Since Ao Tu Song wanted to frame Luan Qing Xiao, he had already secretly thought of a way.

    Didn't he have drugs in his hands? He’ll just find an opportunity to knock Luan Qing Xiao unconscious and inject her with it before reporting to Ou Yun Zhi to get Luan Qing Xiao in there.

    If he put a few more catties on Luan Qing Xiao’s body, maybe Luan Qing Xiao could even be sentenced to death.

    In order to make Ou Yun Zhi committed to help himself without reserve, Ao Tu Song plans to propose to Ou Yun Zhi.
Since they would be an engaged couple, Ao Tu Song didn’t believe that Ou Yun Zhi wouldn't help him.

    When Ou Yun Zhi brought the work materials back home once without realizing it, she later discovered the materials had been touched.
There was no one else in her family, only Ao Tu Song had come over once.
The person who touched the materials couldn’t be anyone else except Ao Tu Song.

    Ou Yun Zhi was an upright policewoman.
Although she was dating Ao Tu Song, she didn’t let herself become a foolish person.

    At that time, she became suspicious of Ao Tu Song.
After reporting the situation to her superiors, they sent people to stalk several drug dealers to find out all the people who had contact with these drug dealers.

    Finally, it was actually discovered that a man related to Ao Tu Song was in contact with Liang Wang among the drug dealers.

    What else does Ou Yun Zhi not understand? There was a problem with Ao Tu Song.

    However, there’s currently no evidence.
She can only proceed carefully and not expose herself in front of Ao Tu Song.

    Ou Yun Zhi has an aloof personality.
Even after dating Ao Tu Song, she hasn’t become much warmer whereas what Ao Tu Song liked was Ou Yun Zhi’s aloof personality.
The moment he thought of seeing a different expression on Ou Yun Zhi's face when they slept together in the future, Ao Tu Song felt his blood boiling.

    On this day, Ao Tu Song asked Ou Yun Zhi out to have dinner together and Ou Yun Zhi agreed as usual.

    Because Ou Yun Zhi got off work at six o'clock, Ao Tu Song drove to wait outside the police station at five thirty.
After waiting for half an hour as soon as Ou Yun Zhi came out, Ao Tu Song immediately walked over with red roses in his hand.

    “Yun Yun.” Ao Tu Song smiled and called Ou Yun Zhi's name.
Then, he wanted to hug her but was silently avoided by Ou Yun Zhi.

    Ou Yun Zhi has a valid reason, “I’m still wearing a police uniform.
It won’t be a good influence.”

    Ao Tu Song smiled freely, “I'm not that stingy of a man, I won't get angry just because you don't give me a hug.
Explaining so much makes me feel like you’re treating me as an outsider.”

    Ou Yun Zhi had no expression on her icy face, “Not treating you as an outsider.”

    When Ao Tu Song heard this, his heart thumped.
Not treating him as an outsider meant she regarded himself as a family member.

    When he proposed later on, the success rate was sure to be high.

    Because Ou Yun Zhi wasn’t very warm towards him, Ao Tu Song was still a little nervous before this.
But now looking at it, Ou Yun Zhi treated him differently from the others.

    Ao Tu Song gently said to Ou Yun Zhi, “Let's go to the mall to buy an outfit to change into.
Didn't you say wearing the police uniform was inconvenient?”

    Ou Yun Zhi followed Ao Tu Song into the passenger seat, “I have clothes at home, no need to head to the mall.”

    Ao Tu Song stretched out his hand to help Ou Yun Zhi tidy her hair.
Ou Yun Zhi had to forcefully suppress herself to not swat his hand away, but her face turned red with anger.

    However, Ao Tu Song thought Ou Yun Zhi was blushing out of shyness and became even more certain that Ou Yun Zhi wouldn’t refuse his marriage proposal.
The two have known each other for so long, but Ao Tu Song has never seen Ou Yun Zhi blush to any man.
Today was the first time, even for him.

    Ao Tu Song's voice became increasingly gentle, “The place where we’re eating today has a formal dress code.
It's not just you who has to change into formal attire, I also have to change.”

    Ou Yun Zhi nodded slightly, “Alright, then let’s head to the mall.”

