The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 161, The Dao Path of Demons

This time there was only one script with a total of five roles.
The two girls will directly participate while the remaining three male roles will be contested by the other thirteen trainees.

    Even if a group wins first place in the second round, they’ll still have to eliminate three people.
However, if you participate in the performance, the probability of being eliminated will be much smaller.

    On the day of voting for the second round of [The Path of an Actor]’s public review, 《Tao Zhi Yao Yao》 starring Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er was also released.

    With her lively and natural performance, Nie Zhen'er suddenly attracted the attention of many people as her Weibo fans continued to increase without limit.
The beautiful clips of Tao Tao and Yin Chong in the peach blossom forest were even posted on Weibo.
Many audience members rushed over to forward it to other people, all falling in love with the visuals.

    After the voting ended, Xu Jia Shu bought Nie Zhen'er on the hot search again.

    The short film directed by Xu Jia Shu starring Nie Zhen'er actually got close to full votes.

    In the end, there were twelve students left in Group One and three students in Group Two.

    The last seven students in Group Three were eliminated, don't even mention the expressions of their mentors at the scene.

    Because it was stated at the beginning of the show that if all their trainees are eliminated, the two mentors will also be eliminated.

    Wen Qin and Qin Xi directly left the show after making their farewell speeches.

    Producer Hao Long sat in the audience, hooting with laughter.
Even the mentors could be eliminated, this show was really exciting.
It would definitely become viral once it was broadcast.

    When Nie Zhen'er and Luan Qing Xiao saw Fu Xing Hua departing with an ugly expression, they were extremely happy internally.

    Through 《Tao Zhi Yao Yao》 and [The Path of an Actor], Nie Zhen'er's Weibo fans have increased by more than 4 million.
Lu Ren Yuan simply bought her another hundreds of thousands fans, rounding it up to 5 million.

    After filming the second episode, Lu Ren Yuan accepted several good scripts for Nie Zhen'er that didn’t need an audition.
As long as Nie Zhen'er agrees to the role, the role’s hers.

    After all, Nie Zhen'er's acting skills have been demonstrated through 《Tao Zhi Yao Yao》 and the first episode of [The Path of an Actor].

    The public has already given her labels such as good acting and beautiful.
Within the newcomers, there were basically no actresses who could beat her.

    Rules of the third round of [The Path of an Actor] have changed again.
The two groups will compete against each other.
Because Group One has twelve actors while Group Two has only three actors, Hao Long waved his hand and the program group recruited another group of five actors to join the battle.

    When the third round ended, the two groups had a total of ten actors remaining to partake in the fourth episode.

    In this round, mentors won’t be eliminated.

    Eventually, the remaining ten actors were randomly selected into two groups to participate in the final battle.

    Sitting on the mentors’ seat, Zhu Qing Fu asked Luan Qing Xiao, “Lian Shui said that the newly added actors this time are incredible.
I don't know if Teacher Luan has any candidate in mind?”

    Luan Qing Xiao shook her head, “I can't guess this.
Does Teacher Zhu know anything?”

    Zhu Qing smiled mysteriously, “This person is someone everyone here will know.
I’m also very surprised why he would participate in [The Path of an Actor] as a student.”

    “Listening to Teacher Zhu’s description, I’m also getting curious.” Xu Jia Shu piped up in interest.

    Duan Lian Shui waited for several mentors to finish talking before proceeding,  “Who could it be that surprised all the mentors that much? Let us invite the five new students out!”

    The five actors entered one after the other.

    Although they were actors, who gained popularity recently, they weren’t at the level of being qualified as a mentor like Zhu Qing described.
Together, they all waited for the fifth actor to enter.

    “Who will the last actor be? Let us invite… …”

    A lean man in a white suit walked onto the stage.

    He has a fair complexion and extremely attractive peach blossom eyes.
The slight turn of his eyes inadvertently would reveal an amorous ambiance.

… Teacher Hu Lian!”

    After Hu Lian came out to greet the audience, the audience fell into an uproar.
Looking closer, everyone had a faint flush on their face and frenzy in their eyes.

    On Earth, Hu Lian made his debut on a music survival variety show.
In less than a year, his original music swept the top of the major music charts.
Later, when Hu Lian changed profession to become an actor, all the TV series he made always had the highest ratings of the time while all his movies exceeded at least one billion at the box office, which is both profound and a box office hit.

    Before migrating from Earth, Hu Lian was the only actor who has won all the awards in both film and TV series in the world.
His charm was unstoppable.

    Only when he arrived at Origin Star, for some reason, Hu Jian fell silent.

    Who would’ve thought that he would resurface today as a student of [The Path of an Actor]?

