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The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 38, Pure Campus Love

    Xue Man didn’t have the slightest hint of a smile on her face.
She had only to think about the call Nie Jiao Jiao made crying to her last night, saying she was injured in the hospital; she arrived at the hospital to find her daughter’s forehead scraped, and her clothes were bloody, and she would be seething with rage.    Even if she was dissatisfied with Nie Jiao Jiao, this was her own daughter.    Yesterday, Xue Man asked about Nie Jiao Jiao’s injuries in the hospital.
Nie Jiao Jiao hid some of the details and only mentioned Liang Yan, because she knew if Xue Man knew this matter was related to Luan Qing Xiao, she might not reclaim justice for her.    Obviously, Nie Jiao Jiao had forgotten the reason for her fall was caused by herself.    Xue Man had Nie Jiao Jiao take her to the teacher’s office to find the homeroom teacher.
After pushing the door in, the homeroom teacher immediately stood up and was concerned about the wound on Nie Jiao Jiao ’s face, ”Student Nie Jiao Jiao, what ’s happened to your face? ”    Xue Man stopped Nie Jiao Jiao, who was about to talk.
She walked up to the homeroom teacher and stretched out her pampering hand, which the homeroom teacher quickly shook.     ”Hello, I am Jiao Jiao ’s mother.
My name is Xue Man, and my husband is Nie Kai Ze, the president of Yunbo Real Estate. ” Xue Man likes to show off all her cards from the start.    The smile on the homeroom class teacher was a little stiff.
She thought what business does your husband’s career have to do with me.     ”Hello, please take a seat. ” The homeroom teacher invited me.    Xue Man has clean appearance and elegant posture.
She nitpickingly glanced at the chair and took out a handkerchief from her purse to hand it to Nie Jiao Jiao.
Nie Jiao Jiao bent over and wiped the chair with the handkerchief before Xue Man reluctantly sat down.    With Xue Man ’s attitude, the homeroom teacher already had a bad impression of her.    But in the end, she still was the parent of her student, so she could only endure it, ”Nie Jiao Jiao’s parent, what are you doing here today? ”    A hint of displeasure flashed from the corner of Xue Man ’s eyes.
Her voice was as sweet as an oriole in the empty valley, ”You can refer to me as Mrs.
Nie. ”    The homeroom teacher couldn ’t help gritting her teeth.
MD, when is this person going to tell me her business?    The homeroom teacher only silently stared at her and pursued her lips, waiting for her to say.    Xue Man clasped her hands with slender fingers together.
Her back was straight, and her neck was as long as a swan neck.
”I have to say the caliber of your school ’s students is quite mediocre. ”    Without waiting for the homeroom teacher to refute, Xue Man continued, ”Yesterday, my daughter Nie Jiao Jiao fell because of Classmate Liang Yan.
She scraped her forehead and blood dripped all over her body, but the culprit left by himself.
My precious daughter Nie Jiao Jiao could only catch a taxi to the hospital by herself.
Do you know how shocked and sad I was when I saw Jiao Jiao yesterday? My daughter, who had never been wronged since she was a child, was harmed by her own classmate! Classmate Liang Yan must give us an explanation! ”    The homeroom teacher thought she had heard it wrong, Liang Yan? How can it be? If Xue Man had said Luan Qing Xiao, she would almost believe it.    The homeroom teacher said gently, ”Do you think there might be some misunderstandings in the middle? Liang Yan is an excellent classmate, he has never done such a thing before… ”     ”No need to say anymore.
Even if they haven ’t done it before, it doesn ’t mean they won ’t do it in the future.
Right now, I just want you to call Liang Yan over.
I want to ask him personally why he did this. ” Xue Man interrupted the homeroom teacher with a stern face.    The homeroom teacher wanted to ask the person involved, Nie Jiao Jiao, but Nie Jiao Jiao stayed behind Xue Man the whole time.
This mother and daughter didn’t give the homeroom teacher a chance.    “Let ’s all calm down.
I ’ll head to the classroom to learn about the situation. ” The homeroom teacher stood up to walk out.
Xue Man also stood up, ”It ’s better to go together and talk in front of the entire class. ”    The homeroom teacher’s face turned cold, ”Nie Jiao Jiao’s parent, that’s not a good idea. ”    Xue Man just pretended not to see her expression, and ordered Nie Jiao Jiao, ”Lead the way for mom. ”    Nie Jiao Jiao nodded.
She stepped around the homeroom teachers to exit the classroom first.    The homeroom teacher was really amazed by this mothers and daughter pair.
