The Vicious Female Supporting Character and the White Lotus Female Lead: Ch 47, Pure Campus Love

    Zhang Lu ’er ran over and pointed at the lady ’s watch, shouting, ”This is my watch.
I didn ’t expect you to actually steal it.
Nie Zhen ’er, I can’t believe you’re such a person! ”

    Officer Cui furrowed his brows and held the lady ’s watch to Nie Zhen ’er, ”Is this your watch? ”

    Before Nie Zhen ’er spoke, Zhang Lu ’er cut in, ”How could it be hers? Where would Nie Zhen ’er get the money to buy a limited edition lady’s watch from the S Brand? This watch costs 200k! ”

    Officer Cui glanced at her, ”I didn ’t ask you, please don ’t interrupt her. ”

    Zhang Lu ’er ’s angry expression stagnated.
She closed her mouth in embarrassment.

    Nie Zhen ’er ’s expression has been composed the entire time, only when she saw the watch being taken out of her bag by Officer Cui was there a flicker of surprise in her eyes.
Once Zhang Lu ’er stopped talking, Nie Zhen ’er earnestly explained to Officer Cui, ”Officer Cui, this is not my watch, but I don’t know why it is in my backpack. ”

     ”He took it out of your bag.
Nie Zhen ’er, you’re still not admitting to your crime? ” Zhang Lu ’er closing in on Nie Zhen ’er firmly.

    Officer Cui frowned and swept around in the classroom.
He saw the camera, and then asked the counselor, ”Are your cameras normally on? ”

    The counselor replied, ”Yes. ”

     ”Since the lady’s watch was lost in the classroom and this classmate did not admit she had stolen the watch, let’s go check the monitoring. ” Officer Cui called over a young police officer and ordered him to head to the monitoring room and call him if there was any useful evidence.

    When Zhang Lu ’er heard Officer Cui ’s words, a trace of pride flashed in her eyes.
But she lowered her head, so no one saw it.

    Ten minutes later, the young police officer ’s call came.

    After Police Officer Cui connected the call, who knows what the other side said, but his eyebrows wrinkled until it could kill flies.

    Zhang Lu ’er suppressed her excitement and asked, ”Officer Cui, how is it? ”

     ”There was a problem with the monitoring.
The classroom where the watch was lost had no footage from last night all the way until now. ” Officer Cui was filled with suspicion.
This was simply too much of a coincidence.

     ”Then what should I do? Now no one can prove that Nie Zhen ’er stole it. ” After Zhang Lu ’er said that, she glanced at Nie Zhen ’er, who was standing quietly aside, with jealousy flashing in her eyes, not understanding why she was still so calm at this time.
“Nie Zhen ’er, you stole it, right? If you admit it now, I won’t hold you responsible. ” Zhang Lu ’er tempted.

    Nie Zhen ’er straightened her back.
She shook her head, and said to Officer Cui, ”Officer Cui, I can prove I didn ’t steal the watch. ”

    Nie Zhen ’er walked to the podium and turned on the computer before connecting her phone to the computer.

    Zhang Lu ’er was a little flustered.
She didn ’t know what she was going to do, ”Wei, what do you think you’re doing, Nie Zhen ’er? ”

    Nie Zhen ’er raised her head and faintly smiled, ”I ’m going to broadcast the evidence, Classmate Zhang Lu ’er. ”

    When Zhang Lu ’er saw her sweet smile, her heart felt a little cold.

     ”Kacha. ” Once the phone was connected to the computer, Nie Zhen ’er used the mouse to click a few times while her phone screen was displayed on the big screen.

    Both Officer Cui and the counselor walked over, wanting to see what she was going to do.

    Nie Zhen ’er pressed on the Photos app.
Excluding the first video, all the other photos were photos of her and Luan Qing Xiao and were magnified more than ten times the size.
Nie Zhen ’er glanced back and saw the big screen, making her cheeks flush uncontrollably.

    She seems to have accidentally PDA-ed again.
And it was even in front of both the counselor and the whole class.

    Nie Zhen ’er calmed herself down.
She tapped her finger on the first video, and the video started playing on the big screen.

    Nie Zhen ’er walked down from the podium and off to the side to watch it with everyone.

    The background of the video was obviously the classroom of the previous period.
There was no one in the classroom and every desktop was clear, except for Nie Zhen ’er ’s backpack that was placed on the desk against the wall.

    After dozens of seconds, a person suddenly appeared on the screen.
It was Zhang Lu ’er, the one who had lost her watch.

    At this time, Zhang Lu ’er ’s face turned pale.
She looked at Nie Zhen ’er in horror as she locked gazes with Nie Zhen ’er ’s calm eyes.

    The video clearly showed Zhang Lu ’er looking in another direction before taking out a glasses case from a desk.
Then she turned around and saw Nie Zhen ’er’s backpack.
Immediately, she walked over to Nie Zhen’er’s bag.
She stood there for a few seconds, not knowing what she was thinking.
At last, she took the lady ’s watch off her wrist.

    The watch’s surface was shining brightly and the strap was vermilion, which was obviously the one that Zhang Lu ’er had lost.

