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The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 169, The Dao Path of Demons

Nie Zhen'er looked around but didn't see Hu Lian and asked, “Sister Qing, why don’t I see Brother-in-law Hu Lian? Did he head out for business?”

    Before Hao Qing could answer, an apron-wearing Hu Lian, holding a soup ladle in his hand, came out of the kitchen, “I'm making soup for our Long Long Bao Bao. Qing Xiao, you guys talk to Qing Qing first.
I have to check the pot, the Beef Bone Soup has been stewed for an entire day.
I can’t let it burn.

    Hu Lian immediately turned around and went into the kitchen after speaking.

    “Long Long… …”

    “Bao Bao???”

    Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er both looked confused.

    “Sister Qing, Hao Long is already over a hundred years old.
Why are you guys calling him that?”

    Hao Qing waved her hand, “Long Long Bao Bao is mine and Hu Lian’s child.
Since Long Long is his nickname and Bao Bao is our pet name for him, isn’t it just Long Long Bao Bao when added together? As for the age, no matter how old Long Long Bao Bao is, he’s still our child, so there’s no problem calling him that way.”

    After Hao Qing finished speaking, she flatteringly asked Hao Long softly, “Don’t you think so, Long Long Bao Bao.”

    Hao Long nodded his head with a reddish face, “I’ll grudgingly let it make sense.”

    Then Hao Qing turned to Luan Qing Xiao with delight, “Look, you see, even Long Long Bao Bao thinks it makes sense.”

    Luan Qing Xiao…

    Luan Qing Xiao couldn't say anything.

    Hao Long proclaimed to Luan Qing Xiao, “Aunt, you guys chat with my mother.
I still have some work and will be down in a bit.”

    After Hao Long went up to the second floor, Luan Qing Xiao shook Hao Qing's arm to ask her, “Now that Hao Long isn’t here, let's talk about what exactly has happened to your house these few days.”

    Once Hao Qing carefully confirmed Hao Long had indeed gone upstairs to deal with the work, she finally put down her gentle pretense, “Sigh, don't mention it.
If it weren’t Hu Lian… …”

    Hao Qing sighed again, “After you guys left that day, Hao Long never came out of his room.
Hu Lian felt extremely anxious and  guilty.
He tried to coax Hao Long out from outside the room, and finally agreed to Hao Long's countless unequal agreements before getting Hao to come out of the room.”

    “Hao Long said since he was a child, he lacked fatherly love as well as never feeling tender maternal love.
So in order for him to accept Hu Lian, he must let him feel a warm family atmosphere, including but not limited to the use of loving nicknames for him and not losing their temper at him.
In short, we have to make him feel like a kid wrapped in love.”

    “So Hu Lian started babying him, calling him Long Long Bao Bao all day and everyday.
At the beginning, I didn't want to call Hao Long that.
But Hao Long complained about this to Hu Lian, saying how I was always tough on him as a child and how he really wanted to feel a tender maternal love for once.
Then Hu Lian pleaded with me and Hao Long also stared at me with wounded eyes every day, as if I was really an irritable mother who had never been gentle to him before!”

    Hao Qing became very angry as she recounted what happened.

    “Then have you been gentle to him before?” Luan Qing Xiao took the opportunity to cut in.

    Hao Qing thoroughly thought back, “…
… No.”

    Hao Qing began to reflect on herself, “Did I really hurt Hao Long's young psyche?”

    Luan Qing Xiao couldn't intervene in these matters.
After all, she had only met the mother and son pair not long ago and didn't know what they were like before.

    At this time, Hu Lian came out with a small ceramic cup.
Not seeing Hao Long, he asked Hao Qing, “Qing Qing, where is Long Long Bao Bao?”

    Hao Qing lifted her chin and gestured upstairs, “Upstairs working.”

    With the appearance of a gentle stay-home dad, Hu Lian notified them, “Then I’ll bring up the Beef Bone Soup for Long Long Bao Bao.
When I come down,  I’ll serve you guys the soup too.”

