Chapter 11: Marriage? It’s just an exchange of interests between big families!

Mu Ruoxue was the kind of person who acted on her thoughts.

She acted without hesitation.

Her lively eyes were full of excitement.

Without waiting for Lu Fei’s agreement, she rushed to Mu Changye’s study, leaving Lu Fei behind.

Upon seeing this scene, Lu Fei was about to catch up and stop Mu Ruoxue from acting recklessly.

Just as he had crossed over, he was a single gentleman with a bright future ahead of him, and he didn’t want to hang himself on the tree and step into the grave of so-called marriage so early.

However, before Lu Fei could catch up, Mu Ruoxue shouted without turning her head,

“I need to talk to my dad about something confidential, so no one can come in!”

With that, Mu Ruoxue burst into Mu Changye’s study and closed the door.

Seeing this scene, Lu Fei could only stand at the door and wait helplessly.

Mu Changye’s study was not so easy to enter. 

Unlike Mu Ruoxue who could just barge in. 

Even if she smashed the door of the study, Mu Changye would at most dismiss it as a joke.

Then even have the audacity to ask if Mu Ruoxue’s hand hurt from smashing the door.

There was still a gap between people.

In the study, Mu Changye was surprised to see his daughter burst in so recklessly.

But a smile soon appeared on his face as he asked,

“What’s the matter, Ruoxue? Do you need Dad’s help?”

Without even thinking, Mu Changye blurted out subconsciously.

For so many years, whenever Mu Ruoxue was anxious and in a hurry, there was only one thing she would do, and that was to come to her dad for help.

Without exception.

Seeing that without getting to say a word, Mu Changye guessed her intention.
Mu Ruoxue put on a pitiful expression and said, 

“Daddy, why do you always think that I’m only here to trouble you every day? 

“I just remembered that you were thirsty, so I came in to pour you some tea!”

As she spoke, Mu Ruoxue continued to act cute while pouring a full cup of tea into the teacup that Mu Changye hadn’t finished drinking from.

Mu Changye could only smile bitterly.
He had already drunk so much tea just now that if he continued like this, his stomach would be filled with nothing but water.

He took the teacup from Mu Ruoxue without showing any traces of suspicion and put it back on the table.
He looked at Mu Ruoxue and said with a smile, 

“If you’re not here for something, then I have work to do!”

Mu Ruoxue continued to put on a cute expression, and a hint of coquettishness flashed in her eyes.
Finally, she said,

“Daddy, I have an idea.
Why not let Jiang Wenying marry Lu Fei? You said Lu Fei is your confidant, and with this opportunity, we can win his loyalty to the Mu family!”

Although Mu Ruoxue appeared to be a bit reckless on a daily basis, she had learned a lot from growing up in the Mu family. 

If she were to speak her true thoughts out loud, her father would not agree and might even scold her.

Until now, she couldn’t forget about that stinky boy Lin Ran. 

But if she expressed her thoughts in a different way, her father would be more accepting.

Mu Changye frowned slightly as he listened to his daughter’s proposal, considering the pros and cons and feasibility of the matter.

In families like theirs, many things were discussed in terms of benefits rather than emotions.

Actually, when he learned about how Lu Fei handled Jiang Wenying’s drugging incident, he remained calm and composed.

 He also sensed a faint aura from Lu Fei that was different from ordinary people.

At that time, he had the idea of recruiting Lu Fei.

However, winning hearts and minds was not as simple as just offering rewards.
If one couldn’t grasp the right balance, even the most obedient dog could become a backstabber.

It was the most basic principle that one reaps what one sows.

He understood this principle very well.

Therefore, he only gave verbal praise to Lu Fei, and a monthly salary of one million yuan.

Benefits had to be given gradually in order to win over people’s hearts.

In fact, what Ruoxue proposed, for Jiang family to consider Jiang Wenying as a bargaining chip and marry her off to Lu Fei.

It was nothing compared to the huge benefits that would come from the cooperation between the Mu and Jiang families.

Mu Changye had also heard of Jiang Wenying, although she was known as the talented daughter of the Jiang family, she was still just a second daughter.
As long as he spoke up, he was sure that the Jiang family would be happy to send Jiang Wenying to their door.

It was just a matter of transferring benefits.

But what made Mu Changye hesitate was whether Lu Fei was really worth it, whether he was valuable enough for him to make that request.

He still had doubts about this.

In Mu Changye’s eyes, Lu Fei was at most a useful talent, someone who could be relied on. 

And in the short term, Lu Fei may not necessarily be completely loyal to the Mu family.

Mu Changye fell silent.

Seeing Mu Changye furrow his brows and remain silent, Mu Ruoxue became anxious. 

If her father did not agree, her plan to make Lin Ran give up and make Jiang Wenying suffer would be useless.

Therefore, Mu Ruoxue used her trump card.

Shaking her father’s arm and coquettishly pleading, 

“Daddy, I’ve been begging you.
Please say yes.”

Hearing Mu Ruoxue’s coquettish voice, Mu Changye massaged his temples in frustration.

He couldn’t resist his daughter’s charms.

Mu Changye’s face revealed a tender smile as he said, 

“Okay, okay, let me think about it.
I’ll give you an answer in a couple of days.”

Upon hearing her father’s response, Mu Ruoxue’s face lit up with a joyful smile as she exclaimed, 

“Great! I love you, Daddy! I really do!”

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