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The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 39, Pure Campus Love

    His heart marked a complaint against Xue Man as he blamed this woman for not handling things properly.    Xue Man defended herself, ”I ’ve already embarrassed myself once at school.
If you don’t want her to transfer classes, then you can find the principal yourself. ”    Nie Kai Ze snorted and started walking out.
Suddenly, Xue Man said, ”By the way, I saw a girl named Nie Zhen ’er at school. ”    Nie Kai Ze’s body instantly stiffened, ”Nie Zhen ’er? Was there anything special about her? ”    Nie Kai Ze had his back to Xue Man.
His complexion was pasty and his hands were unconsciously tightened, crumpling his portfolio.    Xue Man ’s face showed a puzzled expression, ”Very cute, beautiful, and does well academically.
It ’s exactly what my daughter would look like in my mind.
Sigh, what is the use of this? God knows who knows who’s IQ Jiao Jiao takes after? ”     ”Jiao Jiao is your biological daughter.
Don ’t pay so much attention to those who aren’t related by blood in the future, or if Jiao Jiao found out, she will be sad. ” Nie Kai Ze ’s voice was a little raspy.    Xue Man felt that Nie Kai Ze has become increasingly unreasonable recently, and only perfunctorily said, ”Don’t worry, I wouldn’t pay more attention to some other stranger over my own daughter.”    For some reason, Nie Kai Ze was very long-winded today.
Xue Man had already responded, yet he went on saying, ”You should focus more on Jiao Jiao. ”    Xue Man, ”… ”    After Nie Kai Ze left with the file, Xue Man sat in the empty living room and laughed sarcastically.    When she wanted to care for Nie Jiao Jiao, Nie Kai Ze desperately stopped her as if he would die.
But now that she gave up whole-heartedly on her since Nie Jiao Jiao ’s character has been shaped, he wanted her to put more thoughts on Nie Jiao Jiao.    Ha, what for? To be angered to death?    However, Nie Kai Ze was really off today.
Why did he say such things after she mentioned Nie Zhen ’er? This wasn’t like him at all.    Maybe he recognizes Nie Zhen ’er?    Nie Zhen ’er, Nie Zhen ’er.    Xue Man repeated Nie Zhen ’er ’s name twice, and doubts came to her mind, Nie Zhen ’er was also surnamed Nie.
Could she be a child of Nie Kai Ze ’s xiao san and xiao si? Then, in order to protect her, Nie Kai Ze didn’t want her to pay more attention to her.
…    Once a woman is suspicious, she likes to get to the bottom of the problem.    Nie Kai Ze was never a proper gentleman.
ly when Xue Man ’s parents were still alive, Nie Kai Ze already dared to raise mistresses outside.
Since the two only married for a better business alliance, as long as he didn’t take anyone’s lives, Xue Man let him be, although she did hire a private detective to stalk him.    Nie Zhen ’er and Nie Jiao Jiao were about the same age.
Could Nie Kai Ze still have a mistress that her private detective hasn’t found yet?    Xue Man couldn’t sit still any longer.    She took out her phone and pressed a person named Xiao Liu from the contact list.     ”Hello, this is Xiao Liu Footwear, what dreams can we fulfill for you? ” This “footwear” company is just a cover up for its unethical practices.     ”Little Liu, it ’s me, Xue Man. ”    Xiao Liu ’s voice on the other side became much more enthusiastic, ”It turns out to be Ms.
What service do you need? ”    Xue Man said: ”Help me find someone. ”    After telling Xiao Liu Nie Zhen ’er ’s name, school and class number, Xue Man hung up the phone.    She only hired someone to track Nie Kai Ze’s whereabouts after she gave birth.
If Nie Kai Ze already had children with other women before that, it was normal for her to not know about it.    Now all she had to do was wait for the investigation report from Xiao Liu.    Heading home from school later that evening, Luan Qing Xiao vaguely felt someone was following Nie Zhen ’er and her.    It couldn ’t be Liang Yan, Liang Yan was always the first to leave every time.
With the exception of the first time they walked together since he was worried about Zhen’er’s safety, no similar thing happened after that.    It also couldn’t be Nie Jiao Jiao.
Nie Jiao Jiao would only follow them in a way which she thought was very concealed but was actually too obvious.    So who’s currently following them?    Luan Qing Xiao held Nie Zhen ’er ’s hand and pulled her into the shadowed alley.
She reached out her hand to cover her mouth, and leaned to her ear in a low voice.
”Don ’t make any noise, someone is following us. ”    When Nie Zhen ’er nodded, Luan Qing Xiao released her hand.
The two huddled together, motionless, waiting for the person to come out.    The autumn night was very chilly, but Luan Qing Xiao, who was next to Nie Zhen ’er, felt a bit hot.    Feeling Nie Zhen ’er ’s body began slightly trembling, Luan Qing Xiao whispered, ”Don ’t be afraid, I won ’t let anything happen to you. ”    Nie Zhen ’er reached out and hugged Luan Qing Xiao, burying her face into her chest.    The quiet night exposes all the subtle sounds.    The sound of shoes rubbing against the road was getting closer and faster, as the frequency of footsteps was getting faster and faster.