    The two first went to the mall and found a shop that sells high-end dresses.
After entering, the boss greeted Ao Tu Song familiarly, “You guys are here, your clothes are already ready.”

    While the boss went to get the clothes, Ou Yun Zhi glanced at Ao Tu Song with a puzzled look.

    Ao Tu Song smiled, “I told the boss about the size in advance.
I was afraid you’ll be uncomfortable if it doesn't fit.”

    Ou Yun Zhi's face turned a little red (from anger), “How do you know my size?”

    Ao Tu Song's eyes swept across Ou Yun Zhi, “I knew just by looking at you.” It would be more accurate if he could touch it, but it was a pity that Ou Yun Zhi wouldn't let him.

    Ou Yun Zhi felt nauseous and wanted to vomit when Ao Tu Song looked at her like this.

    Yet she couldn't show she was disgusted at Ao Tu Song, so she could only keep her face cold, “I'll know if it's inaccurate once I change into it.”

    The boss came out with two sets of outfits and gave them to Ou Yun Zhi and Ao Tu Song respectively.
Then, the two went to the fitting room to put it on.

    After changing into it, Ou Yun Zhi felt the size was right and felt her disgust towards Ao Tu Song increase.
Staring at someone else's figure everyday without doing anything else, no matter how handsome or rich his family was, he wasn’t a keeper.

    What's more, Ao Tu Song might have already violated the law.
Ou Yun Zhi's heart that had started liking him has now completely cooled down.

    After coming out, Ao Tu Song looked at Ou Yun Zhi with an astonished gaze, exclaiming, “You already look good in your normal police uniform, but you look even better when you change into a formal attire.” The close-fitting dress completely showed off Ou Yun Zhi's good figure. 

    Ou Yun Zhi had the best figure among all the women Ao Tu Song has ever seen.

    Ou Yun Zhi said, “Your formal attire also looks good.”

    Ao Tu loosely wore a black sequin suit and the sequins gleamed colorfully under the light.

    When they drove to the place where Ao Tu Song said they needed formal attire, Ou Yun Zhi took a glance outside the door.
It was the only seven-star hotel in An City.

    The marriage proposal Ao Tu Song planned was rather uninspiring.
It’s not like he truly wanted to marry Ou Yun Zhi.
He only did this for the convenience of framing Luan Qing Xiao, so he didn't put too much effort into it.

    After sitting down, Ao Tu Song excused himself to the bathroom.
Then the lights in the reserved restaurant suddenly went out.
A violin accompaniment simultaneously sounded from the side, while the only remaining light focused on Ao Tu Song's body.
Next, he walked to Ou Yun Zhi with a three-carat diamond ring, kneeling on one knee, affectionately proposing, “Yun Yun, today is the ninety-ninth day of our relationship.
I’ve already determined you to be my future partner.
Will you marry me?”

    Ou Yun Zhi looked at the diamond ring, then at Ao Tu Song's face and suddenly laughed.

    When an ice beauty laughed, it was like ice and snow melting, rejuvenating everything.
It lit up a fire in Ao Tu Song, who was watching.
He excitedly continued, “Yun Yun, I love you, please marry me!”

    The violin music next to him became more tender and sweet.

    Ou Yun Zhi softly replied, “Okay.”

    She stretched out her hand and watched indifferently as Ao Tu Song put the ring on her finger.

    Ao Tu Song stood up.
The hand holding Ou Yun Zhi's hand didn't let go, “Yun Yun, let's eat first, and after dinner we’ll… … talk about it.”

    Although Ou Yun Zhi previously emphasized she wouldn’t have that sort of relationship with her boyfriend before getting married, now that the two are an engaged couple that are only one certificate away from being married.
If he pressed hard, it might be possible tonight.

    Ao Tu Song imagined it well.
After the two had a romantic candlelight dinner, Ao Tu Song drove Ou Yun Zhi home.

    When Ao Tu Song parked the car, he got out of the car and went to the passenger side to open the door for Ou Yun Zhi along with helping the formally-dressed Ou Yun Zhi out of the car.

    Ou Yun Zhi's attitude towards her newly minted fiancé hasn’t changed much.

    She nodded to Ao Tu Song, “Thank you for sending me back, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    How could Ao Tu Song let the opportunity disappear before his eyes? He quickly stopped Ou Yun Zhi, “Yun Yun, won't you invite me up for a cup of coffee?”

