37: Damn it! Feels like my head just turned green again!

After saying that, Lu Fei didn’t bother to pay any more attention to Mu Ruoxue and instead focused back on Jiang Wenying.

“It might be a bit painful or itchy, but bear with it!”

Lu Fei’s tone carried a hint of admonition, and his gaze showed no trace of excitement, only a plain expression.

As if the exquisite masterpiece in front of him was nothing more than an ordinary craft.

Then, Lu Fei placed his palm over Jiang Wenying’s swollen ankle and activated his poison medical skills.

He began to promote blood circulation and remove stasis, clearing the blocked blood and restoring the circulation.

The most crucial step was to repair the damaged tendons.

This would cause a slight tingling sensation.

Feeling the warmth of Lu Fei’s palm, gently pressing and massaging her swollen ankle, Jiang Wenying couldn’t help but tense up!


This is too strange!

If she had known, she would have endured the pain.

It’s so embarrassing!

Especially in such a public setting!

Before she could think further, a slight tingling sensation followed, causing Jiang Wenying’s breathing to involuntarily intensify, accompanied by a piercing pain.

And… there was also a strange sensation mixed in.

So strange!

Something she had never experienced before!

Visibly, Jiang Wenying’s forcibly composed face suddenly flushed even more than before, spreading to her earlobes.

She looked like a stunning and enchanting flower.

During the treatment process, Lu Fei unintentionally touched Jiang Wenying’s sole.

Suddenly, Jiang Wenying felt an electric shock-like sensation throughout her body, instinctively wanting to retract her foot.

“Don’t move, your ankle tendons are damaged and haven’t fully recovered yet.
Do you want to limp for the next three days?”

Lu Fei saw Jiang Wenying withdraw her jade feet from his palm and looked up at her, casually remarking.

It seemed like it wasn’t him who had just made a small gesture.

The blush on Jiang Wenying’s face hadn’t completely subsided.
After hesitating for a moment upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, she carefully extended her jade-like foot and placed it back on Lu Fei’s knee.

Seeing Jiang Wenying obediently putting her foot back where it was, Lu Fei nodded in satisfaction.

Patients should listen to the doctor’s advice, otherwise, how can they be treated?

He had a bit of compulsive behavior and once he started something, he had to see it through, or else he would feel uncomfortable.

So, fortunately, Jiang Wenying placed her foot back, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been good if he had forcefully treated her…

At this moment, Lin Ran, who was downstairs, observed Lu Fei and Jiang Wenying’s actions clearly.

His designated woman actually took off her high heels in front of another man and placed her foot in Lu Fei’s hands to play with?

Suddenly, Lin Ran felt that greenery[1] growing uncontrollably above his head.

His expression was no longer as unsightly as if he had eaten a dead fly.

It felt as if someone had trampled on his face three or four times, then fed him a mouthful of shit, and finally asked him if it tasted good.

With every breath he exhaled, Lin Ran felt his anger contained within it.

He was afraid that if he didn’t release his anger, he would spit blood right here from being infuriated!

However, Lin Ran knew that Jiang Wenying wouldn’t be that kind of woman.

That man named Lu Fei must have deceived Jiang Wenying with sweet words, claiming that he could treat her sprained ankle, but in reality, he was taking advantage of her and trying to get close to her.

Even though Lin Ran had guessed his self-proclaimed truth, his face couldn’t help but turn green.

Because she was his designated woman, he had long considered Jiang Wenying as his own, yet her foot, which he himself had never touched, was now being touched by another man.

This was simply despicable!!!

Lin Ran swore he wouldn’t be human if he didn’t kill Lu Fei!!!

Shortly after, Jiang Wenying felt the tingling sensation subside, and her ankle seemed to be less painful.

Unconsciously, she twisted her ankle.

Lu Fei saw Jiang Wenying’s jade-like foot twisting in his hand, resembling a little mischief, and a hint of a smile flashed across his lips.

He knew the sprain was healed!


A soft sound.

Lu Fei lightly patted Jiang Wenying’s snow-white foot.

“Alright, see if you have any other discomfort.”

Jiang Wenying blushed again when Lu Fei patted her foot, lightly biting her lip.

She didn’t say anything, just pulled her foot back and rubbed it in her own hands.

In Lu Fei’s eyes, Jiang Wenying never saw a trace of evil intentions.
His gaze was clear as if he was simply dealing with an ordinary matter.

With the matter resolved, a sense of relief washed over both of them.

To Jiang Wenying, being in Lu Fei’s presence gave her this feeling.

This feeling made her involuntarily relax and want to immerse herself in it.

Feeling that her ankle truly had no abnormalities, Jiang Wenying’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Lu Fei.

Who would have expected a follower of the Mu family’s young lady to have such skills? Was he really just a follower?

Jiang Wenying bent down to put her high heels back on her petite feet, then looked at Lu Fei and expressed her gratitude,

“Thank you so much!”

Faced with Jiang Wenying’s gratitude, Lu Fei just waved his hand, showing that he didn’t care.

“It’s just helping someone out, no need to think too much about it!”




↑1 green represents the behavior of being cheated/cuckold

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