    Once the watch was off, Zhang Lu ’er didn’t hesitate to unzip the small pocket on the side of Nie Zhen ’er ’s backpack.
She personally tucked the watch in, and then zipped it back up.
When she left the classroom, her face was full of excitement.

    After watching the video, everyone in the classroom turned silent and simultaneously glanced at Zhang Lu ’er who framed someone else, yet was shouting to catch the thief when she was the thief herself.

    Zhang Lu ’er pointed at Nie Zhen ’er and said, ”Nie Zhen ’er, you did it on purpose.
You framed me! ”

    She anxiously yelled to Officer Cui, ”Officer Cui, Nie Zhen ’er must have calculated this, or else why would she leave her phone in the classroom? Her backpack must have been left in the classroom on purpose to video me.
She hated me, therefore she wanted to frame me.
Everything is all Nie Zhen ’er ’s fault! ”

    The counselor stepped forward to Zhang Lu ’er and sharply stopped her, ”Shut up! Who can frame you if you didn ’t want to do bad things yourself? ”

    Once the video ended, the counselor almost died of anger.
Since youth, she was excellent and decided to remain in school to teach after a smooth graduation.
She didn’t expect to encounter such a big somersault here at Zhang Lu ’er.
If it weren’t for Zhang Lu ’er wanting to frame Nie Zhen ’er, how could she have embarrassed herself with so many students present?

    After successfully closing Zhang Lu ’er ’s mouth, the counselor apologized to Officer Cui, ”I ’m sorry, Officer Cui, for making you all waste this trip. ”

    It was the first time that Officer Cui had encountered this kind of thing.
He shook his head , ”At least, we didn ’t wrong a good person. ”

    Then, he became interested in Nie Zhen ’er, this calm little girl.
He asked her, ”How come you have this video? Did you really expect Zhang Lu ’er to do this? ” If that were true, then that was incredibly amazing.

    Nie Zhen ’er shook her head shyly, ”No, this phone belongs to my girlfriend.
After the last period was dismissed, I left for the bathroom and asked my girlfriend to guard my backpack for me.
However, she suddenly needed to use the bathrooms well.
She was afraid someone might steal the backpack, so she turned on the phone camera and hid the phone between the teaching materials in front of the podium.
She made sure to have it facing my bag. ”

    Officer Cui gave a thumbs up, ”Your girlfriend is a genius. ” Thanks to her girlfriend ’s clever use of the camera to record the truth, otherwise this situation would have been a real mess today.

    Nie Zhen ’er smiled with pride, ”My girlfriend is really outstanding! ”

    Since the evidence was conclusive and the truth was irrefutable, instead of framing someone else, Zhang Lu ’er embarrassed herself in front of her classmates.

    Luan Qing Xiao was attending a class in another classroom.
Although she gave the evidence to Nie Zhen ’er, she was still not at ease.
She was extremely worried that Nie Zhen ’er would be intimidated  by what was going on.
Twenty minutes into the class, she finally couldn ’t help but slip out through the back door. 

    When she ran to the classroom where Nie Zhen ’er and the others were in class, things had come to an end, but Zhang Lu ’er still didn ’t repent and insisted that she was framed by Nie Zhen ’er.

    Officer Cui ignored Zhang Lu ’er ’s words and was planning on leaving Q University.

    Luan Qing Xiao entered and peered at Zhang Lu ’er before walking up to Officer Cui, ”Police Officer, can we sue her for defamation? ”

    Officer Cui looked at her in shock, ”Yes, you are? ”

    Nie Zhen ’er happily skipped over, ”Qing Xiao, weren ’t you in class? Why are you here? ”

    Luan Qing Xiao smiled softly at Nie Zhen ’er, ”I was worried about you, so I came over. ”

    Nie Zhen ’er blushed and embarrassedly explained to Officer Cui, ”Officer Cui, she’s my girlfriend.
Her name is Luan Qing Xiao. ”

    Officer Cui nodded, ”Not bad, you two match very well. ” It ’s just that too much dog food was distributed, making him, the old police officer, a little full.

    Nie Zhen ’er smiled triumphantly.

    Officer Cui said to Luan Qing Xiao, ”If you decide to sue Zhang Lu ’er for defamation, I would be happy to appear in court as a witness. ”

    Following that, Officer Cui left Luan Qing Xiao a phone number.

    When the police were gone, the counselor glared at Zhang Lu ’er, ”You follow me right now.
I will report this matter as it is to the school principal. ”

     ”Luan Qing Xiao, Nie Zhen ’er is okay now.
You can go back to class. ”

    Luan Qing Xiao and Nie Zhen ’er had different counselors.
Because the two were always together, the counselors naturally recognized her after seeing them multiple times.

    Luan Qing Xiao nodded to the counselor, ”Counselor, sorry to trouble you.
I will leave now. ”

    Before Luan Qing Xiao left, she grabbed Nie Zhen ’er ’s hand and kissed it.
The students below the podium made catcalling noises at the same time with joking smiles on their faces.

    It made Nie Zhen ’er turn into a huge blushing mess.

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