    Duan Lian Shui gave everyone some time to compose themselves.
However, sensing the audience was only getting more and more excited, she asked Hu Lian why he participated in [The Path of an Actor].

    “Teacher Hu Lian, with your identity, why did you participate in [The Path of an Actor] as a student?”

    Hu Lian smiled slightly and his charming face made people speechless.
The entire audience all closed their mouths at the same time, waiting for Hu Lian to speak.

    “I came to participate in [The Path of an Actor] to find someone,” Hu Lian's eyes drifted.
“Or maybe two.
As for why as a student, it’s because [The Path of an Actor] doesn't need a mentor ah.
Besides [The Path of an Actor] is the hottest variety show at the moment, I thought the best way to find someone would be through [The Path of an Actor].
As long as I can find the person I'm looking for, there’s no difference between being a student and a mentor.”

    Almost at the first glance she saw Hu Lian, Luan Qing Xiao suspected that Hu Lian was a demon.
With his amorousness showing every casual motion and the audience below so spellbound, Luan Qing Xiao was already certain Hu Lian was a demon and a fox demon specializing in allure at that.

    “Who does Teacher Fox Lian want to find?” Luan Qing Xiao asked.

    Hu Lian's jade-like radiant eyes fell on Luan Qing Xiao, “I want to find my lover.”

    “Ah… …” A collective disappointed sigh came from the audience.

    However, actors are also humans.
They also have emotions and desires and will get married and have children, so most of the audience were only slightly disappointed when they heard that Hu Lian already has a lover with just a small section of Hu Lian's fans feeling anger within the disappointment.

    “Qing Qing, if you see me, please come find me?”


    Luan Qing Xiao sat upright in confusion.

    Wasn't the man Hao Qing killed a fox demon? And the person Hu Lian was looking for was also called Qing Qing.
Could it be…
that the scum fox isn’t dead?

    After Hu Lian said the matter of finding his lover, the audience below began buzzing about this “Qing Qing”.

    Duan Lian Shui helped, “If this Miss Qing Qing sees the video of Teacher Hu Lian looking for you, please contact our program team.”

    “Next up is the part where the five new students choose their mentors.
Every person can choose any of the mentors, but there’s one thing you need to pay attention to.
If you choose Group One’s Xu Jia Shu and Luan Qing Xiao as mentors, you may not have the opportunity to act.”

    “Teacher Duan, can I campaign a little?” Luan Qing Xiao said.

    Duan Lian Shui was taken aback for a moment, “Teacher Luan, please do.”

    Luan Qing Xiao turned toward Hu Lian, “Teacher Hu Lian, Director Xu and I admire you very much.
I hope you can choose Group One.”

    Luan Qing Xiao wanted to get Hu Lian into her group to see if he might be the scum fox killed by Hao Qing.

    Feeling her sincerity, Hu Lian smiled, “Thank you, I will consider it carefully.”

    Group Two’s Zhu Qing Fu also quickly added, “Teacher Hu Lian, I’m your fan!”

    “I was able to come to [The Path of an Actor] due to the recommendation of Qing Fu, thank you very much.”

    “What’s Teacher Hu Lian being so polite to me for?”

    After Zhu Qing Fu finished speaking, he smiled at Luan Qing Xiao, “Teacher Hu Lian and I happened to go way back.
I think Teacher Hu Lian will definitely choose our group.”

    Luan Qing Xiao gave a smile and replied confidently, “I think Teacher Hu Lian will definitely choose our group instead.”

    When it came to Hu Lian's turn to choose, Hu Lian looked around, “Since I came here to find someone and Group One’s has the highest popularity, I’ll have to choose Group One.”

    With that, Hu Lian managed to offend no one.
No wonder he was that prominent on the earth.

    Zhu Qing Fu suppressed his slight disappointment to remark, “I really wanted to collaborate with Teacher Hu Lian once.
After Teacher Hu Lian finds his lover, if you still want to act, will you collaborate with me for a movie?”

    Hu Lian answered, “Of course.”

    The preparation room of Group One was always in a state of overcrowding.
Although three people were eliminated last time, three of the five new students chose Group One again, so the preparation room still remained crowded.

    In the morning, they decided on the script and actors.
Then, Xu Jia Shu directly took the actors to the set.

    This time, he plans to use all fifteen actors.
Everyone would have an opportunity to show off their skills.
When the time comes, whoever is and isn’t eliminated will depend on their own acting.

    The role that Hu Lian received was extremely major.
Xu Jia Shu had Luan Qing Xiao help Hu Lian with his lines.
After all, Hu Lian hadn't acted in more than a hundred years.

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