Luan Qing Xiao felt the male lead was a bit pitiful.

    Although he was only a piece of data, he was the same as all the other “people” in this world.

    Initially, he was perfect to begin with.
Therefore when there was suddenly a flaw on this perfect body, everyone would feel pitiful.

    Luan Qing Xiao decided to help the male lead.

    The people who saw Yong Huan doing something alone in the bedroom that day were all tight-lipped about it.
When Luan Qing Xiao's family went to Yong Huan’s home for their New Year’s greetings the next day, Yong Huan’s parents behaved normally, only Yong Huan, who was accompanying his parents in the living room, his face was a little pale and had dark eye bags.
They could see that he didn't sleep well yesterday.

    Luan Qing Xiao said to Father Yong, “Uncle Yong, us students aren’t interested in what you adults talk about.
Why don't I head upstairs to the game room with Yong Huan?”

    Father Yong looked at the generous and graceful Luan Qing Xiao.
Suddenly he thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let Luan Qing Xiao become his daughter-in-law.
Young puppy love ah, Yong Huan and Luan Qing Xiao would definitely develop feelings for each other once they started having more contact.

    What happened yesterday was only something Yong Huan did out of a moment of confusion.
Father Yong felt he couldn't have just done that out of nowhere.
Maybe he was deceived by someone and got led astray.
As long as someone guides him back, he will be able to return to normal.

    Therefore, Father Yong smiled and replied to Luan Qing Xiao, “Go, go, have fun.
Qing Xiao, you can stay for lunch at noon, don't worry about rushing to get home.”

    Luan Qing Xiao smiled, but didn’t reply.
She pulled Yong Huan's hand, “Let’s go upstairs.”

    Yong Huan stood up, looking quite muddled.

    Luan Qing Xiao could only grab his clothes and drag him to the game room on the second floor.

    When Luan Qing Xiao entered the game room, she took out a deck of cards from the drawer and said to Yong Huan, “Do you want to play cards? The type that when you lose, you undress a piece of clothing?”

    Yong Huan glanced at Luan Qing Xiao in a daze with a confused expression, “Undress?”

    “Yes, undress.
Do you dare to play?” Luan Qing Xiao asked in a provocative tone on purpose.

    Although Yong Huan is narcissistic because of the crystal necklace, he was still a man at heart.
How can a man be bloodless? Luan Qing Xiao's eyes are too contemptuous, making him recall yesterday’s shame.
His face flushed, “Why wouldI not dare? Seeing you’re a girl, I'll let you have three rounds as a handicap.”

    Luan Qing Xiao smiled softly, “No need.”

    “You only have five clothes.
Let's play five games first.”

    Sure enough, Luan Qing Xiao didn't need it, because Yong Huan lost every round and each loss was extremely miserable.

    At home, Yong Huan only wore a shirt, a pair of trousers, two socks, and the innermost underwear.

    In the first game, Yong Huan took off a sock.
In the second game, he took off his socks.
In the third game, he took off his shirt.

    At this time, Yong Huan's face was already quite unpleasant.

    He simply couldn't believe that he had lost three games in a row.

    “What? Still playing?” Luan Qing Xiao asked triumphantly, propping her chin.

    Yong Huan gritted his teeth, “I'm playing!”

    As a result, he lost the fourth game as well.

    It was impossible for Yong Huan to take off his trousers in front of a girl, but he also had to abide by the betting agreement.
His face changed a few times as he sat there stiffly.

    Luan Qing Xiao was a kind-hearted (maybe) person, so she thought of a solution for him, “Jewelries like necklaces are also counted.”

    Yong Huan touched the crystal necklace between his neck and shook his head, “This won't do.”

    “Then take off your pants lo.
To be honest, I am quite curious about your physique.”

    Yong Huan's face turned black.

  “Are you going to take it off or not?” Luan Qing Xiao rapped on the table to urge Yong Huan.

    Yong Huan said, “I'll take off my trousers this time.”

    “Nice nice~” Luan Qing Xiao pretended to be interested in watching Yong Huan take off his trousers.

    After Yong Huan finished taking off, she even whistled frivolously.

    Yong Huan said with a blackened face, “There is still one last game.”

    Of course it was a loss again.

    “Boxer or necklace, both works.” Luan Qing Xiao spread her hand.

    Yong Huan sat at the table, his lips trembling.

    His reason told him to remove the necklace, but a voice he didn't know where it came from kept saying “Don't remove the necklace” in his mind.
Yong Huan struggled for ten minutes before his shame finally made him remove the crystal.
Holding back his anger, he set the necklace in the middle of the table, “I choose the necklace!”

    Luan Qing Xiao laughed, “I was going to take a photo as a souvenir, but I think this necklace of yours is extremely similar to the one I lost.
How about you give me the necklace and I won't take pictures of you, what do you think?”

    Besides agreeing, did Yong Huan have any other options? Just now, Luan Qing Xiao also mentioned her necklace was similar to Yong Huan's necklace, which shocked Yong Huan.

    Only then did he remember that the necklace was taken from the Luan's house because of his inexplicable attraction to it.
“You can take it, don't let me see it again.”

    Luan Qing Xiao said, “Don't worry, you'll never see it again in your life.”

    This time Luan Qing Xiao chose an uninhabited suburban warehouse to store the necklace.
Once the seven days passed, she directly flushed the invalid crystal necklace into the toilet.

    From now on, the six most outstanding men in this world will never inexplicably fall in love with someone.

    If she were to name the person who felt the most change of the six men after Yong Huan took off the necklace, it would be none other than Ke Li.

    However, because of this incident, it made Ke Li realize more deeply that a man’s feelings come and go without any reason at all.

