Inside the gymnasium, Yong Huan and Ke Li led everyone to dance for ten minutes.
When the PE teacher came back, Yong Huan immediately stopped.

    Ke Li asked, “Yong Huan, what's the matter? The music hasn't finished yet?”

    Yong Huan said, “I have something to tell the PE teacher, you led them to dance first.”

    After Yong Huan finished speaking, he walked over to the PE teacher.

    The PE teacher first glanced at Ke Li, who was leading the dance, before at Yong Huan.

    Yong Huan said, “Are you sure? Was it intentional or unintentional?”

    The PE teacher replied, “It was clearly intentional, you’re not curious who it is?”

    Yong Huan looked in the direction of Ke Li, “I’ve already singled her out, who else can it be?”

    “How do you want to solve it?” Since Hong Huan made it clear he wanted to seek justice for Nie Zhen'er, the PE teacher couldn’t not consider his wishes.

    After all, Yong Huan wasn’t an ordinary student.

    Yong Huan uttered, “Apologize, then transfer school.”

    The PE teacher remarked, “Isn’t transferring a bit too much?”

    In the end, Yong Huan still hasn't inherited the family business yet.
Will his family actually offend the Ke family for him?

    Yong Huan pointed out, “Nie Zhen'er is good friends with Luan Qing Xiao, the only one.”

    The PE teacher immediately understood.

    With Luan Qing Xiao, it would be impossible for Ke Li to stay at St.
Marilyn Ariscroatic Private High.

    Who let St.
Marilyn Aristocratic Private School be run by the Luan family and Luan Qing Xiao was the only daughter of the Luan family?

    As for whether the two families’ feelings will be hurt because of this, it wasn’t something he, a little PE teacher, needs to know.

    The PE teacher contacted Fang Hao Yue with his mobile phone.
Fang Hao Yue first went back to the class to see Nie Zhen'er.
After comforting her, she came to find the PE teacher.

    Ke Li is a student in Class One.
To deal with her, the homeroom teacher must be there.

    Once the two teachers, Fang Hao Yue walked directly in front of Ke Li, who was leading the dancer, and asked her to go with her off to the side.

    Ke Li had no sense of the crisis that was about to happen to her.
She only thought Fang Hao Yue was placing importance on herself to ask her to help with something and happily followed Fang Hao Yue to the principal's office.

    While Yong Huan went to the infirmary and looked for Ke Zhen Zhong.

    If they ask the Ke parents to come to the school, this matter will definitely not be resolved today.
The married couple will definitely support Ke Li.

    Yong Huan and Ke Zhen Zhong have known each other since childhood, so he knew his character.

    If Ke Zhen Zhong knew that Ke Li had intentionally hurt her classmates, Nie Zhen'er won’t suffer a loss.

    Seeing Yong Huan come to the infirmary, Ke Zhen Zhong revealed a surprised expression, “You’re coming here to see me?”

    Yong Huan cut straight to the point, “Brother Zhen Zhong, I need your help with Ke Li.”

    Hearing Ke Li's name, Ke Zhen Zhong knew there could be nothing good and the smile on his face disappeared.

    “What trouble did Ke Li cause again? Is it serious?”

    Yong Huan replied, “Ke Li felt a girl in the class, not pleasing to her eyes and deliberately tripped her while they were practicing dance steps.”

    “Nie Zhen'er's injury was caused by Ke Li?” Ke Zhen Zhong asked.

    Yong Huan nodded, “Qing Xiao brought Nie Zhen'er to the infirmary just now.
You probably have seen her.
Nie Zhen'er is a girl with an excellent personality.
I don't know why Ke Li just can’t get along with her.
The school attaches great importance to this.
In fact, there is surveillance footage to prove that Ke Li deliberately tripped Nie Zhen'er.
I want to ask you: Will your Ke family protect Ke Li?”

    Nie Zhen'er's figure flashed before Ke Zhen Zhong's eyes.
One was his younger sister and the other was the girl he fell in love with at first sight.
If he favored his sister, he could never be together with Nie Zhen'er.

    Ke Zhen Zhong sighed, “I’ll help the logical side.”

    Yong Huan nodded, “Good, Teacher Fang has already brought Ke Li to the principal's office.
We should head over now.”

    Ke Zhen Zhong rubbed his eyebrows, “I'm going to change clothes.”

    After Yong Huan waited for Ke Zhen Zhong to change his clothes, the two of them quickly walked to the principal's office and knocked on the door before entering.

    In the principal's office, there is a serious-faced principal, a frowning Fang Hao Yue, a sobbing Ke Li as well as Luan Qing Xiao, who was standing calmly on the side, and Nie Zhen'er, who was sitting on the sofa because of her foot injury.

    Once Yong Huan and Ke Zhen Zhong entered, Ke Li immediately cried louder when she saw her older brother.
She ran over to grab Ke Zhen Zhong’s sleeve while crying and complaining, “Brother, they’re all bullying me.
I only accidentally tripped Nie Zhen'er.
They not only asked me to apologize, but also wanted me to transfer schools.
Brother, woo, woo, woo, I don't want to transfer, you have to help me talk to the principal.”

