The Villain Always Dies in the End

The Cold, Bitter North (2) - 6

I suddenly opened my eyes to find myself floating in a strange, dark space.

But, instead of being in a state of extreme confusion, my main emotion was calmness and belonging.

Then, as if a dam had burst, a rush of memories started pouring into my head.

But, instead of ”seeing ” them inside my head, they were playing out right in front of me like film tapes, as they lit up the dark world around me.

(A/N: Imagine the Revival phenomenon in Erased, but the white space is pitch black and the MC is floating in the middle of it.)

I then realized who I truly was.

Test Subject 339 – Codename: Angel – Project: Leviathan

At a young age, I had been taken out of an orphanage by random, as one of many kids abducted from orphanages across the country.

Then, we had all been put through hellish experiences.

First was the training, where they never failed to break our small bodies each and every day.

This phase of the training took about 5 years, and the number of casualties during this phase was about 50%, whether that be from death or mental breakdown, the guards didn differentiate and shot them on the spot.

The second phase of our training was the real life one, where we learned how to kill by being put on the frontlines disguised as child soldiers.

Well, we were, but, as America had ”morals ”, and we had to protect that reputation, we were always disguised as child soldiers of the opposing force, causing many of us to fall under friendly fire.

This phase took 3 years, and, at the end, of the remaining 50%, only 10% survived this phase of the testing.

Then, there was the final phase of the testing, where we were all injected with unknown chemicals 24/7, as the scientists tested different dosages for each subject, causing a huge amount of deaths from overdoses, but, the remaining survivors were each able to produce their own unique power.

This phase only took a year, but, by the end of it, of the 10% that survived the last test, only 0.1% of us had survived the 3rd phase.

It was only 7 of us that survived the entire process, the true super soldiers of the world, each of us the resulting product after the deaths of thousands.

And, immediately after we had gotten used to our new powers, we were deployed.

As the extremely special unit directly below the President of the United States, we took the hardest jobs that no other unit could physically take.

We scaled impossible mountains with our bare hands and no equipment to support us.

We raided underwater bases situated thousands of feet below the sea level.

And once, we had gone up against a whole army of more than 50,000, and with only the 7 of us, we had completely and utterly demolished them.

We were the Reapers of the U.S. army.

And I was the leader of the said group.

You see, whilst the others had gained powers like super speed, super strength, or impossible 6th senses, I had gained a completely different power.

I was able to guide souls after death.

This sole ability was what gave me my codename, and was also why I was the leader of the Reapers.

Using this ability, I would guide the souls of the people we killed into my comrades and I, boosting our already super soldiered bodies into the realm of true mythical beings.

With each soul that me and my comrades consumed, we would grow stronger.

But, at some point, this growth stagnated.

The souls I guided into our bodies didn give us a visible boost anymore.

The government, deeming me useless now, as I was the weakest without an extra ability like the others, and couldn boost the other 7 anymore, and regular humans couldn bear the burden of having multiple souls overlapping in their bodies, the order was given.

With no other option, I ran whilst being hunted down by the rest of the Reapers, who had been turned into mindless robots a long time ago.

The only reason I had been able to keep my sanity throughout the entire process was due to the scientist that was assigned to keep check on my mental health, who I came to regard as my aunt.

Unlike the other scientists, she had treated me with love and compassion, oftentimes sneaking me food and books to bear the boredom.

It was with her help that I was able to escape, as she created a completely new identity for me whilst simultaneously wiping my memories and replacing them with happy ones, so that I could live the rest of my life pleasantly.

And, she had paid for this with her life.

Now that I was looking back, I was deeply ashamed for never remembering her.

Even in this space, which I had deemed as my subconsciousness, I couldn help it as tears started falling down my cheeks.

Seeing my actions, I realized that I was no worse than Eve and my current family.

I had turned my back on a family member, just so that I could have a chance at living.

Softly sobbing in my subconsciousness, curled up in a ball, I couldn help but think about how hypocritical I was, before the darkness engulfed me once again.

I opened my eyes to a gray stone ceiling.

Sitting up suddenly, I thought, Did I get reincarnated again?

But, this theory was swiftly thrown in the trash as I saw Charlotte sleeping in a chair next to the bed I was in.

”Char… ”

I wasn too naive to believe that she had followed me here to the castle in the north without an hidden orders.

But still, it was nice for the heart to see her here with me.

I mean, her job as a ”nanny ” now was probably to keep me from awakening, so that I could peacefully await my death here in the damned northern lands.

”Char! ”

Snapping her eyes open, she stared at me in shock.

”Young Master! You
e awake! ”

She immediately rushed to my side to check if I was okay.

Seeing this, I couldn help but smile warmly, as I realized that she was still the same as ever, caring for me even though I was a demon, or at least, held the seed of a demon.

She proceeded to take off the thick blankets that had been protecting me from the bitter cold of the north, and, well, even I was surprised at the state of my body.

Even though I was thin, probably due from the lack of eating during the however many days I was asleep, I had muscles now for some reason.

The people that had been watching me whilst I was asleep had probably been perplexed by this, but, I could already guess what had probably happened.

”Char, carry me to the wheelchair. ”

”But, Young Master, your body is still too weak to handle the cold! ”

”This is an order Charlotte. ”

Hearing me call her by her real name, she could only comply, as, although I was now probably disowned from the family, I was the the Young Master that she served, and this would never change due to the vow she made to me at my birth.

Carrying me to my wheelchair, she placed me in it, before I directed her to take me out of the room.

I shivered slightly after we exited the room, as there was no fire to warm the cold stone walls, but, even so, I kept urging Char forward.

Finally, I reached what I was looking for, a window.

Seeing the completely gray world outside, I couldn help but sigh.

Reaching my hand out, I caught I few snowflakes from the blizzard raging about, and then brought my hand back in, staring in contemplation into the grayness.

Then, I softly murmured two words, the sounds of the blizzard outside masking them, just to make sure if my previous conjecture had been correct.

”Status window. ”

Seeing something pop up in front of my face, I couldn help but smile.

It seemed like I had done the impossible, awakening my status window by myself in my fit of rage.

And, after seeing my skill, I couldn help but chuckle, before it blossomed into a full blown laugh.

”Are you okay… Young Master? ”

She was given no reply as I continued laughing.

I was probably going to be thought of as having a few screw loose in my head by her now, but, it was understandable after what I had gone through, right?

Maybe I did have a few screws loose, wait, no, I definitely did.

But still, as I looked at my status window, I couldn help but continue laughing, my creepy giggling echoing through the walls of the castle.

I continued like this as Char worriedly took me back to my room and hurriedly laid me onto my new bed, quickly checking to see if I had a fever or anything.

Of course, she never found anything.

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