lazy female voice, “What's the matter?”

    “Boss, I met a few talented ability users while on a mission.
So I brought them to see you.” Brother Hu's originally rough voice was forced by him into a sissy-sounding voice.

    Luan Qing Xiao felt it was rather weird.
The one inside was the leader of A Base, not some little girl in need of protection.
Wasn't Brother Hu simply too cautious?

    “Come in.”

    Brother Hu let out a sigh of relief and signaled them not to make any noise before pushing the door open.
After making sure that the group understood, he opened the door extremely carefully.

    After they walked inside, they found that this was a bedroom with a two-meter bed placed at the center of the room.
The bed was covered with scarlet silk.
Behind it, a slightly pale face was revealed.
Her eyes moved slowly.
Once she confirmed that all the people had arrived in front of her, did she sit up on the bed with both hands.

    The silk blanket fell and exposed her white lace PJ’s.

    Her eyes were jet-black, without any light, and appeared a little terrified.

    “This is them?” The woman asked, lifting her chin slightly.
Her voice was indifferent.

    She was indeed somewhat similar to Luan Qing Xiao.

    Brother Hu introduced them one by one, “Captain Liang Yan is particularly outstanding.
His abilities actually turned out to be metal and fire, both of which are extremely lethal.”

    The woman's indifferent face finally had a subtle change.
She seemed to be very interested in Liang Yan.
For a while, her dark eyes stared at Liang Yan.
Seeing Liang Yan, she almost couldn't help pushing the door and reaching for him before gradually retracting her gaze.
A satisfied smile appeared in her eyes, “Liang Yan, not bad.”

    Liang Yan curled his lips.
He didn't know what to say as he wasn’t used to communicating with women.

    “My name is Yuan Ting, you can call me by my name.” Yuan Ting said.

    This was the last sentence Yuan Ting said.
After speaking, she laid down again and waved her thin white wrists in the depths, beckoning them to leave.

    Walking out of the small western-style building, Brother Hu buzzed excitedly to Liang Yan, “Brother Liang, not bad, huh? Boss appreciates you very much.”

    “Yuan Ting acted a little different towards me, but it’s not to the point where she appreciated me.” Liang Yan didn't believe Brother Hu’s words.
He thought he was exaggerating.

    Brother Hu shook his head:, “You are the only person who Boss took the initiative to introduce herself.
Boss even allowed you to call her by her name.
If this isn’t appreciation, what is?”

    Brother Hu patted Liang Yan on the shoulder, and asked with a smile, “How was it? Don’t you want to consider staying at A Base permanently? With the boss’ approval, you’ll surely be able to skyrocket to a higher position.”

    Although Liang Yan felt what Brother Hu offered was quite tempting, the thoughts of hugging her thighs never crossed his mind when facing a woman with a personality similar to Luan Qing Xiao's.

    Liang Yan shook his head, “Thank you, Brother Hu.
No need, my aspiration isn’t here.”

    His target was X Base.

    Brother Hu sighed regretfully, “My heart feels quite uncomfortable thinking we’ll have to separate in the future.”

    Luo Zi Lin stood behind Liang Yan with a secret smile on her lips.

    Only she who has read the novel knew that Yuan Ting wasn’t an ability user at all, but an ordinary person.

    The reason why she was able to kill the Level 2 zombie from a distance was because she was a genetically modified person who escaped from a hospital.

    A genetically modified person has exceptionally high mental power, but their physical fitness was generally mediocre.
Generally speaking, Yuan Ting living to twenty-five years old was already the limit.
In another two weeks, she will suddenly die and then pass the position of the base’s leader to Liang Yan.

    Luo Zi Lin knew Yuan Ting fell in love with Liang Yan at first sight.
However, towards Yuan Ting, the stepping stone on Liang Yan's journey to the pinnacle of life, Luo Zi Lin only felt sympathetic instead of being jealous.

    No matter how powerful Yuan Ting was, she wouldn’t be able to live more than a few days.
Luo Zi Lin wasn’t petty enough to trouble a dying person.

    Brother Hu took them to their living quarters.
Halfway through the route, someone ran over and told him he needed to attend a meeting.
Therefore, Brother Hu couldn’t personally escort them to the location and felt very guilty.
However, he was the chairperson of the meeting, so he couldn’t just leave.
He found one of his underlings to take them to their residence.

    Brother Hu’s underling was a wind-type ability user.
He seemed gentle, a bit like Liang Yan from the previous world.

    “My name is Fan Le.
Since you guys are probably tired, I put a small whirlwind under your feet.
It’ll be a lot easier to walk.”

    Liang Yan thanked him on the behalf of X Squadron.
During the journey, Fan Le introduced the basic situation of Base A to them.
When they arrived at the dormitory building, Fan Le’s throat was already parched from speaking.

    “Okay, here is the dormitory building.
On the left is where the men live, while on the right is where the women live.
Generally, there are two people per room.
You four girls decide who you want to pair up with.”

    Luan Qing Xiao stood aloofly on the side without speaking.
Luo Zi Lin immediately ran over to Jiang Yue Bai and held her arm, “I'll be in the same room as Yue Bai.” She definitely didn’t want to live with Luan Qing Xiao, the vicious female supporting character, or Nie Zhen'er, the official female lead.

    Liang Yan instantly went to observe Luan Qing Xiao's expression.
He saw she was a little unhappy with her lips tightened, yet she was reluctant to say more because of “conceited” persona, causing him to be a little relieved.

    As long as the soul in Luan Qing Xiao's body doesn’t change, it was fine for her to live with Luan Qing Xiao.

    Liang Yan left some words of warning before the six headed into the dormitory separately.

    She wasn't sure how the male dorms work.
However after Luan Qing Xiao and the others entered, there was someone on the first floor who was responsible for allocating rooms for them.

    “There is a dark and sunny side room.
Do you guys want to discuss this or do you want to draw lots?”

    Because Luan Qing Xiao's plant-type ability can grow vegetables, she was always given the sunny room.

    Just as Jiang Yue Bai was about to say she would take the dark sided room, Luo Zi Lin proclaimed loudly, “Let draw lots and have fate decide it for us whoever will live on the sunny side.
Luan Qing Xiao, do you dare to draw lots with me?” Once she finished speaking, Luo Zi Lin provocatively stared at Luo Qing Xiao.

    Jiang Yue Bai yanked on La Luo Zi Lin's sleeve.
So Luo Zi Lin pulled out her sleeve as she raised her chin and continued to stare at Luan Qing Xiao.

    “Please arrange the sunny room for us.
Thank you.” Luan Qing Xiao’s expression was indifferent like she didn't hear Luo Zi Lin's words.

Brother Hu (胡大哥): The way Liang Yan’s group addresses the bearded leader that they meet who saved Liang Yan and Lu Zi Lin, since they didn’t know his name.
Hu (胡) in Chinese means beard, while the Brother (大哥) part is added to show respect 
Da Hu Zi (大胡子): Since Yuan Ting is obviously in a higher position of power as the leader of A Base, Brother Hu refers to himself as something more subordinate

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