Luan Qing Xiao ’s eyes stared out from the alley, and soon saw a skinny man taking rapid steps forward while scanning his surroundings from time to time.    After the man passed them, Luan Qing Xiao pulled Nie Zhen ’er out of the alley and resumed their walk home.     ”Were you afraid? ” Luan Qing Xiao asked.    Nie Zhen ’er shook her head, ”I had you by my side, so I wasn’t afraid. ”    Luan Qing Xiao couldn ’t help smiling.    After walking for a while, the skinny man probably couldn ’t find them up front, so he retraced his steps back and happened to run into them.    The thin man was taken back as he wondered if he had been discovered?    Swiftly, he decided to give up his stalking, and lowered his head to leave.    Luan Qing Xiao didn ’t want to let him go.
She took a big step, then stretched out her arm to stop the person, ”Where do you think you’re going? ”    The skinny man looked up with confusion, ”Who are you and why are you blocking me? ”    Luan Qing Xiao didn ’t intend to answer his question.
Instead, she cut straight to the point, ”Just tell me who hired you to follow us. ”    The skinny man’s eyes twitched, as if he was very angry, ”You’re ridiculous! I came here to find my relatives, but I decided to leave since I couldn’t find them.
What do you mean I’m following you! Seeing that you are a little girl, I won’t do anything with you.
So please get out of my way or I’ll call the police. ”    Luan Qing Xiao didn’t believe a single word from the man.     ”Oh, yes, you really weren’t following me.
You were following Zhen ’er, ” Luan Qing Xiao said with a faint smile, ”Let me guess who sent. ”    The skinny man ’s expression tightened.     ”The only person who has been in contact with Zhen ’er recently was Nie Jiao Jiao, who is suspicious. ” Luan Qing Xiao patted the tense shoulders of the skinny man, ”However Nie Jiao Jiao, who is a high school student, doesn’t have the capability of finding a private detective.
So I guess it’s Nie Jiao Jiao ’s mother, Ms.
Xue, who hired you. ”    The skinny man didn ’t expect Luan Qing Xiao to be able to guess Xue Man in just a few sentences, and sweat instantly started dripping from his forehead.     ”If you really want to investigate, go investigate Nie Mei Feng, and stop following Zhen ’er. ” Luan Qing Xiao reprimand sharply, ”Understood? ”     ”Un-understood. ” The skinny man felt his heart almost jump out from his throat in fright due to her scariness.    Luan Qing Xiao nodded in satisfaction.
She walked to Nie Zhen ’er ’s side and left holding hands.    The skinny man couldn ’t help but collapse on the ground.    He watched Luan Qing Xiao ’s back and wondered when high school students were this amazing.    Nie Zhen ’er glanced back at the skinny man, and bewilderedly asked,   ”Why did Nie Jiao Jiao ’s mother hire someone to follow me? Hasn ’t the issues with Nie Jiao Jiao ’s injury been resolved already? ”    Luan Qing Xiao didn’t intend to hide the reason, Nie Zhen ’er had the right to know the truth.     ”Zhen’er, have you ever thought about the fact that Nie Mei Feng may not be your mother? ”    Nie Zhen ’er smiled bitterly, ”I did when I was very young, things like why Nie Mei Feng was my mother, and why did my mother have to be like this. ”     ”Qing Xiao, why would you ask this question? All the surrounding neighbors know my mother  moved here with me a few days after I was born.
Although I really hope she isn’t my mother, she is indeed my mother. ”    Luan Qing Xiao ran her fingers through Nie Zhen ’er ’s long satin-like hair, ”Did Nie Mei Feng ever say anything about your father? ”    Nie Zhen ’er shook her head, ”I only asked once, when I was almost abducted and sold by the art studio owner in elementary school.
Then, my mother locked and starved me for two days in my bedroom. ”    Luan Qing Xiao grasped Nie Zhen ’er ’s hand tightly, instead Nie Zhen ’er comforted her, ”It ’s okay.
I don ’t really care about these previous events, otherwise I won ’t say it so easily. ”    Luan Qing Xiao took her hand and placed it on her heart, ”But my heart hurts for you.
Zhen ’er, I won ’t let you suffer any more in the future. ”    Nie Zhen ’er smiled and nodded with tears in her apricot eyes, ”Okay. ”    Luan Qing Xiao told Nie Zhen ’er about what she suspected.
From the appearance, Nie Jiao Jiao looked like Nie Mei Feng while Nie Zhen ’er looked like Xue Man.
This was the most important and suspicious point.    After listening to Luan Qing Xiao ’s explanation, Nie Zhen ’er realized, ”No wonder I thought both Nie Jiao Jiao and her mother looked like someone I know, it turns out… ”    It turns out that Nie Jiao Jiao ’s mother may be my biological mother.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Notes:xiao san and xiao si (小三小四): xiao san (小三) is a term to describe a lover someone had outside their romantic relationship, so xiao san and xiao si (小三小四) refers to someone having multiple lovers

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Ok, I ’m warming up to the mother.
I swear to God, if her father knows of the switch, he ’s the worst scum there is.

Thanks for the chapter.

Just an amateur translator.
Got tired of waiting for other people to pick up the novels, so I thought why not me? Feel free to give feedbacks and advice, since I definitely appreciate them! 

The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead QT: The Villainess is Delicate and SoftQT: She ’s a Heartbreaker


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