Chapter 12: Oh Crap! Am I Going to Become a Useless Son-in-Law in this Story? 

Outside the door,

Lu Fei, who was bored and waiting, suddenly looked stunned.

A familiar system prompt sounded in his mind,

[Congratulations, you have changed the plot, and you have been awarded 1000 Destiny Points.]

[Your Destiny Points have exceeded 1000, reaching the minimum requirement for the lucky draw roulette!]

Lu Fei’s face was full of confusion.


What did I do?

I’m just standing outside the door, and my Destiny Points are going through the roof!

Suddenly the plot changed?

Suddenly, Lu Fei turned his gaze toward the study, feeling a sense of unease in his heart.

Could it be that Mu Changye really listened to his daughter and wants to marry the female lead, Jiang Wenying, to him?

No, please don’t do that!

If that’s the case, won’t that Lin Ran have his eye on me!

As the protagonist blessed by luck, if he gets targeted by him, wouldn’t he have a hard time?!

Although he has the system and is not very afraid, it would still be troublesome!!

He is not a villain, just a follower.

Hiding behind the villain, acting all tough and carefree, isn’t that great?!

If it’s not too far-fetched, he suspects that in the future, he may even choke on drinking cold water.

As a chilly voice sounded, a virtual screen appeared on the page.

Lu Fei shifted his mind and opened the page.

Suddenly, a golden, ridiculously large circle appeared before Lu Fei’s eyes, revealing its extravagant and inhumane nature.

According to the prompt, the minimum requirement for one spin of the roulette is 100 destiny points, and every tenfold increase greatly increases the chance of drawing a high-quality item.

Lu Fei looked at his destiny points in his hand, 1100.


Very good,

Lu Fei chose to draw ten consecutive lucky draws, leaving the remaining 100 destiny points for later.

Lu Fei has always believed in the concept of ten consecutive lucky draws.
There is nothing that can’t be drawn out in ten draws.
If it can’t be drawn out, that’s just not enough, so draw again.

Lu Fei rubbed his hands and blew into his palm in a very superstitious manner.

Completely calming down the excitement in his heart, he said,

“System, ten draws!”


[The roulette is open, ready for ten draws!]

[Congratulations, you have drawn a super-thin breathable protective cover!]

[Congratulations, you have drawn a lubricant!]

Lu Fei was speechless.
Everything that was drawn was so inappropriate, why couldn’t he draw something serious?

[Congratulations, you have drawn a nurse’s full outfit!]

[Congratulations, you have drawn a pair of bunny girl ears!]

A series of nonsensical items were continuously drawn, and as time passed, the expression on Lu Fei’s face became increasingly dark.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but think.

Am I destined to be an African athlete in this life?

Why is my face so dark?

Thinking this, Lu Fei couldn’t help but touch his body, wanting to find a mirror to check.
He always felt that his skin was quite fair, so how could he become so dark?

[Congratulations, …]


[Congr…, you have won…]

Until the last draw of the ten draws, suddenly, Lu Fei felt a golden light flash by.

It almost blinded his eyes.

“No way, did I get a gold item?”

Lu Fei quickly checked the prize he had won.

His gaze fell on the last slot, a gold-framed item appeared in front of him.

[Villain Halo, Quality: Unique!]

[Effect: Immune to the influence of the protagonist halo, naturally perceives the target’s favorability.]

[Note: This item is unique and cannot be removed once worn!]

Upon seeing this, a slight smile appeared on Lu Fei’s lips.


What’s there to hesitate about? Of course, he will choose to wear it!

With the Villain’s halo, would he still be afraid of the Protagonist?

In terms of martial arts, he was not weaker than Lin Ran at all, and even as the plot progresses, he will only become stronger!

In terms of intelligence, Lu Fei is familiar with the plot development, and he even knows when Lin Ran will go to the bathroom in the villa.
With the help of this level of foresight, how could he lose?

In terms of background, although Lu Fei is currently only a small follower, he has the support of the Mu family and is not afraid of the family behind Lin Ran at all.

In terms of opportunities, let’s not even mention that Lu Fei already knows where the opportunities that Lin Ran may get are.
Even if Lu Fei does nothing, he has the system with him.
Would he still be afraid?

And now, the Protagonist’s Aura which he feared the most is useless to him.
Lu Fei can be said to be comparable to or even crushing Lin Ran in all aspects, and he naturally has more confidence in himself.

Just as Lu Fei was grinning foolishly, the study door suddenly opened.

When Mu Ruoxue came out, she saw Lu Fei’s silly smile and bounced over to his side,

“Haha, Lu Fei, I knew you must be secretly happy.
Daddy has agreed, so just wait to marry your beautiful woman!”

“Remember to teach that bad woman Jiang Wenying a lesson when you marry her.
Every time you see her, you hate her cold expression, like an iceberg.”

As she spoke, Mu Ruoxue even leaned over to Lu Fei’s ear, giving him ideas.

And Lu Fei was just speechless.


The case is solved.

It turns out that this was Mu Ruoxue’s cunning plan.
Speaking of which, is Mu Changye also confused? He does whatever his daughter tells him to do.

If it weren’t for his luck, the blessing of the God of Fortune, and drawing the villain halo, he would have been roasted on a stake.

There’s nothing scarier than being targeted by the protagonist.

Generally, if it doesn’t end up with a destroyed family or a tragic death, it’s considered a good ending.

Now it’s different.
If he agrees to marry the female lead…

Lu Fei’s mind went blank and a strange thought crossed his mind.

He’s just a follower, if he marries the female lead, will he become a “son-in-law” who joins the family rather than bringing in a bride?

Is this villainous follower going to turn into a protagonist’s stay-in son-in-law?

When he thought of the son-in-law protagonist’s humiliating experiences at the beginning of every stay in son-in-law protagonist novels, Lu Fei shuddered.
It’s impossible.
He’ll never kneel down and wash a woman’s feet in his entire life!

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