Subduing Rogge!


As the fists and feet clashed, time passed.

Rogge’s heart sank like a stone falling into the sea.

At this point, Rogge was not a fool and naturally understood the reason that he could hold his own against Lu Fei wasn’t that they were evenly matched. 

It was just that Lu Fei was playing with him.

Despite his fierce punches and deadly moves, he had not actually caused any trouble for Lu Fei. 

The latter easily resolved his attacks.

It was like an adult playing with a child.

With this thought in mind, Rogge began to consider retreating.
If he didn’t leave now, he might be stuck here.

He had come here to cause trouble for money, but he wasn’t here to risk his life.

“Just get out of here!”

They saw Rogge sweeping out with one leg, forcing Lu Fei to step back three or five steps.

Instantly retracting his move, Rogge turned around and tried to escape.

He understood the principle of leaving a way out for himself.
Even if the green hills remain, there will be no shortage of firewood. [1]

Seeing Rogge turn to escape, how could Lu Fei let him go as he wished?

If he lets him go, isn’t he just giving the protagonist a chance to gain a little brother?

Putting away his playful attitude, Lu Fei’s eyes instantly become sharp.

His calf muscles tighten suddenly, and his whole body was like a spring.
With one jump, he appears in front of Rogge’s escape route.

“Wanna run? Ask me first!”

With a cold snort, Lu Fei swept his leg towards Rogge.
It was the same move Rogge had used to force him back earlier, and Lu Fei chose to return it exactly as it had been done to him.

Lu Fei’s leg kicked like a whip, lightning-fast and coming towards Rogge.

Without time to react, Rogge hurriedly crossed his arms in front of his chest.

As their hands and legs touched, Rogge’s body was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.

In a blink of an eye, everyone saw Rogge, who had tried to run away, sent flying back by Lu Fei’s kick.

He crashed onto the ground and, after struggling to recover his senses, Rogge felt his hands, which had been used to block the attack, trembling uncontrollably.
He had temporarily lost his ability to fight.

It can be seen that Lu Fei was indeed very strong!

“How about it, can you listen to me now?”

Seeing that Rogge had given up on running away, Lu Fei picked up a chair that was not broken and sat in front of Rogge, asking.

Seeing that Lu Fei still had a calm and composed look, sitting high above him, Rogge’s heart sank and he said in a deep voice:

“I’m just doing it for the money.
If you want to kill or cut, go ahead!”

Seeing Lu Fei take down Rogge, Feng Jun also walked over.
Seeing Rogge’s appearance, he was still so arrogant, his face immediately darkened.

“So arrogant, as if we are the villains.”

Just as Feng Jun was about to teach Rogge a lesson, Lu Fei spoke up to stop him.

As someone who had read the original story, Lu Fei knew that although Rogge had a straightforward personality, once he was won over, he would be a loyal follower.

Although he had not yet won over Rogge, he had already had the idea of wanting to recruit him as his follower.

“Hold on, I said I’ll handle this.”

Lu Fei’s voice was not loud, but it conveyed an unquestionable tone.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jun’s body stiffened, and he suddenly remembered the terrifying combat power of Lu Fei, finally suppressing the slightest dissatisfaction in his heart.

With a smile on his face, he looked at Lu Fei and said, 

“Please go ahead.”

In the eyes of Feng Jun and the other people in the underworld, seniority and other things were not as important as strength.

They had already been deeply impressed by Lu Fei’s inhuman combat power.

Not to mention that Lu Fei came under the order of the family head, just this alone made them unqualified to refuse.

Seeing Feng Jun’s recognition, Lu Fei nodded in satisfaction.

It was really satisfying to be able to be so arrogant with such overwhelming strength.
It was much more enjoyable than those protagonists who pretend to be cool and get slapped in the face.

Those protagonists had to be scolded or humiliated before they could start showing off.

But what about Lu Fei? He had a big boss to rely on and no one dared to disrespect him.
Wasn’t that satisfying?

“Your strength is impressive.
Instead of selling your life for a small amount of money, why not join me? The Mu family is big and has a great business.
With your abilities, money is just a piece of paper.”

Lu Fei directly recruited Rogge.

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, not only Rogge but even Feng Jun and others around him frowned slightly.
Did he just recruit him like that?

“Brother Lu Fei, this…”

Feng Jun had just started speaking when Lu Fei interrupted him, saying, 

“You heard him.
He’s just a small-time guy who does things for money.
He has good skills, so it would be beneficial for the Mu family to recruit him.
As for the person behind him, I believe that with the Mu family’s abilities, it won’t be difficult to find out.”

After speaking, Lu Fei’s gaze turned to Rogge, as if waiting for his response.


It was impossible for Rogge not to waver when he saw that Lu Fei not only didn’t reprimand him but also recruited him. 

However, he was still hesitating.
He didn’t want to take the money from his superiors and then turn around and be a hypocrite.

Seeing Rogge hesitating, Lu Fei raised his eyebrows and walked up to him, saying, 

“I know you have a younger sister who is about ten years old and has an eye disease that is difficult to cure with medicine, right?”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Rogge’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he looked at Lu Fei warily.

“Don’t worry, why are you so nervous? What if I told you I could cure your sister’s eye disease?”




↑1 It’s a proverb that suggests the importance of being prepared and not becoming too attached to any one thing, as everything is ultimately replaceable.

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