With the motivation in his heart, he continued to hunt.

His current speed was too slow, so he could only rely on this method of waiting for the rabbit.

Although the efficiency was not high, it was already faster than the rest of the zombies.

There were four families on the ninth floor where Xavier Lewis was located, and the one next to him was a small couple.

Her husbands name was Quentin Lopez, and her wifes name was Yasmine Carter. They had just gotten married and were both still fighting for their careers. They thought that this kind of full and sweet life would continue.

But who knew that the apocalypse would erupt so suddenly!

Today was the weekend, a rare break for the couple. While Quentin Lopez was playing computer games, an unprecedented glare suddenly erupted from outside the house.

He could not help but close his eyes tightly. But fortunately, the bright light passed quickly and was replaced by a strange red light that covered the whole earth. Quentin Lopez, who had no time to think, suddenly heard a scream in the kitchen.

He hurried to the kitchen to see what was going on. His wife, Yasmine Carter, was falling to the ground, twitching and changing.

Quentin Lopez panicked and tried all kinds of methods to no avail. Just as he was about to call the ambulance, his wife actually stood up.

Looking at that terrifying face, which was completely different from his normally beautiful wife, Quentin Lopez froze in place.


A hoarse voice rang out. His wife, who was originally preparing lunch, had already treated him as lunch at this moment.

”Help! ”

Quentin Lopez yelled in horror and kept dodging in the house. Fortunately, his wife was slow to move and it was difficult to catch up with him.

In the end, he opened the door and rushed out. He wanted to escape from here and went straight to the elevator.

However, what surprised him was that there was still a person waiting at the elevator entrance. Looking at his back, he should be a student, but he had a hunchback.

Quentin Lopez saw the elevator door open, but the other party did not enter. He entered it first. When he was about to call the other party in, he was stunned.

Xavier Lewis was also stunned. Originally, he was extremely disappointed. This time, the hunt failed again, but suddenly a prey entered the cage by itself.

The two sides looked at each other affectionately. Just one glance was already eternal.

If the corner of Xavier Lewis s mouth did not drip blood and Quentin Lopez s face did not turn pale, this would surely be an aesthetic scene.

”My god! ” Quentin Lopez s voice was hoarse with extreme panic that he could not have imagined anyway.

A zombie was waiting for the elevator?

What the hell is this!

The corners of Xavier Lewiss mouth cracked slightly, looking even more ferocious and terrifying. He raised his hands and completely sealed the elevator door.

Looking at the zombies slowly walking forward, Quentin Lopezs desire to survive reached the extreme.

He suddenly rushed out, wanting to knock down the zombies and run for his life.

However, Xavier Lewis was faster than him. While the other party was in a daze, he had already pounced on him like a hungry wolf.

Quentin Lopez roared, but nothing helped. Although the zombies were slow and stiff, their strength was more than three times that of ordinary people.

As long as they were locked down, the ending was basically doomed.

The same bloody scene was staged in the elevator. Quentin Lopezs neck was bleeding profusely, and his exclamations gradually fell silent.

Xavier Lewis spat out the flesh and blood in his mouth. It seemed that the zombie viruss instinct was not to swallow the flesh and blood, but to spread the virus and infect others.

”Ding! Host successfully infected one person, advancement point + 10! ”

Xavier Lewis dragged Quentin Lopez out of the elevator, threw it on the ground casually, and closed the elevator door again.

At the same time, a female zombie slowly walked out of a door. Xavier Lewis guessed that it should be the mans wife, which scared him out.

Unexpectedly, Quentin Lopez had just exited the tigers mouth and entered the wolfs den again!

Xavier Lewis made a face at the female zombie, but the other party turned a blind eye and slowly began to wander, wanting to find humans to infect.

The next day, Xavier Lewis spent slowly waiting. He thought it was a perfect plan, but the others were not stupid. No one took the elevator at a critical moment.

In the past, some people often said that in case of emergency, do not take the elevator, the stairs are the safety exit, but this sentence was actually true.

In one day, he infected two people again, and the advancement point came to 40/100.

There are still six people who need to be infected if they want to reach the next stage, Xavier Lewis was a little worried.

As the fleeing humans returned home, fewer and fewer people were bound to take the elevator. Moreover, the inside of the elevator was full of blood stains at this time. No smart person would sit anymore.

We must think of other hunting methods!

Xavier Lewis came out of the window. The outside was still filled with a layer of red light. He slowly looked up and wanted to see the sky.

