Seeing Hao Qing was so confident, Luan Qing Xiao couldn't understand whether it was a coincidence that the lover “Qing Qing” from Hu Lian's mouth had the same name as Hao Qing.

    “Sister Qing, tell me again, how was that demon a scumbag? And how did he die?” Luan Qing Xiao asked.

    Hao Qing answered strangely, “It's been more than a hundred years, why are you suddenly interested in that scum demon?”

    “I met a fox demon today and he resembles that fox demon you talked about a little.”

    Hao Qing smiled, “How could that be? At the time, to prevent him from feigning death, I watched all the blood drain out of his body with my own eyes and then threw his body into the fire, burning it to ashes.”

    Hao Long covered his mouth in horror, “My dad died that miserably?”

    Hao Qing glared at him, “It was a deserving end for a scumbag.”

    Nie Zhen'er asked Luan Qing Xiao, “Is the fox demon you mention Hu Lian? You recognized him as a fox demon?”

    Luan Qing Xiao nodded.

    Hao Qing said, “That scumbag was called Hu Sheng, not Hu Lian.
He’s definitely not the same person.
You guys are thinking too much, I already said I personally saw Hu Sheng turn into ashes.”

    Nie Zhen'er explained, “It’s because Hu Lian said on the show that he only appeared on the show to find his lover, 'Qing Qing'.
This simply was too coincidental, that's why we thought of you, Sister Qing.”

    “Really? Then next time you record an episode, I’ll also go see it live?”

    Hao Long exclaimed, “Sure, I’ll arrange a front row VIP seat for you!”

    In the end, Hao Qing suddenly had something come up on the day of the recording and couldn’t come.

    Although she couldn't come, the front row VIP seat couldn’t be wasted.
Hao Long happened to be free, so he came instead.

    With his burly figure and a ruffian smile on his face, people around him couldn't ignore his existence if they wanted to.

    Fortunately, the two sets of short films soon began to be played on the big screen and the audience's attention was all attracted there.

    Hao Long finally felt much more comfortable without the gaze of others on him.

    The reason why he didn't come to the live recording very often was because he was too eye-catching and he couldn't control his temper most of the time either.
It would be extremely troublesome if he were to leak the slightest demon aura and be discovered by demon hunters.

    After the two short films were played, the audience started voting for the actors.
Everyone could vote for ten actors with the tickets in their hands.

    Hao Long also had votes in his hand.
He picked up the voting machine and matched the actors in the short film one by one on the big screen.

    First of all, Nie Zhen'er is a must.
Of course, he didn’t just vote for Nie Zhen'er because she was his aunt’s girlfriend.
He is very fair and objective.
Nie Zhen'er did have great acting skills to begin with.
Among the twenty actors, it's already extremely amazing that Nie Zhen’er could rank second.

    First place ah is that Hu Lian Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er mentioned at the dinner table yesterday.

    Male actors who are both good-looking and have great acting skills are rare.

    But once he thought of how Luan Qing Xiao suspected Hu Lian was his father, he simply couldn’t disagree more.

    With just that Hu Lian's small physique and his mother’s petite body, Hao Qing, they could never give birth to such a tall and mighty son.

    After the audience voted, the backstage statistics quickly came out.
In the end, there were eight actors from Group One and two actors from Group Two that qualified for the next round.

    In the fourth round of PK, the ten actors will be shuffled and regrouped again.
Every group would have five people and only one group would be able to advance to the next round.
In the final round, the actor with the highest number of votes will be selected as the champion actor of [The Path of an Actor].

    Once the groups were decided, the mentors and actors returned to the preparation room to start preparing.

    After the audience got up and left the recording studio, Hao Long went backstage to the preparation room to find Luan Qing Xiao using a work ID.

    He had just arrived outside the door of Group One’s preparation room when the door of Group One’s preparation room was swiftly yanked open with Hu Lian eagerly peering out in Hao Long’s direction.

    Seeing Hao Long, Hu Lian's eager eyes turned to shock.

    “You are?” Hu Lian clenched his own fingers.

    At this moment, his usually charming smile disappeared and was replaced by a little cautiousness in his nervous expression.

    Hao Long replied, unsettled, “I’m Hao Long.
Were you in a rush to head to the bathroom just now? Go ahead then.”

    Hao Long stepped aside.

    Hu Lian tried to make himself look normal, “Your mother, I mean how’s your mother?”

    “F*ck!” Hao Long was horrified.

    Last night, Hao Qing said that she didn't know this little white face called Hu Lian.
Was Hao Qing lying? This little white face was actually kept by her, right?!

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