”Audience friends! Recently, there has been an unprecedented bright light in the sky of major cities, attracting the attention of all parties … ”

”At six oclock in the morning on March 21, a strong light suddenly appeared in South Flame City, turning the entire city into daylight… ”

”Around eight oclock in the evening on April 15, there was also a bright light in North Lake City, which had already entered the night. All the major citizens complained and found it difficult to sleep … ”

”In the wee hours of June 7th, there was a bright light in Rising Sun City in the middle of the night. The people woke up one after another, and some people even went out to work with their bags … ”

”With the emergence of the bright light, the time of day gradually increases. Some cities even only have three hours of nighttime because they can fall asleep. In order to make the major citizens no longer bored some companies have begun to implement the 966 work system … ”

”In order to reassure the public, this station has specially invited expert Zack Walker to give us a scientific explanation … ”

Xavier Lewis was lying on the sofa, drinking Happy Water while watching the news on TV. He also ate a few potato chips from time to time. It was very pleasant. Not minding the news on television, such a glare did not appear in Dark Peace City, where he was.

What was reported on the news was too distant for him.

At this moment, Xavier Lewis was more worried about next years college entrance examination, which was the right thing to do.

”Hello, everyone. Im Zack Walker. Ive been engaged in astronomy and geography for decades. From the first bright light, Ive been leading a team to conduct research. ”

”After my research day and night, I found that this kind of bright light is only a normal reaction of the sun. I will call it the solar outbreak period. You don have to panic at all. This is a normal situation … ”

”Some people may ask, how long will this light last? What I want to say is that since Rising Sun City appeared on June 7th, its already September, and no city has seen a bright light anymore. ”

”I have analyzed that the solar outbreak period has completely ended, because the last city is Rising Sun City, which represents that the days of Suns excitement have passed, so everyone can feel at ease … ”

”This expert solemnly declares that the solar outbreak period has completely passed! ”

”What is this?! Who turned on the spotlight? I can see it anymore! ”

Xavier Lewis looked at Zack Walker on TV.

Just as he finished speaking, the glare that had appeared again after three months could not help but let out a laugh.

The effect of this program is too good!

He got up and prepared to throw away the trash and start doing his weekend homework.

Slightly sighed, tomorrow is Monday again, still have to go to school.

Just after he turned off the TV, there was already an extremely panicked voice in the program, but unfortunately he couldn hear it.

Xavier Lewiss parents left him because of an accident when he was young, leaving him with only this house and enough money to finish college.

He had been spending so many years alone and was completely used to it.

”College Entrance Examination, College Entrance Examination … ”

Xavier Lewis chanted and slowly got up.

But at this moment, there was a sudden light outside the window. It was so intense that it was difficult for people to open their eyes.

He hurried to the window, blocked his eyes with both hands, and opened them slightly, wanting to see clearly what was happening outside.

At this moment, his mouth opened wide and his heart pounded.

The dazzling light spread to every part of the city, like a god descending into the world, but it did not bring prosperity.

Because of this glare, car accidents occurred one after another on the street. All kinds of screams and angry scolding kept coming.

At this time, the light was actually stronger than before, I don know how many times.

This day, all of them turned into the light!

Xavier Lewis hurriedly tightened the curtains. If the light continued, his eyes would almost be blinded.

Turn back on the TV and get ready to see whats going on!

”Audience friends! This station continues … ”

Xavier Lewis had just turned on the TV when an electric current suddenly appeared. The signal seemed to start to abort and the picture was intermittent.

”Monster, oh my god! ”

”Help, save me… Ah… ”

Screams and cries for help began to appear on the TV, with shrill and desperate voices.

Xavier Lewis felt a jerk in his heart.

No way! No way! There won really be any major changes!

Why do you feel a little weird?

He had no time to think, and a sharp pain suddenly came to his mind.

It was as if a bug had burrowed into his brain and began to gnaw at his brain marrow.

This kind of sharp pain was something he had never experienced before, and he fainted in an instant.

Xavier Lewis, who had passed out, was still twitching, foaming in his mouth and his eyelids turning out. He looked like he was about to die soon.

His convulsions became more and more intense, as if he was doing Thomas Full Spin, kicking over the surrounding stools.

The whole person still did not have any intelligence.

A few minutes passed, and Xavier Lewis solo show finally ended.

His mind gradually sobered up and he could not help but curse.