They were acting as if they were afraid others wouldn’t see that they were here to make trouble.    The homeroom teacher hurried her steps and walked to Xue Man ’s side, ”There’s absolutely no way I can announce this to the entire class, we can’t affect other students ’ studying. ”     ”Then in the corridor. ” Xue Man kept walking.     ”You wait outside the classroom first, and I’ll have Liang Yan come out. ” The homeroom teacher stared tightly at Xue Man.    Xue Man frowned before replying, ”Fine. ”    The homeroom teacher let out a sigh of relief.    When they arrived at the door of the Rocket Class, Xue Man actually stopped.    The homeroom teacher said, ”Wait a minute. ” Then, she entered the classroom.    She walked to Liang Yan ’s side and knocked on his table.
When Liang Yan looked up, she whispered, ”Come out for a second. ”    Liang Yan put down his textbook and walked out with the homeroom teacher.
The moment he saw Nie Jiao Jiao at the door, disgust flashed in his eyes.     ”Are you Liang Yan? ” A mellow female voice suddenly sounded.    Liang Yan followed the voice and looked over.
When he saw Xue Man ’s face, his pupils dilated.
He wanted to continue looking, but he didn ’t think it would be proper.
He retracted his gaze, ”That ’s me, may I ask who you are? ” He wondered if she was some relatives of Nie Zhen’er.
But why was she with Nie Jiao Jiao?    Xue Man snorted coldly, “From looking at your scholarly appearance and listening to your homeroom teacher praising your academics, I didn’t expect you to do such a thing! ”    After Liang Yan confirmed that he didn’t know her, he couldn ’t help but raise his head, ”If you would, this auntie, what exactly did I do? ”    Xue Man pulled Nie Jiao Jiao in front of her, ”Do you dare to say the injury on Jiao Jiao ’s face had nothing to do with you? ”    Nie Jiao Jiao thought of the way he had left me behind yesterday, and angrily ”hmph ” at him.    Liang Yan coldly retorted, ”I really had nothing to do with it.
Who told you that I caused the wound on her face? Nie Jiao Jiao herself? ”    Hearing Liang Yan ’s denial, Xue Man turned her gaze to the homeroom teacher, ”I didn ’t expect this child to be young, yet to be this skilled in lying.
You might as well call his parents and let ’s discuss this together. ”    Liang Yan glared at Nie Jiao Jiao, ”Teacher, Nie Jiao Jiao is the real liar here.
Her injury has nothing to do with me.
If you don ’t believe me, ask Luan Qing Xiao.
When I saw Nie Jiao Jiao, Luan Qing Xiao was next to her.
”    Nie Jiao Jiao was originally scared back by his stare.
But when she heard him mention Luan Qing Xiao, she immediately denied it, ”You’re lying, I wasn’t with Luan Qing Xiao at all. ”     ”Liang Yan, go and call Luan Qing Xiao out. ” The homeroom teacher said.    When Xue Man heard Luan Qing Xiao ’s name, she glared coldly at Nie Jiao Jiao.
When she saw the guiltiness in Nie Jiao Jiao ’s eyes, she suddenly realized that it was Nie Jiao Jiao who lied.    She too was careless, and Nie Jiao Jiao took advantage of that blind spot.
Now even Luan Qing Xiao got pulled in…    Xue Man faced the homeroom teacher, ”Let me talk to Jiao Jiao first. ” She dragged over Nie Jiao Jiao by her hand and walked about five meters away.    Xue Man ’s probing eyes stared at Nie Jiao Jiao, making Nie Jiao Jiao so scared as she slowly uttered, ”You tell the truth, otherwise if I lose face later on, I won ’t cover you. ” Xue Man was almost certain Nie Jiao Jiao ’s matter had nothing to do with Liang Yan, and felt sick in her heart.
She was only defending her daughter for the first time in eighteen years, however her daughter turned out to be the one lying.    Thinking about her arrogance when she was facing the homeroom teacher just now, there was no mother in the world who was more embarrassed than her.     ”Mom, don ’t you believe me? ” Nie Jiao Jiao reached out to pull Xue Man ’s hand, but Xue Man avoided it.    Xue Man turned serious, ”Even now you’re still unwilling to tell the truth? ”    Nie Jiao Jiao blabbered for some more, nonetheless she say anything about what actually happened    By this time, Luan Qing Xiao had come out of the classroom, besides Liang Yan, there was also Nie Zhen ’er behind him.    Initially, Liang Yan didn ’t mention Nie Zhen ’er ’s name, because he didn ’t want her to be tangled in this mess.
But who knows why, when Luan Qing Xiao heard Liang Yan say Nie Jiao Jiao ’s mother was there as well, she insisted on bringing Nie Zhen ’er along.
Liang Yan never was able to stop her, he could only furrow his brows and follow along.    Several people were waiting by the door.
The homeroom teacher saw Xue Man ’s mother and daughter hadn ’t finished speaking, so she walked over, ”Nie Jiao Jiao’s parent, some students have come speculating.
Let ’s just confront this face-to-face. ”    Xue Man ‘s complexion was a little off.
Just as she was about to refuse, Luan Qing Xiao walked over from the door, ”Hello Auntie, I am Luan Qing Xiao. ”    When Luan Qing Xiao saw Xue Man ’s face, she was certain of the guess in her heart.    Xue Man instinctively smiled.
Then she thought about the current situation, it wasn’t right to smile nor not to smile, ”Nice to meet you, Classmate Luan Qing Xiao. ”     ”I think Nie Jiao Jiao must be very pampered at home, therefore she has the courage to lie about this kind of thing.
