I got off from Christina when I got close to the third school building.
It was to keep the location of the goal a secret from other students.

Christina shrank and turned back into a small, white snake.

“I’m sorry I pushed you too hard.
Rest slowly.”

I hugged her tightly and put her in my pocket of my uniform.

I ran out and quickly entered the school building.
There was no sign of anyone.
Still, I was careful not to make too much noise as I ran up the stairs all the way to the fifth floor.

If I keep going like this, it’s a pretty good time.
I feel like it’s been about 30 minutes since the start.

Holding my breathing and heaving chest, I finished climbing the last few steps as if jumping.

It was then that a hand reached out from the side.

I open my eyes wide in surprise.
For a moment my heart stopped.

I try to look at the person on the other side of that hand, while quickly folding my knees.

Our eyes met, and my heart froze even more.
The person standing there, I knew him.

I was sure of the face and the name when he was elected as the student council president for the [Five High] last year.

——He was the enemy character of the second part.

He reached out his hand to me, I didn’t know what he was planning.
In that strange feeling that felt like seconds were minutes, his finger touched my forehead.

Unable to do anything, as he was about to touch my forehead, I closed my eyes tightly, at that moment.

“————Don’t touch her.”

I opened my eyes with a start.

It was the voice of the person I loved.


Rebecca was attacked by someone about 15 minutes ago.

Llewayne Huaverdon leaned against the door of classroom 501, doing nothing, just leaning against the door.

Because it was precisely the goal of the [spring], if he knocked three times, Llewayne would undoubtedly finish first in the spring.

But he still didn’t do that.
It wouldn’t be long before his brilliant fiancée arrived.
He planned to enter with her or let her pass first.

Llewayne’s actions have a reason.

[Oooooo… !]

A few days ago, at a graduation party, there was a drinking contest.
The moment Rebecca defeated the great drinker Olivier Marc, the venue was boiling.

But what Llewayne was worried about was the appearance of his fiancée.

In the midst of the great excitement, with a beautiful smile on her face, he had a vague sense of discomfort.
She didn’t respond to the words of praise from around her, just smiled with a smile.

He approached and spoke to her.

[Are you going to pull out soon? I’ll take you to your room.]

[I understand.]

Rebecca stood up safely.
Llewayne and Rebecca left the venue together.

Llewayne and Rebecca walked down the quiet road to the dormitory together.
Since many students were still enjoying the party or not even present, the night felt as if it belonged to just the two of them.

Just as Llewayne was thinking that Rebecca’s steady pace was all in his head, she suddenly stopped walking.

[By the way, there are four of you here today, aren’t there?]


[Please let me know beforehand.
It surprises me.]

Her tone was still steady.
But when she continued, “What should we do? I’m the only one here today,” Llewayne was surprised in a rare way.

[Rebecca, are you drunk?]

The perfect lady from before had disappeared.
Her cheeks were red, her breath was hot, and her gaze was unsteady.

[No, I’m not.
Because I am a lady,] she said, for some reason puffing out her chest.
“Isn’t that great?”, as if to mock him.

Llewayne picked her up and carried her in his arms.
He thought it would be faster this way.

Surprised, Rebecca wrapped her arms around Llewayne’s neck and held on tight.
A faint sweet scent tickled Llewayne’s nose.

[Are you not feeling well? You can rest a bit somewhere.]

[No, I’m not tired.
So please put me down if you think it’s too heavy.]

“It’s fine.
Rather, I want to stay like this forever.”

Rebecca laughed cheerfully.
Llewayne’s serious face made a joke seemed funny.
Llewayne didn’t actually say anything, but that’s beside the point.

Rebecca started talking about how cute Cectiara-sama was or how enviable Nii-sama was, still in a good mood.

But soon her words turned into a soft snore.
Llewayne shifted her head to his shoulder and she slept soundly.

Confirming this, Llewayne walked quickly to the girls’ dormitory, explaining the situation to the dorm mother and getting permission to enter.

He passed by many female students on the way to Rebecca’s room, and it seemed that she would be holding her head tomorrow.

When he entered the room, the white snake came closer.
After putting the master to bed, the white snake finally seemed to relax and curled up by the pillow.

It was already pitch black outside the window.
Llewayne closed the curtains, gave Rebecca’s head a pat, and was about to leave.

But something caught the hem of his coat.

[Are you awake?]

Looking back, he peeks at her face, which is still lying down.
He runs his fingers through her bangs before stroking her head.

Rebecca did not answer Llewayne’s question.

[It’s already night, isn’t it?]


[It’s pitch black outside, and it’s probably really cold.]


It’s already spring, so it’s not that cold at night anymore.

Llewayne looked at his fiancee.
She too, looked at Llewayne.

At that moment, Llewayne suddenly remembered the small Rebecca he used to peep on through the window when he was young.

The girl who cried in her bed because of loneliness at night.
She’s grown up now, and she’s here in front of Llewayne.

Without a word, Llewayne wondered what Rebecca was thinking.
She squeezed out a thin voice.