What the hell?!

However, he was stunned in an instant.

There was no sound, only a hoarse roar. He was a little frightened and wanted to get up slowly. However, I only felt that my body was stiff, and I actually fell to the ground again.

After repeated attempts, he was finally able to get up.

Although the body posture was weird, it somehow stood up.

At this time, he had already discovered that he seemed to have become abnormal. He slowly looked down and only felt a slight cracking sound on his neck.

Its not going to break, is it?

Finally, he lowered his head. This usually simple and incomparably simple action was actually so difficult.

Xavier Lewis looked at his hands, which were extremely pale, and his nails became sharp.

Strange veins appeared, and the skin was like wrinkled bark, looking incomparably seeping.

WDNMD! What situation?!

Evolved or mutated? Superhero show up?

Xavier Lewis wanted to find a mirror to take a look at his face. His body twisted and he slowly went to the bathroom.

The toilet is not far from the living room and can be reached in just a few steps.

However, at a distance of several meters on weekdays, he walked with some difficulty. The body seemed to be out of control, and his legs could not bend. His joints seemed to have been broken, and his walking posture was extremely strange.

Even at this moment, he was thinking, if he went to the model show, would he amaze the world with a single brilliant feat?

This kind of walking posture cannot be learned by ordinary people.

A few minutes later, Xavier Lewis almost dragged his body to the bathroom.

Fortunately, he was alone on weekdays and never closed the door when going to the toilet. If he were to open the door again, I don know how much effort it would take.

At this moment, I am extremely glad that I have such advantages.

He slowly came to the mirror and looked at himself in the mirror.

He was stunned.

Pale face, sparse hair, scarlet eyes, and emotionless. His mouth was slightly open, and there was actually saliva seeping out of it, dripping continuously.

The image of a zombie.

I turned into a zombie?!

And the body is too stiff!

Look at this sparse hair again, just like programmers who have written code for decades.

The eyes were not only scarlet, but also so big that they seemed to be popping out.

I was scared when I looked at it.

This mouth is also like a beast, drooling everywhere.

His heart was tortuous and complicated at this moment.

”Ding! Detecting host life status… ”

”Detecting host race… ”

”Detection completed… All meet.. ”

”Changing. ”

”The zombie evolution system is beginning to bind… ”

”1% … ”

”50% … ”

”99% … ”

”System binding complete, start official activation… ”

Xavier Lewis was marveling at his beauty when suddenly a cold electronic sound rang in his mind.


Indeed as expected even if turned into a zombie, the elder brother is still the protagonist!

Xavier Lewis wanted to look up at the sky and show his loneliness in the cold.


A crisp bone noise made his body stiffen in an instant.

He forgot that he was a zombie.

Xavier Lewis slowly lowered his head and gently straightened it with his hand. He could not guarantee whether he could live without his head. However, an interface suddenly appeared in his mind. There was only one option, with host information written on it.

With a touch of his mind, an interface appeared in front of his eyes.

Host: Xavier Lewis

Rank one ordinary zombie

Evolution value: 0/100

Talent: Collapse Nerve Viral Infection blood evolution

Collapsing nerves: due to the infection of the zombie virus, many of your nerves have been destroyed, adding the following zombie characteristics to you.

1. Your body is sluggish and your joints are stiff, making it difficult to catch up with ordinary humans.

2. You have lost your sense of pain, and your vision and hearing have been greatly weakened. Only your sense of smell is sensitive and you can easily smell fresh flesh and blood hundreds of meters away.

3. As a zombie, you will no longer feel tired. If you are given time, you can walk around the planet.

4. The zombie virus has strengthened your strength to more than three times that of an adult man.

Viral Infection: The zombie virus in your body is extremely infectious, and any human you Bite will become your kind.

Blood evolution: For every additional infected person, the virus in your body will be strengthened and you will gain evolution value.

Skills: None

Evaluation: This is an ordinary little zombie. It is 50-50 with ordinary adult men, provided that you can catch up with them.

The corner of Xavier Lewiss mouth twitched slightly. With so many lines of words, he looked pretty awesome. How did he feel so weak when he took a closer look?

Aren the zombies of doomsday all chasing after humans and slaughtering crazily?

How come it becomes 50-50 when it comes to me?

Xavier Lewis was a little depressed. He thought he was going to rise, but he was still a weak chicken.

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