    “Take your time.” Nie Zhen'er said hastily.

    Hu Lian hurried up to the second floor and stood in front of the study door, freeing a hand to knock on the door, “Dong dong dong !”

    “Who?” Hao Long asked.

    “It's Daddy, Long Long Bao Bao.
Daddy is here to bring you Beef Bone Soup.
Since your work is so laborious, at least drink a bowl of soup to nourish yourself before you continue.” Hu Lian's voice was so gentle that it almost melted people.

    Hao Long suppressed himself with difficulty to not allow himself to show his happiness as he coughed, “Come in.”

    Hao Long pretended to sit at the desk and read the report, but his eyes secretly peered at  Hu Lian’s movements.

    When Hu Lian opened the door and entered.
Hao Long took a pen and wrote something on the report.
In reality, all his focus was on Hu Lian.

    Hu Lian walked in front of Hao Long and gingerly placed down the Beef Bone Soup.
He glanced at Hao Long distressingly, “When can you stop working? You’re still growing and can't lack nutrition.
Come drink the Beef Bone Soup.

    Hao Long said, “Thank you Dad, I’ll finish reading this report first and drink it later.”

    “You can’t!” At this time, Hu Lian became stern.
He snatched away the report in front of Hao Long, “Just drink it now, Daddy will feed you.”

    After speaking, Hu Lian picked up the Beef Bone Soup bowl and scooped up a tablespoon of soup and blew it gently before bringing it to Hao Long's mouth, “Come, Long Long Bao Bao, give it a taste.
How does Daddy's Beef Bone Soup taste?”

    Although Hao Long had an impatient expression, he opened his mouth obediently and drunk the Beef Bone Soup.

    Hu Lian stared at him nervously, “How is it? Does it suit your taste?”

    Hao Long swallowed, then replied, “It's okay.”

    However, Hu Lian became sad because of these two words, “It’s only okay? Daddy is really useless.”

    This time it was Hao Long's turn to be nervous, “It's not just okay either.
It's-it’s pretty delicious.”

    “That’s great, Long Long Bao Bao! As long as it suits your taste, Daddy will continue to feed you.”

    Enjoyed the all-round care of  Hu Lian, don’t even mention how comfortable Hao Long was.

    When done with the Beef Bone Soup, Hu Lian was about to bring the bowl down when  Hao Long also got up from his chair.
He met Hu Lian's surprised gaze and explained, “I'm hungry, I will work after eating dinner.”

    Hu Lian naturally wasn’t against it.

    As Hao Long and Hu Lian came down from the second floor.
Hao Long locked eyes with  Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er teasing gazes and asked, ashamed, “Aunt, why are you guys looking at me like this?”

    “I want to see what kind of care our Long Long Bao Bao still lacks.
Aunt will make it up for you.”

    While Hao Long could justify enjoying Hao Qing and Hu Lian's love, he was embarrassed to be teased by Luan Qing Xiao.

    Hao Long's face reddened, “It’s only ten days, of course I have to enjoy it.
Aunt, stop teasing me.”

    “I know, I know.
Aunt knows our Long Long Bao Bao knows how far to take it.”

    Off to the side, Nie Zhen'er covered her mouth and smiled.

    Just Hu Lian’s love for ten days can gain such an elder son, who won’t agree to this deal?

    The two returned to their home after having dinner at Hao Qing's house.

    Nie Zhen'er sighed, “I really think Hao Long is lacking love, which is why he came up with such an idea.
I just don't know what will happen after the ten days.”

    Luan Qing Xiao reasoned, “Hu Lian truly wants to compensate Hao Long.
I’m guessing Hu Lian will always call Hao Long Long Long Bao Bao, even when in public, At that time, the unhappy person will become Hao Long.

    “Wa, just imagining that scene makes me want to laugh, haha.”


Bao Bao (宝宝): an endearing pet name for a loved one

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