Sam is a friendly 19-year-old who never had a good friend. She is tall with brown hair and blue eyes. She lives on her own, and she is a professional cosplayer. This is the story of how one day her ”friend ” tried to take advantage of her, and she got the last laugh.

Tonys classmate saw Sam as weird. She had an odd look and what he thought was a plump figure as she had small boobs and a wide ass. Tony was going through his breakup as he just lost his GF and was upset. She always hugged him, and he didn know if he liked her attention or not.

Sam started talking to Tony because they were in the same English class at school, so Sam wanted to know him more. She thought he was cute. I wouldn mind dating him, She Said.

Tony wanted nothing to do with her. he saw her as weird and annoying but since he had a project with her, he had to deal with her.

The two worked on the project all week, mainly at Sams house, because since she lived alone, it was easier to work there than on campus where Tony lived. The week goes by, and they got an A on the project which was, a breakdown of the film the incredible shrinking women.

Sam kind of fell in love with Tony but he still wanted no part of her.

One day Tonys friend Michel said ” dude I know she is weird but you should bang her and walk and make yourself get over your ex ” Tony replied “Nah dude she is gross but maybe I could use it as blackmail one day if need it. Thats the spirit Michael says.

That night rather than driving to Sams house Tony walked because it was a nice Friday night and he didn have to work this weekend.

So Tony went to sams house debating if he should go through with this he said this is dumb but whatever I can back out now. Tony was surprised when Sam wasn home but the door was open.

He walked around the house. It was a mess with dishes in the sink not washed and the bathroom full of makeup and her room was the worst as her bed had no sheets on it and there was cosplay material everywhere.

Tony was looking around the house and he saw a small toy gun that said magic shrink ray. lol, this is dumb tony said as he put it against his head and pulled the trigger.

All of a sudden tony blacked out and when he came to he saw that he did shrink to the size of a doll. oh shit it worked and the gun broke so there is no way for me to fix it.

The room was huge, everything was massive and Tony had no idea what to do. maybe Sam can help but then he saw a sheet next to the broken gun it said

This is a prototype side effect including not being able to talk to normal people you will be viewed as inanimate.

Well, shit Tony said I guess this means I have to figure something out. Just then he heard keys and a sharp pain went down his spine. This is not good tony yelled. It was Sam after a long day at work and school. She was home and Tony was in her room.

He had to find a place to hide so he started running to the pile of dirty clothes for the cover

Sam after putting her keys down ”damn Im beat good thing I have all weekend to relax and nowhere to go. ” she kicked her shoes off and one almost hit tony. She started walking to the bathroom as tony noticed her go to the bathroom he said good I have some time. He was only about halfway to the clothes when he got really tired and said ok I may not be the fittest person but this is crazy.

Just then Sam walked in every step shaking the ground Tony falling over said ok Im **ed so I will just try to act so still. Then maybe she won see me.

Sam walked in and Tony looked at her; she was massive and was wearing a pair of black leggings and a tank top.

Tony said this is weird she is huge and somehow it kinda turned on as he laughed.

Just then Sams foot crushed Tony as she felt that she stepped on something Tony said to himself ”how am I not dead? ohh the gun said I can die so I am really screwed ”

Just then Sam looked down and said what did I step on? As she looked down she said what the ** a doll? oh hey, I don remember buying you as she picked up tony. Tony tried to scream. I am not a toy help! But she didn hear him.

You look like my crush. She said. You must be a doll I ordered to look like him well then since he won pay any attention to me then u will. She hugged Tony. Tony said, ”this is my worst nightmare. ”

She placed Tony on her bed. She said I will be right back. I need to get something as she went into her closet. Tony said ok imma make a run for it he got about 4 inches across the edge of her bed when she was already back with an old shoebox. Tony knew he had to play dead as he did. Sams massive ass fell above him.

Tony cried in fear as her long plumpy ass crushed him, her ass wrapped around him and the leggings made it hard to move and breathe. She then pulled him out from under her.

Im sorry baby did I hurt you she kissed Tony and Tony said great now soaked in your saliva.

She placed him against her pillow crossed legs

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