation room next to them was suddenly pushed open and a man with a good physique walked out from inside.
When he saw Nie Zhen'er, his eyes lit up and he walked over to her.

    “Zhen’er, why are you outside?” The man was Fu Xing Hua.

    He saw Nie Zhen'er's location on the panel.
Although he didn't know why he was motionless outside the preparation room, he still came to her by using the bathroom as an excuse.

    Nie Zhen'er's body trembled.
As Fu Xing Hua approached, her body that was originally extremely relaxed began to tense up, “Big Brother Fu, Director Xu had us PK our acting.
We’re waiting to be called in.”

    Because the young girl was a fan of Fu Xing Hua, she became extremely excited when she saw him.

    She took the lollipop out of her mouth and excitedly ran to Fu Xing Hua, “Hello Senior Fu, my name is Zhuo Zhuo.
I am your fan, die-hard fan!”

    “Hello Zhuo Zhuo, thank you for your love.” Fu Xing Hua politely gave a gentle smile.

    “Ah, ah, ah, Senior Fu smiled at me!” Zhuo Zhuo did a happy dance.

    Fu Xing Hua saw the lollipop he had given Nie Zhen'er held in her raised hand, making his gentle face gradually stiffened.

    “May I ask, where did the lollipop in your hand come from?” Fu Xing Hua tried to maintain his gentle expression.

    “Senior Fu, are you talking about this?” Zhuo Zhuo raised her lollipop and said, “Zhen'er gave it to me.”

    “Zhen'er is super nice.
Once she knew I had low blood sugar, she gave it to me.
Although she said she doesn't like candy, which girl doesn’t like lollipops, Zhen'er must have said so to not make me feel bad.”

    “Is my analysis right, Zhen'er?” Zhuo Zhuo turned back and asked Nie Zhen'er.

    Nie Zhen'er was just zoning out to combat her fear.
Hearing Zhuo Zhuo calling her, she immediately reacted and smiled back, “Yes.”

    “Zhen'er is not only beautiful, but also very kind.” Zhuo Zhuo sighed, “She simply has no flaws.”

    Nie Zhen'er was slightly flushed by Zhuo Zhuo compliments, “I’m not as good as you described.”

    Fu Xing Hua was comforted by Zhuo Zhuo's statement.
He believed Nie Zhen'er definitely didn't deliberately give away the lollipop he gave to others.
She only did it because she was too kind.

    At this time, the door of Group One’s preparation room opened and someone called Zhuo Zhuo to enter.

    Zhuo Zhuo reluctantly said goodbye to Fu Xing Hua before entering the preparation room.
Only Fu Xing Hua and Nie Zhen'er were left in the corridor.

    Nie Zhen'er hoped that Fu Xing Hua would quickly leave.
She picked up the script and pretended to read it.
Seeing Fu Xing Hua still standing aside, she asked a reasonable question, “Big Brother Fu, what did you come out for?”

    The excuse Fu Xing Hua gave his mentor was to go to the bathroom.
Of course, he couldn't say the same thing to Nie Zhen'er.
Otherwise, based on Nie Zhen'er's current favorability towards him, he would definitely be urged by Nie Zhen’er to leave, so as not to delay his business.

    Fu Xing Hua smiled slightly, “Maybe because there are too many people inside, I felt a little stifling in the room just now, so I came out to get some fresh air.”

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