ut her in the future.
Who knows, maybe Pei Yi Ruo will also harm Nie Zhen ’er outside of the tasks.

    Luan Qing Xiao likes to have everything under her control.

    The results came out the day after the monthly exam.

    Nie Zhen ’er didn ’t finish writing the essay, and was deducted a lot of points.
Her grade ranking dropped to below the Top 10th while Luan Qing Xiao ranked first, Liang Yan third, and Pei Yi Ruo was actually second.

    Seeing Luan Qing Xiao frowning at the report card, Nie Zhen’er whispered, ”This really is nothing.
It’s only a change in ranking.
I can just catch up next time. ” She plucked up the courage to bop between Luan Qing Xiao ’s eyebrows.
”Look at you, thinking so much when you’re underage.
Be careful or else you’ll grow old quickly. ”

    Luan Qing Xiao loosened her eyebrows and said with a smile, ”As long as you don ’t despise me, who cares if I age faster. ”

    Nie Zhener ’s cheeks redden, ”How could I despise you… ”

    Her sentence also made Luan Qing Xiao embarrassed.

    While eating in the cafeteria at noon, Luan Qing Xiao thought of Nie Mei Feng and asked her, ”You didn ’t finish replying to me this morning.
Did your mother continue scolding you later on? ”

    ”What? Goddess, why would your mother scold you? Why right does she have to do this! ” Luo Xun was the most agitated of out everyone else.
He sprang up with chopsticks, if it wasn’t for him not knowing the address of Nie Zhen ’er ’s home, he probably already be on his way looking for Nie Mei Feng.

    ”No, no, no.
She didn ’t scold me, Luo Xun, please sit down. ” Nie Zhen ’er couldn ’t decide whether to cry or laugh as well as being moved, ”Calm down.
You can be worked up after listening to me, okay? ”

    Luo Xun embarrassingly scratched the back of his head and smiled at Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen ’er, ”Gotcha, save it for later. ”

    After speaking so, he sat upright with the appearance of an obedient baby, ”Goddess, you continue ba. ”

    Facing the two pairs of caring eyes, she felt warm and wasn’t depressed or sad even when she mentioned Nie Mei Feng.

    ”I have figured out a way to deal with her.
Yesterday she came home drunk.
The first thing she did was to search for me in my room, but I locked the door, and she couldn ’t get in.
She cursed outside the door for a while before getting thirsty, and saw the water on the table that I added two sleeping pills to.
She picked it up to drink and soon fell asleep on the sofa.”

    ”So don ’t worry about me, I have ways of protecting myself. ”

    ”Wu wu wu, Goddess, you ’re so tragic… ” Luo Xun ’s crying till his entire face was full of tears, ”I thought my parents were a real masterpiece, but I didn ’t know there’s always a mountain higher.
Your mother is actually so cold-blooded to that point…
… ”

    Luan Qing Xiao held Nie Zhen ’er ’s hand and found that the palms of her hands were cold with sweat.
She wasn’t as unscathed as she appears.

    Luan Qing Xiao retorted, ”You’re lying. ”

    Nie Zhen ’er blinked in confusion, ”I’m not. ”

    ”Yes, you have. ” Luan Qing Xiao used both her hands to wrap around her hands.
”You need someone to worry about you,  someone to protect you, you are very afraid…
You don ’t need to hide it in front of me, as long as you tell me, I will help you carry the burden.

    ”Protecting you, sharing half your fear, and spending your most difficult time with you, Zhen ’er, I want to be your salvation, can you trust me? ” Luan Qing Xiao ’s expression was so earnest, Nie Zhen ’er was bewitched  into nodding.

    ”Wow! I actually am a witness of the moment Boss and Goddess established their relationship.
In the future, I must tell this story at your wedding! ” Luo Xun quickly wiped away the tears on his face with his hands.
He lowered his volume so only the three could hear the excitement in his voice.


    ”I ’m done eating.
I’ll head to the sports field first! ” Nie Zhen ’er suddenly stood up and almost sprinted out, disappearing in the blink of the eye.

    Luo Xun confusedly looked at Luan Qing Xiao, ”Boss, what ’s the matter with Goddess? ” Normally I don ’t see her go for a walk after eating when we eat together every day.

    Plus Goddess is so thin, there is no need for extra exercise at all.

    Luan Qing Xiao supported her chin in her hand.
She smiled smugly, causing the corners of her eyes to slightly curve, ”Your goddess got bashful. ”

    Marriage ah, something truly to look forward to.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Notes《Thoughts on a Quiet Night》(《静夜思》): A classical poem by the famous Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai, basically of him thinking of his hometown from his bed.
The link in the text is to a video of the original poem, while this link here is the English translation.

(人间极品): in this context, it means his parents ’ horrible moral character

(一山还有一山高): Basically to say there’s always someone better or worse off than you


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