I understand that auntie is also in a dilemma.
, as long as we clarify what happened yesterday, have the person who made the mistake apologize and accept a small punishment, and let the matter be.
What do you think? ”    Luan Qing Xiao offered Xue Man a way out, and Xue Man accepted, ”All right, the person that made the mistake definitely needs to be punished. ”    Xue Man gave Nie Jiao Jiao an apathetic look after speaking.    Luan Qing Xiao beckoned Nie Zhen ’er and Liang Yan to come over, and the four parties got together to tell the whole situation from the time.    Luan Qing Xiao began, ”I made an appointment with Zhen ’er to buy groceries from the supermarket last weekend.
When we walked to the intersection, Classmate Nie Jiao Jiao suddenly jumped out from the side and said she was lost. ” When done speaking, she glanced at Nie Zhen ’er.    Nie Zhen ’er continued softly, ”Qing Xiao allowed Classmate Nie Jiao Jiao to follow us.
We accompanied her to the side of the road and told her to take a taxi home.
When we were five or six meters away from the road, Classmate Nie Jiao Jiao suddenly fell for some reason and then Classmate Liang Yan ran over from a distance. ”     Initially distracted by her own irritation, Xue Man didn ’t notice Nie Zhen ’er.
That’s it until she started speaking and her voice attracted her attention.
When she saw her face, she felt the girl’s face was extremely familiar, as if she saw her from somewhere.
For some reason, she instantly had a good impression of her.    After Nie Zhen ’er finished speaking, it was Liang Yan ’s turn.
He pursed his lips, ”At that time, the way Luan Qing Xiao was standing just happened to block Nie Jiao Jiao ’s face.
I thought it was Classmate Nie Zhen ’er who fell, so I ran over to check.
However, I didn ’t expect it was Nie Jiao Jiao who fell.
Out of kindness, I immediately helped Nie Jiao Jiao up. ”     ”Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen ’er left first since they have something to do.
I stayed to take Nie Jiao Jiao to the hospital… ”    Nie Jiao Jiao interrupted him, ”You abandoned me and never took me to the hospital at all! ”    Liang Yan ’s eyes were cold, ”Yes, I left you.
Don ’t you know why? You said you would have your father teach me a lesson, why should I help someone who isn’t grateful, but will return favors with hatred. ”     ”That ’s because you spoke so meanly. ” Nie Jiao Jiao shot back confidently, ”No one has ever been so fierce to me.
Of course, I would want my father to get back at you. ”    Liang Yan didn ’t even want to look at her.
He turned toward the homeroom teacher, ”Teacher, that ’s how things went. ”     ”Nie Jiao Jiao ’s parent, now I think you know the truth.
Classmate Nie Jiao Jiao accidentally fell and then threatened a classmate who tried helping her.
This kind behavior is very revolting. ” The homeroom teacher ’s aversion towards Nie Jiao Jiao reached its peak.
”I think Nie Jiao Jiao might not be suitable to stay in Rocket Class.
The principal will be informed about this matter. ”    Ever since Xue Man saw Nie Zhen ’er ’s face, she couldn ’t take her eyes off.
She suddenly thought Nie Zhen ’er ’s appearance was exactly what she imagined her ideal daughter to be.
Nie Zhen’er was petite, cute, beautiful and pleasant.
She took a glance at the red list and saw Nie Zhen ’er was ranked second, meaning she has excellent grades.
For a while, Xue Man couldn’t shift her gaze away.    It wasn ’t until the homeroom teacher called her that Xue Man retracted her gaze and seriously responded to the homeroom teacher, ”Jiao Jiao did make the mistake, she deserves to be punished.
I have no objection. ”    Xue Man pushed Nie Jiao Jiao from beside her to the front, ”First apologize to the classmates whom you wronged. ”    Nie Jiao Jiao aggrievedly mumbled, ”I ’m sorry. ”     ”They helped you yesterday, say thank you. ”     ”Thank you. ” Her voice became even more aggrieved.    To the homeroom teacher, Xue Man stated, ”Sorry for the mess, I didn’t make certain of the real situation.
I apologize to you for my unreasonableness. ” She bowed.    The homeroom teacher quickly helped her up, ”It ’s okay, I understand a parent’s heart. ”    ___ ___ ___    When Xue Man arrived home, Nie Kai Ze also was heading home to pick up a confidential document.
The two just happened to run into each other.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Notes:MD: Short for 妈的 (ma de), which means f*ck

Alter Ego

5/28/2021 04:16:31 am

Hmm, I still don ’t know how to feel about this.
Surely Xue Man will frikking adore Nie Zhen ’er when she finds out she ’s her daughter.
But still, feels off.

Welp, its this mother or the other, so I can ’t really complain.
What a huge upgrade

Just an amateur translator.
Got tired of waiting for other people to pick up the novels, so I thought why not me? Feel free to give feedbacks and advice, since I definitely appreciate them! 

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