wasn’t an actor in her original world but just now, she felt that she had perfectly played the role of the original owner.
She managed to show that the male lead was different to her without OOCing while also prompting the male lead’s hatred.
It seems that in the future she can consider getting a job as an actress. 

She casually tossed the exam paper into her desk and got up to use the restroom.  

Passing by the first row, the female lead’s seat was empty.
On top of her desk was a blue plastic book rack with textbooks and learning materials neatly organized on it.
Pinned on top of the book rack was a cute strawberry-shaped hair clip.

Luan QingXiao liked the look of it and took it off as she walked by.
Holding the clip in her hand, she walked out of the classroom.  

In ChongCi Class, a male student sitting near the door saw Luan QingXiao walk by in the hallway with a smile on her face.
He pushed away his chair and walked to Luan QingXiao’s side, “Boss, who are you going to teach a lesson to this time, I’ll help you ah.”  

Luan QingXiao narrowed her eyes and scrutinized the male student by her side; He was thin, pale, wore a black rimmed glasses, and when he smiled, two little canine teeth were revealed.
It’s just that his height was a bit lacking, he was a little shorter than Luan QingXiao who was 175 centimeters.

Luan QingXiao asked System 520: Who’s this?  

【Ding, search completed! 

  Name:Luo Xun


  Attribute:Cannon fodder supporting male lead

  Family background:Father is the chairman of LuoShi Corporation.
Mother is a famous musician.
Parents are currently divorced.

       Cannon fodder description/deeds: A child born from the union of his parent’s marriage.
Lacked love since young, the type to seek favors with others and tends to get depressed easily.
In middle school he was bullied and by coincidence, he was saved by Luan QingXiao.
Ever since then he worships Luan QingXiao to an abnormal degree.
Self proclaimed number one little brother of Luan QingXiao.

Luan QingXiao: So there was also this format of character introduction.
Give me one for both the male and female lead.


  Name:Nie Zhen’er


  Attribute:Female lead

  Family background:Father is the chairman of YunBo Estate.
Mother is the owner of a convenience store.
There are currently no interactions between her parents.

  Female lead description/deeds:Has both beauty and brains but no aspirations in life.

  Name:Liang Yan


  Attribute:Male lead

  Family background:Both parents are college professors.

  Male lead description/ deeds:Has excelled in his studies since young.
Has no remarkable incidents.】

【The male and female lead’s scenarios has not started yet, 520 can only provided this much information~】

Luan QingXiao praised: Good job.

【Thank you host, 520 will continue to work hard~】

Luan QingXiao placed her hand on Luo Xun’s neck and pressed down with force, causing Luo Xun to bend and lower his neck: “Child, don’t talk about fighting and killing all day, Big sis is just going to the restroom.”  

Luan QingXiao released her hand.
Luo Xun fixed his hair and straightened his body before smiling mischievously, saying: “Boss, I also need to use the restroom, we can go together ah.”  

Luan QingXiao: “…”  

Seeing Luo Xun uneasily wringing his hands together, Luan QingXiao remembered 520 saying Luo Xun was prone to depression.
She slightly lifted her chin and said: “Let’s go.”

The men and women’s restroom was right next to each other anyway, it won’t be unusual to go together. 

Luo Xun’s gloomy expression became sunny again at a visible rate: “Yes, Boss!” 

The two of them strolled to the restroom.
When Luan QingXiao walked into the women’s restroom, she happened to bump into the person walking out.
Luan QingXiao subconsciously steadied the person in her arms.  

Soft and fragrant. 

Luan QingXiao didn’t miss the sounds of gasping from the students around, they’re probably thinking this female student who bumped into her is about to be beaten.
But after thinking to themselves, none of them were willing to stand out to ‘rescue’ the person that was about to be bullied by her. 

Luan QingXiao waited until the person in her arms had steadied herself before releasing her hold and taking a step back.
She raised eyes to look at the other; curved and willowy brows, watery eyes, straight nose, and small ruddy lips.
Exquisite five features graced on a pale, palm-sized face, what a beauty, if this isn’t the female lead Nie Zhen’er then who else could it be?  

When Nie Zhen’er saw Luan QingXiao, her entire body went stiff.
Her ruddy lips were slightly agape as she didn’t dare to move even an inch.  

Although she had never personally witnessed Luan QingXiao fight, but Luan QingXiao’s past deeds were widely known throughout the entire school.
Pick any random person and they would be able to tell you about Luan QingXiao’s ‘heroic’ deeds of how she beated someone until their ribs fractured and then forced them to transfer schools afterward.

Nie Zhen’er didn’t want to cause any trouble, she just went to use the restroom, why did she have to offend the one person that shouldn’t be offended in the entire school…  

The rosy color on Nie Zhen’er cheeks immediately disappeared.
Her complexion was wan as she said in a small voice: “S-sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Her voice trembled, like she was about to cry.  

Luan QingXiao reached a hand out to Nie Zhen’er.
Nie Zhen’er was frightened into shutting her eyes.
Her delicate figure resembled a white lotus enduring a raging storm; her life forfeit at any moment.

Luan QingXiao’s finger briefly brushed over the other’s lashes that resembled quivering butterfly wings.
Her red lips curved upward: “Nie Zhen’er, you dropped your hair clip.”  

Nie Zhen’er opened her eyes.
A drop of tear hung on her curled lashes, her panicked expression made her look extremely pitiful.  

“W-what hair clip?” She wanted to say she didn’t bring a hair clip with her when Luan QingXiao spreaded out her palms in front of her.

The ten fingers in front of Nie Zhen’er was delicate and long, on the joints there was a slight callous and laying on the palm was a cute strawberry hair clip. 

“This, a hair clip as cute as you are.” Luan QingXiao couldn’t resist tossing out a flirty remark to the little beauty.  

Luan QingXiao grabbed Nie Zhen’er hand while she was distracted and pulled her over.
She placed the strawberry clip into the other’s hand: “I’ll return it to it’s rightful owner.”  

After saying this, she walked by Nie Zhen’er side and entered the women’s restroom.  

Nie Zhen’er turned around, only to see the free and easy image of Luan QingXiao’s back. 

She lowered her head and looked at the strawberry hair clip in her hand with a complicated expression.
Carefully, she closed her hand like she was holding treasure and brought her fist close to her heart.
She then turned around and returned to Rocket Class.

Luo Xun–who didn’t need to use the restroom at all–had a face full of excitement from having discovered a secret: It turns out, Boss likes the school flower!  

Just then she even found an excuse to pull the school flower’s hand, this little brother almost couldn’t continue watching, oof! My Boss is so overbearing when chasing someone, overbearing enough to break legs!

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