When Nie Zhen'er returned to the dormitory, seeing that it was almost five o'clock, she went directly to Luan Qing Xiao's door and knocked.

    “Dong dong dong, Dong dong dong!”

    Luan Qing Xiao was still muddle-headed from sleeping and was awakened by the sound of Nie Zhen'er knocking on the door.

    “Who is it?” Luan Qing Xiao got off the bed and pulled her messy hair out of her face as she opened the door.
Seeing it was Nie Zhen'er wearing a black skirt outside, Luan Qing Xiao's bewildered brain suddenly became sober.

    “Zhen'er? Come in quickly.” Luan Qing Xiao moved away and enthusiastically invited Nie Zhen'er.

    Nie Zhen'er glanced at her messy long hair and walked in silently with her.

    Luan Qing Xiao closed the door and moved Nie Zhen'er a chair for her to sit down, while she sat down on the bed opposite her.

    “Zhen'er, why are you looking for me?” Luan Qing Xiao couldn't help but yawn.

    Nie Zhen'er's round almond eyes scanned Luan Qing Xiao's bedroom, which was much cleaner than she had imagined.
When Nie Zhen'er's gaze returned to Luan Qing Xiao, she finally couldn't help standing up and walking over to Luan Qing Xiao.

    Luan Qing Xiao stared blankly at Nie Zhen'er’s slender fingers that were helping her to tidy her messy hair.

    When Nie Zhen'er finally helped Luan Qing Xiao fix her hair, her agitated mood improved.
She sat back on the chair and saw Luan Qing Xiao's ambiguous gaze.

    Nie Zhen'er's face turned hot, “Why are you looking at me for?”

    Luan Qing Xiao grinned, “Your hands are so soft, will you comb my hair every day from now on?”

    Nie Zhen'er seemed to be scalded by her scorching gaze.
She shifted her gaze slightly and saw a box of juice in the corner.
It should be the kind Luan Qing Xiao gave her yesterday… …

    Nie Zhen'er's heart softened, “Outside if your hair is messed up and you can't see it, I’ll definitely help you tidy it.”

    “So you’re not going to help me in the dorms?” Luan Qing Xiao said pitifully.

    Nie Zhen'er was helpless, “You have a mirror and a comb yourself, stop pretending to be pitiful.”

    “My acting skills weren’t bad and you saw through me.” Luan Qing Xiao uttered, disappointed.

   For some reason, Nie Zhen'er just couldn’t stand her looking like this.
She still liked the warm and brightly smiling Luan Qing Xiao, even if she is a little bit mischievous and always teases her.

    Nie Zhen'er announced, “Okay, okay, I’ll stop messing with you.
You should change and go to the canteen with me.”

    As soon as Nie Zhen'er's voice fell, Luan Qing Xiao’s stomach roared.

    Nie Zhen'er looked at her belly in astonishment, causing Luan Qing Xiao to say, “Thanks God Zhen'er, you came to ask me to eat, otherwise I would’ve forgotten I was hungry.”

    Nie Zhen'er: “…

Pfftt!” After enduring it for this long, she still couldn't hold it back.

    “Hurry up, don't starve your stomach.” The smile on Nie Zhen'er's face couldn't be retracted.

    Luan Qing Xiao got up and gave Nie Zhen’er a bottle of juice, “We’re still eating Mao Xue Wang today, let's bring our own juice.”

    After that, she went to the bathroom to wash up.

    Holding the cold juice, Nie Zhen’er could feel a warmth in her hands.

    Whenever Luan Qing Xiao became serious, she could always hit the softest part of her heart.

    Luan Qing Xiao took ten minutes to clean herself up and even changed her clothes in front of Nie Zhen'er, forcing her to look at Luan Qing Xiao's slim when dressed but fleshy when not body.

    Luan Qing Xiao grabbed her meal card and exited the room with Nie Zhen'er.
She leaned close to Nie Zhen'er and gently nudged  Nie Zhen'er's waist with her arm, whispering in her ear, “How was it? Isn’t Older Sister’s body good?”