    Ao Tu Song planned every movement he made and tried to maximize his charm.

    Under the orange street lamp, Ao Tu Song was a little more handsome than usual.
Ou Yun Zhi saw it but didn't feel the slightest moved.
Right now, in her eyes, Ao Tu Song was just a suspect.
She would treat him seriously, but not love him.

    Ou Yun Zhi nodded, “It's not convenient today.”

    Ao Tu Song understood her, “It's not inconvenient ah.
Then remember to drink more brown sugar water when you head back and don't catch a cold.” When a woman says it’s inconvenient, usually it is because of her period.
Ao Tu Song has had similar experiences before.

    Seeing his words of concern, Ou Yun Zhi's expression softened a little bit.
Ao Tu Song was sure he had not guessed wrong and that Ou Yun Zhi’s period had indeed come.

    There’s no need to be anxious about the period.
It’ll always pass in three or five days.
The available meat tastes more delicious if he waits a few days before eating it anyways.

    Ao Tu Song watched Ou Yun Zhi go upstairs and then left when the light in her home turned on.

    The moment Ou Yun Zhi returned home, she felt a little tired.
She sat silently on the sofa for a while before taking off the three-carat diamond ring from her hand and threw it into a drawer.

    Ou Yun Zhi took out her phone to report to her superior about Ao Tu Song's movements today.
The superior told her not to spook him, but also not to be taken advantage of by Ao Tu Song.

    Ou Yun Zhi assured, “I will protect myself well, so don't worry.”

    “Xiao Lu went to investigate Ao Tu Song and gave me the results of the investigation today.
This Ao Tu Song is extremely unscrupulous in the women department.
He had a prior fiancée, and his fiancée’s family background was much better than his.
In the end, during the engagement, he still kept his girlfriend from college.
Later because his girlfriend was pregnant, his fiancée broke off the marriage contract with him.
In addition, Ao Tu Song used to have a maid in his family, but later she left for some unknown reason.
Xiao Lu's investigation found that Ao Tu Song would often go to the maid's daughter's school to look for her.
A good, proper female student was hooked by him to not return to her dorm at night.
There are even more incidents like these.
I don’t think he can give up the forest for one woman.
Him proposing to you must be for some unspeakable purpose.”

    Ou Yun Zhi originally thought Ao Tu Song proposing to her was only to take advantage of her.
She didn’t think of the other aspects.
Now that her superior mentioned it, she also felt Ao Tu Song's proposal was too sudden.

    However, for what reason, she had to wait for him to say it himself.


    On Luan Qing Xiao’s and Nie Zhen'er’s side, Father Luan and Mother Luan initially wanted the two to get engaged first to confirm their relationship.
Luan Qing Xiao wasn’t against it, but Nie Zhen'er didn't want to get engaged this quickly.

    In this regard, she explained, “My feelings for Qing Xiao have nothing to do with whether we are engaged or not.
Moreover, we’re still young, not in a hurry to get married.
I’m planning to wait at least seven or eight years before getting married.”

    What she meant was to achieve success through her own efforts, not because of her identity as Luan Qing Xiao's girlfriend.

    Hearing this, Father Luan and Mother Luan had nothing to say.

    Compared with Ao Tu Song, Nie Zhen'er really made people love her everywhere.

    Because Luan Qing Xiao had been previously busy with work, she had never been to Nie Zhen'er's school.
Seeing she had just completed a large order, Luan Qing Xiao gave herself a few days off and decided to go to An City University to accompany Nie Zhen'er in class for a few days.

    When they got up in the morning and after the two had breakfast, Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er took the bus to An City University’s gate and walked into the teaching building together.

    In order to play the role of a college student perfectly, Luan Qing Xiao deliberately wore a refreshing white tee and black trousers.
Since the weather was cold, she added a camel windbreaker.

    Nie Zhen'er wore exactly the same as Luan Qing Xiao except she was wearing leggings and a pleated skirt below.

    The clothes were bought by two people together.
Normally, one would go to work, while the other went to school, so they had no chance to wear them.
Now they can finally wear them.
Luan Qing Xiao gladly wished everyone could tell that she and Nie Zhen'er are a couple.


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