The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 165, The Dao Path of Demons

After Hu Lian reaccounted his story, he pleaded for Luan Qing Xiao to take him to Hao Qing.

    Luan Qing Xiao said, “I’ll have to ask Sister Qing for her permission.” 
    Hu Lian nodded, “Many thanks, I just want to personally explain to Qing Qing what happened that year.” 

    “Also, Hao Long… …” Hu Lian finally asked about Hao Long.

    “Hao Long, he… … is he Qing Qing’s child?”

    Luan Qing Xiao replied, “He is, are you Hao Long’s father?”

    Hu Lian smiled bashfully, “Yes, that night Qing Qing was drunk and-and I couldn’t push her away.”

    Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen’er glanced at each other, both speechless.

    Luan Qing Xiao asked, “You’ve also seen Hao Long.
His appearance has nothing in common with you… … Are you sure you’re not mistaken?” 

   Hu Lian’s peach eyes widened, “No way, although I also don't know Hao Long became that big and ruffian-like, different from me and Qing Qing, I can smell Qing Qing’s and mine scents in Hao Long’s blood.
That Hao Long definitely is my son, there’s no way I can be mistaken.” 

    “Cough, then let me add your number.
When I asked Sister Qing, I’ll contact you.”

    “Thank you.” Hu Lian exclaimed.

    Hao Qing would only return a week later from her business trip.
By that time, [The Path of an Actor] would have already entered the last round.

    Xu Jia Shu’s and Luan Qing Xiao’s Group One advanced to the finals and the champion actor would be chosen from their five trainees.

    When Hao Qing returned from her business trip, she managed to make it to the final day of the competition and she had Hao Long to take her to the live studio.

    “Last time I said I would come.
However, because of my business trip, I couldn’t make it.
This time, I’ll definitely come to cheer Qing Xiao and Zhen’er on.”

     Hao Long stared at Hao Qing suspiciously, making her uncomfortable.

    “What are you looking at, brat!” Raising her hand, she smacked him.

    Hao Long held his head aggrievedly, “Mom, tell me the truth.
Did you want to go to the live scene of [The Path of an Actor] to see Aunt and Aunt's girlfriend, or to see Hu Lian, that little white face?”

    “What little white face am I seeing? Don't you know your mother was hurt by your dad, that little white face? Huh?!”

    Hao Qing felt Hao Long was unbelievable, “Hurry up and stop talking nonsense.
If you continue this nonsense, believe it or not, I really find you a little white-faced step-dad?”

    Hao Long unhappily drove Hao Qing to the studio.
Because [The Path to an Actor] was so popular and Hao Qing asked too late, they had to bring their own chairs and watch from behind the back rows.

    The mother-son combination of Hao Long and Hao Qing was more eye-catching than just Hao Long alone.

    “When will it start?” Hao Qing never cared about other people's gazes.
She swung her legs on the chair like how she would at home.

    When others saw her like this, they simply were conquered by her cuteness.

    Hao Long stretched out his hand to control Hao Qing's legs, “Mom, stop swinging your legs.
Don’t you see how they’re looking at you?”

    Hao Qing rolled her eyes at Hao Long, “I know, how come you’re still afraid of others watching now you’re grown up ah?”

    When Hao Long was a child, he didn't like to go out because he was so beautiful that everyone liked to pinch his cheeks whenever he went out.
When he became a teenager, he was still a beautiful boy and was especially popular in school.

    Later on, in order to prevent others from paying attention to himself, he began to deliberately develop in the direction that girls hate.
For example, he didn't shave his beard, developed a thug-like body and always had a rogue smile at the corners of his mouth.
The outcome, however, was becoming even more eye-catching due to his beauty.
By that time, it was too late for Hao Long to regret it as he fell in love with exercising and would feel uncomfortable for an entire day if he didn’t head to the gym.

    The end result was his current appearance.

    After MC Duan Lian Shui finished speaking on stage, the short film began playing on the big screen.

    Hao Long was already  familiar with the acting skills of the few actors.
His main task today was to  follow Hao Qing to see the live studio and figure out whether Hao Qing had anything to do with Hu Lian.

    When Hu Lian’s part came up, Hao Long stared at Hao Qing.

    Once Hao Qing saw Hu Lian, she was first a little confused.
Then, she opened her mouth in disbelief.
Watching Hu Lian's movement on the big screen, her eyes intertwined with love and hate as she covered her mouth.

    Hao Long clenched his fist angrily, Hao Qing really had something to do with Hu Lian!

    After the result comes out in a bit, he’s going to give Hu Lian a beating.

    This little white face actually dared to come onto his, Hao Long's, mother.
He truly didn't want to live anymore!

     Done making up his mind, Hao Long waited patiently.

    Hao Qing's temper was much more anxious than Hao Long.
Hao Long might be able to wait until the show is over, but she can’t.

    Hao Qing tried to calm herself down while scanning around for where Hu Lian was sitting now.

    After finding Hu Lian’s position, Hao Qing suddenly sprang up from her seat.

    Since they were sitting in the last row, Hao Qing didn’t block anyone when she stood up.

    At this time, Hao Long was battling his anger.
By the time he realized Hao Qing had left her seat, Hao Qing was already within the vicinity of Hu Lian.

    Since she was petite, she passed smoothly through the crowd.

    Hao Long's big body couldn't move like Hao Qing.
He could only stomp his feet bitterly.

    “Little white face, you actually dare to allure my mother to find you during the show’s recording.
See if I don't beat you up.”

    Hao Qing swiftly made her way to Hu Lian.
Seeing her, Nie Zhen'er was extremely surprised and hurriedly nudged Luan Qing Xiao's back while evading the camera, and whispered from behind her, “Sister Qing is here!”

    Luan Qing Xiao turned her head in astonishment to look at Hu Lian.
As expected, behind him stood a blackened-faced Hao Qing.

    Hao Qing raised her right hand to pat Hu Lian on his shoulder.
Even from such a distance away, Luan Qing Xiao could feel Hao Qing’s strength.
If that hand made contact with Hu Lian, his bone would probably be directly fractured by her?

    Since Hu Lian's injury had only been recovered and his cultivation level hadn't improved for more than a hundred years, when Hao Qing walked over, he didn't notice her at all.

    Until he heard the wind.

    Extremely strong like previously how Hao Qing patted him on the shoulder every time.

    Hu Lian leaned forward subconsciously and avoided Hao Qing's palm.

    The short film on the stage happened to be at its climax and all the audience were immersed in the plot, so no one paid attention to what happened here.

    “Qing Qing!” Hu Lian turned around.
Seeing Qing Qing, a touching smile spread across his face.

    Hao Qing’s entire face flushed.

    At the dry beginning, she was attracted by Hu Lian's face.
Unexpectedly, after this many years, Hu Lian's beauty was still lethal as ever and Hao Qing’s heart would soften because of his one smile.

    “How are you alive?” Hao Qing asked once she composed herself.

    “I,” Hu Lian paused after saying a word, “It's a long story and you're probably tired from standing, come sit here and rest.”

    Hao Qing was dragged to his side in a muddled manner and sat down.

    Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er: “…

    Hao Qing was simply too gullible.

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