[…Don’t go, please…]

Silence envelops the room.
Llewayne stopped thinking for a moment.

Then he let out a sigh.
It was a deep, deep sigh as if he was expelling all the air in his body.

(————What kind of test is this?)

[…Should I not come back?]

He asked while holding his forehead, and a small voice replied, [Yes.]

[There’s only one bed.]

[I’ll sleep on the floor.
Because I’m “His Highness’s” girlfriend.]

“[Rebecca, please don’t use that context.
It will cause misunderstandings.]

She was once again puffing her chest out.

Llewayne’s fiancée was the only one who would show him her drunk appearance.
If she was picked up, she would sleep in his arms, and when he sent her home she would ask him “not to go home.”

And why was she boasting to Llewayne that she was [his girlfriend]? Because she was happy and had a different, full-faced smile than her usual wandering one.


Llewayne groaned.

Impossibly lovely.

Llewayne gave up on everything and took off his coat.
When he got into bed, Rebecca squeezed into the back and made space.
This was not like her usual actions.

Llewayne thought it was time to sleep and closed his eyes, but

[Your Highness, the second part of the otome game is about to begin.]

he opened them again immediately.
His fiancée’s voice was unreliable and seemed to melt into the darkness of the night.

[Are you worried?]

When asked, Rebecca smiled wryly and said [just a little].

Llewayne had heard all the truth from Rebecca.
It was at a ball after [winter].

About the protagonist and the targets of the conquest, the fact that Rebecca was supposed to become the villainess, and how she had fought against the scenario of being exiled overseas——.

“And now, the second part begins.

[I am neither the protagonist nor Emilia.]

Llewayne thinks.
Rebecca is trying to protect the Academy in place of Emilia.
It’s not just a sense of responsibility for changing the first part’s scenario.

Rebecca wants to protect her important friends.
She’s willing to take on danger and hardship in their place.

[It’s alright.
I’m here this year.]

So that her eyes won’t waver with anxiety, so that she can sleep peacefully on lonely, uneasy nights, he’ll wrap his cold hand around hers and squeeze it tightly, as if transferring his body heat to her.

[You’ve done well on your own up until now.
I’m proud of you, Rebecca.
I’m here this year.
You don’t have to worry about anything.]

When Rebecca finally showed a face that looked like all her strength had drained out, Llewayne felt relieved that he’d been able to ease her worries.

[I’ll do my best not to let someone else take Your Highness.]

At that moment, Llewayne found Rebecca’s words to be incredibly unnatural.

It was unusual for her to speak in a teasing manner, and more than anything, her smile looked forced.

[Let’s get married]

He spoke those words without thinking.

[Without waiting for graduation,] Rebecca opens her mouth and looks at Llewayne.

[Right away…? ]

Is it urgent for the invitation to be sent and for the dress to be measured? The location can’t be chosen outside the palace, but everything else Rebecca can decide.
Let’s go buy a ring together soon.
Oh, your brother might get in trouble with Duke for saying he’s walking down the aisle.]

[Y-Your Highness, stop.]

With Llewayne more talkative than ever before, Rebecca now shows a genuine, bursting smile.

Llewayne is finally satisfied.
He embraces Rebecca and closes his eyes.
Then, the warmth of her body in his arms moves slightly as if to close the distance.

After kissing Rebecca’s cheek, Llewayne closes his eyes feeling fulfilled.

The next morning, Rebecca had completely forgotten about this conversation.
Llewayne thinks that’s fine.

What spilled out of her mouth that night was probably a deep-seated anxiety that even she herself was unaware of.

It’s fine if she remains unaware.
Llewayne can take care of it himself.

In short, the essence of the bet that Llewayne proposed to Rebecca in the spring is to convey his unwavering feelings to her.

If Rebecca seriously thinks “It’s still too early” and can’t do anything about it, then that’s fine.
So Llewayne didn’t reach the goal and waited for Rebecca.
Well, he may have put a little too much effort into it and admits that he may have arrived too early, even possibly the fastest ever.

A little later, Llewayne knew that Rebecca had entered the third school building.
He knew this because he had Grue, his Phantom Beast, an eagle, keep an eye on the third school building from the sky.

The incident occurred immediately afterwards.

Another person followed Rebecca.
This person moved like a gecko, crawling along the walls, and passed Rebecca on the stairs as she climbed them.

It would have been fine if they had headed straight for the door of classroom 501.

But that presence suddenly stopped moving.

The location was on the fifth floor, right next to the stairs.

And there, hiding his breath————he waited for Rebecca.

The moment he became certain, he used teleportation magic.
Suddenly, his whole body became hot due to drawing out his magic power to the maximum.

His body creaked and boiling magic power swirled, sharp pains ran through his limbs.

Even so, the moment the scenery around him changed, Llewayne reached out to Rebecca, even before his feet touched the ground.

Even the fact that the man there was called [an enemy character] did not matter to Llewayne now.

The only and biggest problem was that that man was reaching out to touch Rebecca.

He pulls her close to him as if he’s embracing her from behind.

“————Don’t touch her.”

She is my fiancée.


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