“If you have money don’t waste it for nothing!”

Before long, the sky gradually turned dark.

One of the two bodyguards standing next to Mu Changye walked out and whispered to Lu Fei,

“The master wants to see you!”

Lu Fei nodded and pushed open the door, walking inside.

The bodyguard followed closely behind him.
He walked up to Mu Changye, who was sitting in a chair.

“It’s getting late, you should go back now.”

“Oh… by the way, you don’t seem to have a car yet.
I’ll have Uncle Fu give you a car, so you can drive it for now!”

After speaking, Mu Changye waved his hand, indicating that Lu Fei could leave.

Lu Fei didn’t stay long, nodded, and left.

Before he could reach the door, an old man with silver hair, dressed in a butler’s uniform, ran towards him.

In fact, when Uncle Fu received the message from the master earlier, he was shocked.

The master actually wanted to give the Bentley that he usually drove to a young man to drive. 

Although this Bentley was not as luxurious as a luxury sports car, it was one of the more cherished vehicles in the master’s collection. 

It was usually only driven occasionally for work and was kept in the garage for maintenance.

But today, the master had ordered him to personally hand over the car keys to a young man. 

How could he not be shocked by this?

Hastily catching up to Lu Fei, Uncle Fu respectfully said,

“Hello, Mr.
Lu, the master has ordered me to give you the car keys.
You can pick up the car from the garage later.”

“Thank you!”

Lu Fei took the keys and nodded casually, without the arrogance and ignorance that most newly rich people would have.

Lu, although this car may not be as expensive as some of the so-called luxury sports cars, it represents the face of the Mu family in Shanghai.
It seems that the master values you very much!”

Seeing that Lu Fei’s face still showed no signs of arrogance or ignorance, Uncle Fu nodded deeply in agreement.

Uncle Fu silently sighed in his heart. 

It was no wonder that the master valued Lu Fei so much.
With his demeanor and character, he was not someone that ordinary people could compare to. 

If Lu Fei had received a luxury car worth over five million yuan and knew that he had gained the master’s favor, he would have immediately revealed his true colors. 

If Lu Fei had shown an arrogant attitude, he would have looked down on Lu Fei.

However, Lu Fei just smiled and didn’t say anything in response to Uncle Fu’s words.

Led by someone, Lu Fei arrived at the garage and drove the Bentley out.
Unlike most young masters who would go to bars to pick up girls with their luxury cars.

This kind of low-level entertainment was not something that Lu Fei was interested in.
In his eyes, it was not worth his time.

He drove the car directly back to the house according to his memories. 

It was an old building in Shanghai, and most of the people living nearby were migrant workers. 

Therefore, in terms of environment, it was not comparable to the living conditions of Shanghai’s Crystal Palace.

After opening the door and entering the room, Lu Fei found that the small room of about seventy to eighty square meters was slightly messy. 

However, he didn’t think too much about it.
After all, before he crossed over, he was just a follower.
Although he didn’t live in a poor place, he wasn’t particularly wealthy either.

Suddenly, Lu Fei remembered the bank card that Mu Changye had given him, which had one million yuan in it, waiting for him to spend.

With so much money, why was he still living in this run-down place?

Wasn’t the money meant to be enjoyed?

Why save it for retirement?

Lu Fei’s mind suddenly turned a corner, and he almost thought of himself as a poor worker before he crossed over.

Calculating the time, it was around seven in the evening, and he still had time to find another place to live.

Without further delay, Lu Fei packed up his belongings and left the remaining half-month rent behind. 

He left in the Bentley, leaving behind the envious eyes of many workers.

He arrived at a high-end residential reception desk.

The person who received Lu Fei was a young woman dressed in professional attire and flesh-colored stockings. 

The reason why it was apparent that she was a young woman was due to Lu Fei’s ability before he crossed over.

Generally, young beautiful women seldom choose flesh-colored stockings and black leather high heels.
Their choices are usually brightly colored combinations.

I am at your service, how may I assist you?!”

Lu Fei gave her an eighty-two out of a hundred for her appearance, with a feeling of lingering charm that added a lot of points to the receptionist.

However, Lu Fei didn’t have any extra thoughts.
The reason why he looked at her was just to enjoy the view.

Lu Fei’s bold gaze made her feel a burst of heat in her heart.
She had just seen that this young man in his early twenties, who looked handsome, was driving a Bentley worth millions.

If this young man was willing, she wouldn’t mind…

However, falling flowers have intentions, but flowing water is merciless. [1]

Lu Fei stood up directly and said, 

“Do you have any rooms available for immediate check-in? I plan to rent it for a while!”

It’s not that Lu Fei didn’t want to show off, but he simply didn’t have that much money, let alone buy a good environment villa that he couldn’t afford with just a few million in his bank account.

In comparison, renting was something he could afford.

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, the receptionist’s fiery gaze did not diminish in the slightest.

In this day and age, those who live in high-end residences are not simple people.

Moreover, in terms of rent, any high-end residence costs at least two to three hundred thousand per month, which is not something that ordinary people can afford or willing to pay.

The rent for one month is almost equivalent to her annual salary.





↑1 Sometimes in life, things don’t go as we planned, and even though we may have good intentions, we can’t control the outcome

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