    Nie Zhen'er pursed her lips and suddenly felt a thirst in her throat.
She couldn't help but take a sip of the juice, “…
… It's pretty good.”

    Nie Zhen'er paused and then added, “But you’re younger than me, so you should be calling me Jie Jie.”

    A vampire was an incorruptible corpse, afraid of the sun, sharp senses and agile.
They can transform into a bat and possess vampire fangs that can be hidden.

    Nie Zhen'er still remembered her life before she died: both her parents had their own affairs.
After her father went bankrupt, he put enough poison in soup the family was drinking, so the bodies of the three were still intact.
Thirty years after being put in the coffin, Nie Zhen'er and Cong Ying Yu came out of the coffin and became vampires and the strongest among the vampires at that.
However, Nie Zhen'er's father had become a pile of bones.

    She was eighteen when she died, and thirty years after her death, she was forty-eight years old.
Now thirty years have passed since she came out of the coffin.
Nie Zhen'er is already seventy-eight years old.

    Luan Qing Xiao said, “I don't believe it, what month is your birthday?”

    Nie Zhen'er could never tell Luan Qing Xiao that she was already seventy-eight years old, so she asked Luan Qing Xiao instead, “What month is your birthday?”

    Luan Qing Xiao replied, “My birthday is in January.”

    “What date?” Nie Zhen'er continued.

    Luan Qing Xiao responded, “My birthday is really early, January 6th.”

    Therefore Nie Zhen'er said, “Then my birthday is earlier than you, I'm January 1st.”

    Luan Qing Xiao: “…
…” Nie Zhen'er's obsession to be her older sister runs really deep.

    “Alright, Zhen'er Jie Jie, please take care of Younger Sister from now on.” Luan Qing Xiao acted cute, tilting her head and resting her face on Nie Zhen'er's shoulder.

    When Nie Zhen'er heard Luan Qing Xiao calling herself “Jie Jie”, her heart instantly became delighted and satisfied as well as a little bit of an ambiguous feeling.

    “Don't worry, Jie Jie will treat you well.” Nie Zhen'er patted Luan Qing Xiao's head lightly, feeling even more satisfied.

    Since Luan Qing Xiao is half a head taller than her, when she patted the top of her head, it was very easy for her.
Yet when she wanted to pat her head, she had to stand on tiptoe to do it properly.
Now that Luan Qing Xiao took the initiative to lower her head, under her pleased state, Nie Zhen'er couldn’t help patting her a little longer.

    Luan Qing Xiao nuzzled the palm of Nie Zhen'er's hand with the top of her head.
She raised her head back up and rubbed her neck, “Jie Jie, you’re really too short.
It's too tiring to rest my head on your shoulder.”

    Nie Zhen'er: “…
… Then I’ll stand on my tiptoes next time?” She still doesn't want to give up the opportunity to pat Luan Qing's head this easily.

    “It's too tiring to walk on tiptoe.
I don't want you to be tired, it's still better for my neck to be the tired one.
Just help massage me when we head back to the dorms at night.” Luan Qing Xiao said with a profound sense of justice.

    Seeing Luan Qing Xiao was still wronging herself to keep her from getting tired at this time, Nie Zhen’er was so moved that she immediately agreed, “Okay, I’ll help you massage it in the future.”

    The two arrived at the canteen.
The moment the canteen opened, many students who had just finished class flooded in.
Luan Qing Xiao guided Nie Zhen'er and finally managed to find a table by the window.

    “Save me a seat too, I'm going to buy the food.” Luan Qing Xiao turned around and started walking to the window after speaking.

    Nie Zhen'er grabbed her, “What did we say just now? I’m the older sister and I should be taking care of you.”

    Nie Zhen'er stood up and pulled Luan Qing Xiao to make her sit.
Her almond smiled into a crescent moon, “Wait for me obediently, Jie Jie will go buy you food.”


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