Snatching the opportunity again!!


After looking at the gameplay of Heaven’s Gambit, Lu Fei nodded his head.

He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart that the Mu family was indeed covering the sky with one hand in Shanghai.

Having so many fancy gambling methods in an underground casino.

Suddenly, as Lu Fei turned around, he saw a man with a simple and honest temperament passing by in the crowd.


Why did Lu Fei notice that man in the crowd at first glance?

It was because there was a scar on his eyebrow that disrupted his honest temperament and added a hint of fierceness to him.

Seeing Rogge’s back, a piece of information about him in the original novel suddenly came to Lu Fei’s mind.

Rogge was a top foreign mercenary who retired due to accumulated hidden illnesses from years of missions.

His most distinctive feature was that his back gave people a feeling of being simple and honest, but once you saw Rogge’s face, you would find a scar on his eyebrow that gave people a feeling of being honest as well as fierce at the same time.

At the same time, the system prompt of the villain’s halo sounded in his mind.

[Rogge, 10 favorability, may do something unfavorable to the host at any time.]

The system’s prompt sound gave Lu Fei more confidence.

It’s better to be early than late.
If the plot develops as expected, Rogge may act in the next few days, and then the protagonist, who happens to be walking by, will solve the pursuers in a flashy manner and save him inexplicably.

In the process, he will also save Rogge’s sister who has a congenital eye disease, and thus gain a loyal follower.

However, it’s a pity…

Being here, of course, Lu Fei wouldn’t let such a thing happen.

Feng Jun, who was introducing the casino earlier, suddenly saw Lu Fei standing still and staring in a certain direction in the crowd.

In Feng Jun’s line of sight, Lu Fei’s eyes were fixed on a voluptuous bunny girl with revealing clothing.

Lu, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.
I’m just here to oversee the venue on behalf of the family head.
It’s enough to have a general understanding,” Lu Fei absent-mindedly responded to Feng Jun’s voice.

“I’m a bit tired.
Find a place to rest.
Notify me if anything happens.”

Lu Fei still needed to carefully consider some of the content in the original story to avoid missing anything.

The description of this underground casino in the original story was not very clear.

For example, he had not heard from Mu Changye about how many people were in the ambush, but then also how did Rogge get injured and chased?

Lu Fei had seen a few of Feng Jun’s men, about seven or eight of them who looked like they had some experience, but it wasn’t enough to deal with Rogge.

Although Rogge had an illness and retired from the mercenary industry, he was not someone that seven or eight small fries could handle.

This is a strange point.

The only explanation for this mystery is that Mu Changye actually knew that someone was coming to disrupt the casino and had already arranged people in advance.

Even without him, Mu Changye could easily solve this matter.

But why didn’t Mu Changye reveal it to him? What does this mean?

This is a test for him.

And Mu Changye isn’t afraid of things going wrong with Lu Fei handling it.

Because Mu Changye had already set up enough people in advance to handle these things.

Thinking of this, Lu Fei’s doubts were immediately resolved, and he realized.

At this time, his every move was undoubtedly being monitored by Mu Changye.
Otherwise, Mu Changye wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to test him.

The casino was large, and there were naturally places to stay.

Lu Fei simply stayed at the casino.

All in all, it was only two days, nothing too hypocritical.

As night approached, there was a sudden knock on Lu Fei’s door.

One of Feng Jun’s henchmen was standing at the door, looking respectful.

Next to him stood a long-haired girl with a shy look, who looked like a student.

Lu Fei felt something about this scene, but he pretended not to know anything on the surface.

“What’s the matter?”

“Brother Lu, it’s like this.
This person is arranged by Brother Feng, and it’s guaranteed to be clean!”

As he spoke, the henchman’s face showed a smile that all men understood.

Lu Fei didn’t actually object to this arrangement, after all, life is short, so enjoy it while you can.

But when he saw this long-haired student girl, he realized he had been in contact with top-tier beauties like Jiang Wenying, Mu Ruoxue, and Liu Mengxiang for too long.

Suddenly, Lu Fei found himself not interested in this innocent-looking girl who was at least an eight out of ten. 

Moreover… it’s possible that Mu Changye, the old cunning man, was watching him somewhere!

He had no interest in doing this while being live-streamed for others to see.

Therefore, Lu Fei furrowed his brows slightly and said, 

“What do you take me for? Someone who is here to help the family head or someone who is here to enjoy themselves?”

“Forget it, take her away!” 

After speaking, Lu Fei relaxed his expression.
After all, the young man was just someone who followed orders.

Lu Fei wasn’t the protagonist who is obsessed with pretending and would go all out to show off every time he caught someone.

When the young man heard Lu Fei express his dissatisfaction, he became nervous. 

But when Lu Fei relaxed and let him go, the young man was filled with gratitude toward him.

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