l down.

There was not a single lie told when Yuriel called her ‘princess’.

At the sound of the door opening, Irina grabbed her sword.

However, the people who had broken the door, dressed in uniforms littered with gold and silver thread, did not act harshly, even when they saw Irina’s sword.

“Please forgive our intrusion.
We have something to say.

However, while they were looking at the tip of her sword, the moment they tried to say something softly, Yuriel moved first.


Yuriel began to run straight for the back door while holding Asha.


For the first time in 10 years, Asha learned that her father was not just talented in drawing, writing, playing the flute and cooking, but also at running strenuously.

The back door which Yuriel pushed at heavily with his shoulders fell to the floor at once, the flustered people pausing and missing Yuriel and Asha who he had in his arms.

But it didn’t take long for the two of them to get caught again.

People in luxurious uniforms had already surrounded the nearby houses.

Asha held her breath and clung to Yuriel’s collar tightly.

‘W-What in the world? Military? Police? Journalists?’

“Dad, what…what’s going on? Huh?”

Asha, our princess…”


Yuriel hugged her and said in a bitter voice, as if bleeding, breathing heavily because of the sudden run.

‘Are we being taken away? Has the country finally decided to wipe out the revolutionaries?’

Asha swallowed, despite her dry throat.

Yuriel never made a scene, even in his own house.
He was a meek person who was so sensitive that he could bear to part with his precious metals and hired musicians to listen to music.

However, there was only one instance when Yuriel was full of anger and raised his voice, and that was when he was talking about the country.

“That insane emperor! I refuse to breathe the same air he was in!”

A sip of wine for my father, who was horrible at drinking, surprisingly kicked up a storm.

There were a series of words that were harsh and not noble at all.

Taking into account the normally elegant lifestyle of both parents despite the circumstances of the poor family which obviously would not have been able to support it.

Ever since she was reincarnated, she had thoughts like, “Although my dad has a lot of self restraint, he must have run away doing something like joining a rebel army.”

‘What do we do? What should I do? No matter how much I reincarnate, what do I even do in this situation…’

I couldn’t see any way out at all.

Asha listened while trembling and held her breath while Yuriel hugged her even harder.

At that moment, the man who broke through the sea of men surrounding them and had been the first to come into the cabin appeared.
Next to him stood Irina with a resigned look on her face.

At the moment Asha tried to call out to Irina urgently, he interrupted her first.

“I’m here to escort the Imperial grandchild, Her Highness Anastasia!”

Tears welled up in Asha’s eyes.

[ / / / ]

“We will now begin the entrance of the Imperial family’s direct successors of the spirit ceremony.
Imperial grandchild, His Highness Illiya, His Highness Dimitri, His Highness Vladimir, His Highness Lucian…”

In the deepest part of the Imperial Palace is a small, isolated palace.

This palace, named Statten Palace, is only used for the ‘spirit ceremony’ of the imperial children.

A straight waterway through the entire stream was laid on the floor, and cold water flowed in from outside like an ice field, causing a cold chill to rise.
In the middle is a small room that looks like an interrogation room.

In front of the room, her and other children around the age of ten had gathered together.

All of them were Asha’s cousins, this was the first time she had seen them.


“Are you really His Majesty’s grandchild if you can’t even stand this sort of cold, Illiya?”

The short boy named Illiya who had said it was cold, shivered.
In the meantime, the other boys chatted.

“Which spirit are you going to sign a contract with?”

“There’s still the Earth Spirit King and the Water Spirit King, so if we do well…”

“If I don’t do well for this, my mum won’t let me back into the house.”

“But who’s that?”

“Seeing that she’s here, she must be our cousin.”

“I’ve never seen her before.”

“How skinny.
She’s thinner than a twig.
Isn’t she smaller than Illiya? Then won’t she break as soon as I touch her?”

“Then she’ll make a contract with the spirit of a tree branch.

But the noise made from the boys of her age did not even reach Asha’s ears.

‘This is a lie, right? A lie? A lie?’

Because Asha was busy swallowing her scream in her heart and gripping nervously at her collar.

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