What shocked him was that the sun was gone in the past, and a bloody sun hung high. The strange red light sprinkled all over the earth, adding a bit of blood to this eschatology.

The busy streets of the past now looked dilapidated. Countless private cars blocked the roads. There was no one alive, only the staggering zombie wandering.

Pieces of dried blood stained the car windows, roads, and guardrails. A gust of wind blew past, newspapers, and leaves swirled. This doomsday scene was too heart-wrenching.

This is the end of mankind, but it is the flourishing age of zombies!

Xavier Lewis looked at the blood sun and supported his chin with his hand, looking like a thinker.

He could guarantee that he had been hunting for at least ten hours today. It must be late at night.

This is a blood sun that will never fall!


At this moment, the security door next to Xavier Lewis was suddenly opened, and a figure fled toward him in panic, constantly letting out screams of fear.

I didn expect that there would be a delivery.

Xavier Lewis was delighted and staggered.

His scarlet eyes looked at the man indifferently, and his mouth was slightly open, wanting to throw him to the ground. But in an instant, a yellow-haired dog rushed out and threw the man to the ground. Its fangs still had saliva left, and it directly bit down.

A large amount of blood gushed out, but the yellow-haired dog ate with relish. Its eyes were filled with violence and mania.

Xavier Lewis looked slightly stunned. The next second, he turned around smartly. At this moment, he was extremely smooth.


Two-meter-sized dog!

This is a monster!

I didn expect that there were mutant beasts besides zombies!

Looking at that strength and physique, it was completely not on the same level as a Zombie!

With Xavier Lewiss body, Im afraid I can take it with a claw!

Fortunately, the yellow-haired dog was also only interested in fresh flesh and blood.

Xavier Lewiss body was the same as a corpse in its eyes, and it no longer paid attention to it after glancing at it.

Xavier Lewis faltered and returned to his home with a weird posture. Cautious, he glanced at the yellow-furred dog and closed the door with all his strength…

”I didn expect this world to be so dangerous. We must evolve as soon as possible! ”

”We still need 60 evolution points. If we advance to the next level, our strength will definitely increase! ”

”We have to think of something else. ”

Xavier Lewis began to think. Although he had been hunting for a day, he did not feel a trace of fatigue. It seemed that this was the advantage of zombies.

A burst of music sounded, and Xavier Lewis looked stunned. It was actually his cell phone ringing?

He slowly walked over. After becoming a zombie, his vision was also greatly weakened, but fortunately, he finally saw the caller ID clearly.

”***** 12138 (has been marked as suspected fraud by 74,360 people) ”

He froze in place and was in a trance.

It is too dedicated! When is it?

This is too damn outrageous!

After ringing for a while, the cell phone was hung up.

The bullshit call ended, and Xavier Lewis also reacted.

”Theres actually a signal now? ”

I got close to the phone screen again and saw a faint signal above.

”Hasn the global communication system broken down yet? ”

Looking at the mobile phone in his hand, he suddenly had a plan and thought of a good way.

He tried to open the browser, but his fingers were stiff and could not bend at all.

Fortunately, the combination of his two hands quickly achieved his goal.

”Help recording… Download … ”

Half an hour later, he finally finished what he could do in the past few minutes. Looking at the recording on his mobile phone, he couldn help sighing that his IQ was going against the sky.

At least the number one genius among Zombies!

A zombie with his right hand spread out and his mobile phone slowly walked out.

Unfortunately, no one could see this strange scene.

Xavier Lewis shook his head slightly and looked left and right. He did not see the yellow-haired monster and felt relieved.

There were four families on his floor, three of which had already died, leaving the last one.

Xavier Lewis arrived at the door of the house. After a long time of effort, he finally clicked on the play button on his phone.

”Help, who can help me … ”

The recording of the mobile phone came out. Although it seemed a little strange, no one would have discovered it at this time.

After all, no one would play the recording at this time.

At the same time, Xavier Lewiss head began to hit the security door slightly. No way, his arm could not bend. It was simply unrealistic to want to knock normally.

A weird scene appeared!

A zombie kept hitting the door with its head, making rhythmic knocking sounds. Its arm was raised high, which happened to block the cats eye. At the same time, the mobile phone kept playing the sound of panic-stricken help.

If you hadn seen it with your own eyes, you would really make people think that someone was asking for help.

”Who is it! Whos outside! ”

A man s voice rang out, his heart filled with doubts.

However, the outside was still unmoved and the two words of help were still repeated, but the rhythm of Xavier Lewis knocking on the door suddenly accelerated.

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