    Ke Zhen Zhong didn’t respond to Ke Li.
He flicked away the hand that Ke Li was grabbing his sleeve with, frowning, “Look at your appearance right now.
You did something wrong and got caught.
Not only do you not want to admit your mistakes, but you just want to let your relatives help you.
If you keep this temper and get into trouble, will our family have to help you clean up your mess for a lifetime? “

    Ke Zhen Zhong's words weren’t unrelenting.
It caused Ke Li to forget to cry after hearing it.
Her face turned pale and her eyes red, she couldn’t appear more pitiful.

    However, no one is hated for no reason, there’s always a reason.
It was obvious that Ke Li hadn't realized her mistake yet.

    “Brother, you don’t want to care about me anymore?” Ke Li asked Ke Zhen Zhong, woefully.

    Her parents were getting old, they could leave her at any time.
Ke Li knew that her only reliance in the future was Ke Zhen Zhong.
Therefore, after hearing what Ke Zhen Zhong said, Ke Li was very frightened.

    If Ke Zhen Zhong intends to not care about her, even if her parents resolve the matter for her this time, there will be no guarantee for Ke Li's future.

    “You still know to be afraid, at least you’re not hopeless.” Ke Zhen Zhong stated.

    While Ke Li was lectured by Ke Zhen Zhong, she didn't dare to retort back.
She lowered her head as if she was admitting her mistake.
Yet, the person she’s admitting her mistake to was Ke Zhen Zhong.
From the bottom of her heart, she didn't want to apologize to Nie Zhen'er.

    Ke Zhen Zhong knew his sister couldn’t be taught sense in just one or two sentences.
After scolding Ke Li a few words, he greeted the principal and teacher first before coming to the victim Nie Zhen'er.
He said with a wry smile, “I didn't expect for us to meet again in this way.
It seems I’ll have to apologize to you again.”

    “I'm sorry.” Ke Zhen Zhong bowed to Nie Zhen'er.

    Nie Zhen'er said, “It's not you who hurt me.”

    Ke Zhen Zhong gave another wry smile, “Every family has their own problems.”

    He turned around and said harshly to Ke Li, “Hurry up and apologize to Nie Zhen'er!”

    Facing Nie Zhen’er’s contemptible gaze, Ke Li was over her head in anger.
She turned her head away, “I won't!”

    Ke Zhen Zhong said lightly, “Apologize, or I’ll sever the relationship between us siblings.
You choose one.”

    Ke Li looked at him in disbelief, “Brother, you actually want to sever our sibling relationship with me for this vixen! I want to tell my parents, I’m going to tell them to sever their relationship with you!”

    Ke Li's brain was obviously eaten by a dog.

    No matter how the Ke family’s parents spoil her, they also know that her character can’t support the Ke family.
How could they sever their relationship with Ke Zhen Zheng?

    The Ke parents might support Ke Li on the minor matters, but Father Ke always discussed the major issues with Ke Zhen Zhong.
This son has always been the pride of Father Ke and Mother Ke.

    If one person had to be abandoned between Ke Zhen Zhong and Ke Li by the family, then this person will definitely be Ke Li.

    Ke Zhen Zhong said to the principal teacher and Nie Zhen'er, “I’ll go talk outside with my sister.”

    Ke Zhen Zhong pulled Ke Li out of the principal's office.

    When Ke Li went outside the office, she stated smugly, “What about it now? You’re scared, aren’t you?”

    “Heh, I don't know how you got into Class One with your brains.” Ke Zhen Zhong smiled sarcastically.

    He broke the truth apart and smashed it to pieces to tell Ke Li, making Ke Li's smug face become pale again.

    “Brother, don't cut off the relationship with me, woo, woo.” Ke Li trembled in fear.

    Ke Zhen Zhong said, “I have given you a choice just now.
What you need to do now, I don't need to tell you again, do I?”

    Ke Li hung her head in tears.
Asking her to apologize to Nie Zhen'er was more embarrassing than being criticized by the teacher in public.

    But if she doesn't apologize, her future dependence will be gone.

    Ke Li nodded, sobbing, “I, I'll go, and apologize to Nie Zhen'er.”

    When Ke Zhen Zhong and Ke Li returned to the principal's office, everyone was waiting to see what Ke Li would do.

    Ke Li's face was white and red as she walked to Nie Zhen'er, unwillingly, “I'm sorry.”

    Ke Zhen Zhong said, “The attitude is not correct.
How did I tell you to apologize just now?”

    Ke Li bit her lower lip until the bite bled.

    She held back her tears and took a deep breath before bowing to Nie Zhen'er.
Then, she closed her eyes and said loudly, “Sorry, I shouldn't have tripped you up on purpose.
I was wrong.”

    After Ke Li bowed, she raised her head to look at Ke Zhen Zhong, “Brother, is this okay?” Her tears dripped down as she spoke.

    It is too difficult to want to change a person.

    Nie Zhen'er responded, “I can forgive you.”

    Ke Li tightly clenched her hands, her nails stuck into the flesh of her palms.

    She actually sunk so low to the point of being needed to be forgiven by a pauper.

    “But, I still don't want to see you in school anymore.”

    “What did you say?” Ke Li turned around angrily and looked at Nie Zhen'er.

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