    Ke Li finally came to the conclusion that the man's sweet-talk wasn’t credible!

    Once the crystal necklace crisis passed, the campus returned to calm.

    Luan Qing Xiao spent three years in high school with Nie Zhen'er.
After the college entrance examination was over, she immediately proposed to Nie Zhen'er to marry her.

    Nie Zhen'er had long discovered that she liked Luan Qing Xiao, but she kept admonishing herself to keep her studies as a priority and didn’t confess.
She originally planned to confess to Luan Qing Xiao after the college entrance examination, but she didn't know Luan Qing Xiao would be one step ahead.

    Not only was she one step ahead, it actually should be two steps.

    Luan Qing Xiao actually proposed to her!

    Nie Zhen'er covered her mouth and stared at Luan Qing Xiao, who was kneeling on one knee, in disbelief.
Her eyes turned slightly red.

    “Zhen'er, I love you, will you marry me? When we graduate from college, we can get married.” Luan Qing Xiao held the dove egg diamond ring and looked at Nie Zhen'er affectionately with a loving gaze.

    Nie Zhen'er's eyes blinked as tears came down.
She stretched out her hand to Luan Qing Xiao and said excitedly, “Yes, I do!”

    In the four years of university, the two are model lovers whom everyone envy.
Not only were they both top students, they were
 also faithful and loving to each other without any scandals.

    After graduating from university, Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er held a grand wedding of the century under the witness of their parents.

    Ke Li and the biracial girlfriend she started dating in college were their bridesmaids.

    Yong Huan and his parents came to Luan Qing Xiao’s wedding.
Down on the stage, Father Yong scolded Yong Huan for not meeting His expectations, “How did you give away such a good girl like Qing Xiao?!”

    Back then when that kind of incident happened to Yong Huan, after Luan Qing Xiao and Yong Huan played in the game room for a while, Yong Huan had returned to normal.

    Father Yong always thought that it was Luan Qing Xiao who made Yong Huan straight again, so he's been expecting the two to become a couple.

    Father Yong never expected the news he received in the end would be the news of Luan Qing Xiao's marriage to a young girl from an ordinary family.

    Once Yong Huan took off the crystal necklace, his mind automatically cleared the memory of that time.

    He asked Father Yong in amazement, “Where do you see that I like Qing Xiao? It's impossible for us!”

    Father Yong was made speechless by him.

    On the stage, Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er exchanged diamond rings under the witness of everyone and kissed each other affectionately.

    Zhu Xi Zheng's father was an old-fashioned man.
He was especially unable to understand the same sex having romantic feelings.

    He just happened to sit right behind the Luan parents and exclaimed in a rather loud voice, “Two female lasses ah, they can't give birth to children.
I'll wait and see what they will do when they get old! I'm just afraid her family property will be hollowed out by the public!”

    Mother Luan, a proper lady, was angered into rolling her eyes. 

    She turned her head and said gently to Father Zhu, “Xi Zheng is already twenty-five, right? I heard he still doesn't have a partner yet? Then you have to hurry up.
Once a man is over twenty-five, his physical strength will only get worse and worse.
After he's over thirty, it will be difficult to have a baby and the baby may even be in poor health.”

    Father Zhu turned his head and glared at Zhu Xi Zheng, “Did you hear that? Hurry up and find me a daughter-in-law, then give me a fat grandson! Next year, don't come home if you're not married!”

    Zhu Xi Zheng: “…” It's the parents fighting, why is it him who gets hurt? ? ?

    “You ah, don't urge Xi Zheng.
It's not like if he gets married next year, he'll definitely give birth to a healthy child?”

    Father Zhu was completely speechless.

    Where couldn't he see that Mother Luan was deliberately targeting him?

    Zhu's family style didn’t allow him to get angry with women, so Father Zhu can only cast his anger on Zhu Xi Zheng.

    After Luan Qing Xiao got married, Wan Xia Feng, Lang Dun Ming, Ke Zhen Zhong and Di Xi all stepped into the marriage palace one after another.

    Only Zhu Xi Zheng had a rebellious mindset because of Father Zhu’s nagging.
The more Father Zhu wanted him to do something, the more he didn't do it.
In the end, he forcibly resisted until the age of forty before he was forced to marry.

    Ten years after Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er got married, Father Luan completely handed Luan's family into Luan Qing Xiao's hands.
Then, he comfortably traveled around the world with Mother Luan.

    Once Luan Qing Xiao took over the Luan family, the first thing she did was to cooperate with the government on Nie Zhen'er's suggestion to build a free school just for poor students.

    For people of their class, money has already become a number and only by helping others can the value of this group of numbers be reflected.

    When Luan Qing Xiao was forty years old, her prestige reached its peak.
Nie Zhen'er brought up the idea for her to run for the president of the country to gain greater power, so she could do even more meaningful things.

    Luan Qing Xiao felt Nie Zhen'er's words made sense.
Therefore, after making full preparations, she embarked on the journey of a presidential campaign.

    Among the several presidential candidates, Luan Qing Xiao was the richest and most prestigious.
Soon, she defeated her opponents and became the president of the country.

    As the president, Luan Qing Xiao took her First Lady out for the tour.
The media took pictures of Nie Zhen'er and compared it with the wives of other heads of state, to which Nie Zhen'er won with a landslide.

    Nie Zhen'er has a tough temperament that further enhances her beautiful appearance and her every move was full of an incomparable charm.

    Literati wrote books for Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen'er, eulogizing their love.

    Painters drew them, leaving countless masterpieces.

    Singers and dancers rehearse plays to sing and dance their story, spreading their deeds all over the world.

    Their names became synonymous with greatness and nobleness.

    【Beep Beep! Detaching from the world! 】

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